Last Minute Queries – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 10 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Are there any questions you need an answer to at the last second? Who to play at M8? Should I throw the VC on Merrett tonight? The SCT Coaches will help out where they can……..


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48 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd21”

  1. VC options for the weekend – Mitchell, danger & Kelly. Into Gawn as captain, obviously.

    T/U Mitchell
    T/D Kelly
    Comment Danger

    Cheers supercoach massive.


  2. Afternoon SCT coaches

    I’ve got the chance to use my last 2 trades this week by trading J Smith < A Johnson for D8 / cash & Billings < Macrae as m8 via dpp. This will allow me to use Westhoff/Walters & Ahern to play F6-F7 & M9….but no back up for Ruck if something goes wrong on that line over the next 3 rounds!

    Straight through to 8 preliminary finals already next week out of 10 leagues (2 are minor leagues though) but always trying to get my best overall rank!

    T/U….Go for it Catta
    T/D….Play safe, keep those 2 trades up your sleeve Catta

    Cheers Catta


  3. Provided Keefe doesn’t get called upon as a late emergency Saturday night I can loop Ahern as an F7. If a forward goes under 70ish, I can then roll the dice with Ahern:

    Who should I loop with Ahern:

    TU: Hoff
    TD: Gray
    (Both playing West Coast)


    1. GWS 2nds play nice & early Saturday at Metricon, should have a fair idea of a late call up way before GWS v Adelaide Saturday night game this week B-harvs


  4. Sorry, posted this in Captains Choice by mistake (spent a fair chunk of time on that page!)

    Have a massively left-field idea to stay alive in finals, but would like the community’s thumbs on this… Have Goldy, but not Macrae. With 3 trades left, considering Titchell (vs STK and SYD – relatively tough opponents for him) to Macrae, and Goldy to Grundy. This would mean I can upgrade with my last trade.

    T/U: Macrae and Grundy + 1 trade
    T/D: Titchell and Goldy + 3 trades

    Which combo is likely to score more? Thanks!


  5. Anyone else concerned Titch will cop the hard Scott selwood tag v Cats?

    Jacobs ( Nth ) & Hewett (Swans) comfortably beat Titch in those 2 games, considering he’s had over 40 touches 12 times I think in 2018!


    1. This. When you think about Selwood, Steele, and Hewett in the next 3 rounds, it kinda makes Titchell look a bit less immortal?


      1. After a disaster last week. (Danger V/C ).

        I lost 9/9 🙁

        I’m only left in 4 elimination finals.So I’m thinking of doing something different this week.

        Dusty as V/C v the Suns?

        T/U Maybe Titch is due a quiet one.

        T/D Stick with Titch. He will make you pay again!

        Comment Danger will finally outscore both of them.


          1. 70% rain from 1-4pm tomorrow in Melbourne, will bring down the de across the board for all players!

            The MCG definitely drains well, but that will only help a small amount if it’s pissing down throughout the whole game!


  6. Evening all. Just wondering if I should field Doedee over Webster. All six of Doedee’s 100+ scores have come against quality opposition: Richmond (twice), Port, West Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Just have a hunch and would appreciate some thumbs.
    TU: Doedee
    TD: Webster

    Thanks SCTers


        1. I guess my point is more about reverting to the mean. I mean a relatively poor run of form from Heeney and McLean suggests a comparatively good run will follow. Similarly, those who’ve recently gone larger compared to their average are likely to drop off, reverting back to their mean.
          Of course it’s not always the case, but chasing points that you’ve already missed tends to end in disappointment.
          Good luck whatever you decide!


  7. What are the odds Max Gawn is a late-out?

    TU: Don’t worry, he’ll play.
    TD: It’s a definite possibility.


    1. And if he is, given that I am going for overall rank rather than leagues, what should I do about it?

      TU: Trade him (any suggestions here would be great –already have Grundy).
      TD: Trade Olango (I probably have enough in the bank to turn him into someone like Crossley).

      Comment: Just cop the doughnut like everyone else.


