Last Minute Queries – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 11 2017

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick  answers!!

Any news of late withdrawals?  Will this Maynard kid get a regular game?  Will Sloane go large or be contained again?  Can Zorko The Magician bounce back into form?  Who to loophole at D6/D7?  Has anyone got any trades left?  Whatever your query, our Coaches are here to help.  Good luck in your Finals, Coaches!


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39 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd21”

  1. Asked this earlier in the week and it was evenly split. Hopefully I can get more of a consensus either way!

    TU Selwood to Crouch
    TD Selwood to Kelly and Franklin to Kreuzer (via Ryder)

    Three trades left before I make these moves. Ideally I’d loophole either Franklin or Nank, but that’s not possible this week. My team is probably slightly better than my main opponent’s this week.


  2. 4 trades left and am not playing this week as i am into the prelim

    Although have lynch, selwood, gaz and witherden

    I need cash in the bank so i can make 3 upgrades afterwards

    With gaz out again it might kill me next week, so wondering whether i should trade for cash this week and double upgrade next to try and get through to the granny ?


    1. Asked exactly the same question as i was going to, 4 trades left, week off:
      TU: Use 1 trade to free up cash.
      TD: Hold and see where it’s at next week, with the current carnage trades are gold.


  3. TU: Bench Buddy to loophole with Nank. (Greenwood on field)
    TD: Bench Nank to loophole with Greenwood (Buddy on field)


    1. With the Richmomd game starting 25 minutes after the Sydney game, I’m not sure you can effectively loophole Buddy with Nank, unless I’ve missed something.


  4. Mummy doing Mummy things.

    With him on the Bench i still have full premo side in Ruck and Fwd line (Ryder/Gawn rucks and Lynch/Dahl as F5/F6).

    TU: Hold Mumford
    TD: Trade to Jacobs / Swing Ryder back FWD and Loophole Lynch/Dahl

    FWIW I’ve got 4 trades left, with Shaw/Ryan as D6/7 and Mountford and Alison as my only playing Mid emergencies.


    1. Seems to have snuck up on us this year. Not really my game but I notice a few League Numbers in our Coaches Box…….


  5. Traded out danger last week trying to get through to a prelim and now with jpk, selwood, Grundy and witherden out I have two scenarios at hand.
    TU: selwood and witherden > danger and allison (mid bench cover) with no fwd bench
    TD: selwood and Grundy > bont/sloane and gawn with no mid bench this week but able to loop nank


  6. 3 trades left…no Danger but have Selwood. Use 2 trades for selwood to Danger or 1 trade Selwood to Oliver/Zorko??


  7. Posted earlier in Trade Talks. Still not sure hence the repeat post
    Traded Danger out last week for the win
    Jelwood and Witherden OUT

    TU: Danger and Rookie
    TD: Neale & S Selwood/Rocky (as M9)



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