Last Minute Queries – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 17 2018

Questions? Questionables? Questionability? Quizzes? Quizzing? Quizzed? Quandaries? Queries? Queried? Quagmires? Q & A? FAQs? Quick answers!!

Are there any questions you need an answer to at the last second? Who to play at M8?  Should I use that last trade?  Save it for next week?  The SCT Coaches will help out where they can……..


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54 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd22”

  1. 2 trades left

    Have both Kelly and Walters

    Plan is to use both trades

    Trade 1:
    J. Kelly for Macrae

    Trade 2:
    P. Ahern for Brayshaw (using many DPP’s) and keep Walters as bench cover

    TU – Good Trade
    TD – Think again – Just do Kelly to Macrae

    PS: Changed name as my opposition is also regular visitor of this site.


  2. Best mid replacement for Kelly (not including Mitchell, Danger, Macrae, Coniglio, Cripps, Oliver & Martin). I have no idea who would be the next best option for the last couple of weeks.


  3. SC Draft preliminary final related query one:
    Who should I have on field in defense
    T/u harry taylor
    T/d ryan clarke

    Comment marchbank


  4. T/U – To play/loophole for my M8: Dusty vs Westhoff (J.Smith on field)
    T/D – To play/loophole as my F6: Westhoff vs McLean (J.Battle on field)

    For some reason I feel dusty could play poorly, only 85 last time against Essendon. McLean 111 last time on dogs.


  5. Option 1
    OUT: Kelly & Fritsch
    IN: Merrett & Buddy
    Leaves with 1 trade and 3.7k. Will not be able to obtain Grundy as funds & trades don’t permit next week.

    Option 2
    OUT: Kelly
    IN: Merrett
    Leaves 2 trades & 106.1k for next week to obtain Grundy via 2 trades.

    TU: Option 1
    TD: Option 2


  6. 1 trade left, in prelims $1.7k in the kitty

    Heath Shaw injured
    T/U: Jack Crisp
    T/D: Brodie Smith
    Comment 1: Harris Andrews
    Comment 2: Tom Jonas

    Can try to loophole Mihocek or Austin, but scared I’ll have no options left next round (assuming all goes well)
    Other suggestions?


  7. Panic Stations – down to only one league prelim
    RUC issues (don’t ask) – trading Rhys Stanley out and also bringing in premo MID (Ablett or Menegola).
    Leaves me with only RUC choices able to afford which have potential to get close to 100 points on their day;
    TU: Jordan Roughead
    TD: Matthew Lobbe
    Comment: Abbott (Geelong)

    Not much choice, but which is going to get me the maximum points. Any help appreciated.


    1. Lobbe should have a good match this week but certainly slim pickings.

      Last I heard Kreuzer had surgery this week so I would imagine hes done for the season now.


      1. Thanks Hutta, agree not much of a choice
        Could prob get Grundy but would then be left with under $200k for an onfield MID.
        Figured one of those RUC snd premo mid may maximise points ?


    1. Same dilemma, thinking Ablett has played his quota for the year 2 games more than previous years ,injury waiting to happen


  8. Hey guys in the prelim and I reckon my fwd line is my biggest weakness at the moment. Have Hoff, Heeney, TMac, Mclean, D. Smith and Walters (with Ahern at mid bench). Opponent doesn’t have Hoff, TMac or Walters. Have 4 trades and 135.7k in bank. Wondering any thoughts on what to do or some target players to get. I’m thinking along the lines of ahern out and try get a Walters to a f7/m9. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts, thanks community.


  9. Last trade. Won’t be able to afford it next week
    Zorko-> Macrae? leaves $3,700 in the bank

    T/U- Do it! The Magician is too hit and miss. Besides he scored 37 when he played gold coast at the start of the year
    T/D -Keep that POD he’s playing gold coat this week! Apart from last week Zorks has scored nearly a ton every week since the byes



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