      1. I heard he’s fine but I’ve been ill-informed before. Light training this week just to ensure he plays. Sore calf that’s all. Won’t be putting the C on him tho’


      2. The Salamanda.

        It’s round 21.

        Not only do you have 2 trades, but you are considering saving them and copping a donut.

        You’ve changed


  8. I have two trades remaining – lose & it’s curtains
    I am thinking:
    T/U:Pendles/Hibberd out, Macrae/Yeo in with either Mihocek/Rice/Murphy at D6
    T/D:Mihocek/Hibberd out, Hurn/Crisp in with A.Kennedy at D6

    or an alternative?


  9. Hey guys,
    Would love to loop Hurley tonight, but worried that Keefe may be a late in.
    TU: Risk it and put the E on Hurley
    TD: nope. High chance Keefe will play
    Cheers community!


  10. Lloyd Laird Ryan Hibberd Kennedy Mihocek (Rice/Murphy)
    Mitchell Cripps Danger Oliver Coniglio Pendles Martin Gibbs (Brayshaw/Ballard/Rayner)
    Grundy Gawn (Hayes)
    McDonald Billings Heeney McLean Boak Ahern (Guelfi/Ryan)

    245k in Bank

    T/U: Pendles/Hibberd for Macrae/Yeo
    T/D: Hibberd/Mihocek for Hurn/Crisp

    or some other alternative.
    I’ve worked out the averages & they are the same…..+53 points!


  11. Help, need advice.
    I have 1 trade left and have Nankervis and gaff. Not sure who to trade of the two.

    I am in 2 cash leagues and in prelim final next week and elim final this week in the other. Want to win at least one premiership.

    T/U Do I trade gaff for McRae and cop donut fron Nankervis this week. OR

    T/D Trade Nankervis and bring in grundy which and avoid a donut.

    Decision will depend on how long Nankervis will be out. Is it only a 1 week injury?. I will most likely lose this weeks elim final if I cop the donut but win if I get in grundy.

    If I trade nank for grundy I do have gaff bench cover in Giro, magden and spargo.

    Have to consider next weeks prelim game also. Can’t afford a donut next week as next weeks game will be tougher

    Feedback appreciated


  12. So, I want to stop the bleeding. At this point I am getting backup points for sure, so might as well get some better players and have a hope to avoid backup points.

    Last two trades.

    Howe & T. Smith –> A. Kennedy and Menegola.

    Cats have a great run in, GWS is okay, and I think/hope Kennedy is for real.

    Means I play A Kennedy in place of Howe/L Murphy/B Lynch and Menegola in place of Fritch, who I would have as forward backup still. Cox as ruck backup still. Ahern as mid backup. Rocky M8, which is sad, but he at least might come good over the last three.

    I could just swap Howe for Menegola, putting T McDonald in back but that leaves Fritch on the field…..who is maybe better than Rocky…..

    Who to keep and who to play….um could upgrade Rocky to Kelly.

    Howe to A Kennedy &
    TU = Play Fritch and Kelly
    TD = Play Menegola and Rockliff.

    Comment for anything else. Heck comment for anything!


  13. My oppo has gone with Grundy. I can’t if I’m gonna win, so

    TU: Cripps
    TD: Kelly

    Comment: Macrae

    I have Maxi but am not considering him as he’s carrying an injury.

    Thanks all


    1. Same decision to make…crucial as predicted to lose by 50 points. Down to Macrae vs Cripps for me. So watch the big man churn out a massive score!


    1. You’d think Ahern … so probably Fritsch!
      I’d go Ahern, but EVERY decision I’ve made this weekend has been the wrong one.
      Good luck whatever you decide mate.


      1. I am leaning towards Ahern too as potentially can benefit by 30-40 points but only lose 15-20 points if it goes wrong.
        So far I have made the correct calls: V on Dangerfield, loop holed Ablett and Billings. Even McGoverns pie floater went thru the big sticks giving him a massive boost and semi repectable score.
        Thanks for your feedback AllSaints.



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