Last Minute Queries – Rd23

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 25 2017

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick  answers!!

Any news of late withdrawals?  Will Sloane score 40 or 140?  Will Beams continue his run of form?  Who to loophole at M8/M9?  Has anyone got any trades left?  How are you using them?  Whatever your query, our Coaches are here to help.  Good luck in your Finals, Coaches!


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35 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd23”

  1. Rank 245
    trades left 2
    bank 13 k
    projected R23 score 2443

    adams , doc , hibbard , laird , Lloyd , witherden
    ( ryan , newman )

    danger , m.crouch , martin , Mitchell , fyfe , Kelly , oliver , bont ,
    ( greenwood , cousins , hibbard )

    goldy , gawn ( strndica )

    mcrae , heeney , yeo , kennedy , burton , nank
    ( dahlhaus , eddy )

    trade options ??
    or hold for late outs
    am looking at
    ryder , zorko , Sloane , pederson , buddy SPP or Dickson
    as potential trade ins …..


      1. And try to get some cover for your mids now that Greenwood is a late out – depends if you prefer to have maximum bench loophole options or bench cover incase of late outs. Bringing in Ryder for Burton ideally you’d also bring in any bench cover you can affort to cover late outs (eg: Adams).
        Or, if you have to get a super cheap non-playing rooking to get Ryder, you at least have some good DPP options on your bench – eg: swapping Hibbard and Withers gives you Withers, Ryan and Dahls as bench cover across the lines for late outs.


          1. I do. I’m also on a laptop, not a phone.

            It’s strange, because I never used to have problems. It just suddenly stopped working a couple of months back.


  2. I know that I posted this earlier in the week, but thought I’d post again in hopes of getting a more thumbs.
    In 2 cash leagues against the same person in both which I found amusing.
    Anyway, our teams are quite similar but the differences between the two are (excluding captain choice):
    Team 1: T Adams, D Beams, S Martin, J Kennedy (SYD), L Franklin, D Martin
    Team 2: B Grundy, L Parker, J Kelly, D Roberton, B Crouch, H Greenwood (J Pickett)
    Assuming we both go same captain, who wins?
    T/U: Team 1
    T/D: Team 2


  3. Loopholing Dahl for 2 grannies. What’s enough to put nank on the bench (Deluca better not get a late call up…):
    t/u: 80+
    t/d: 90+
    Comment: Tempting fate to mess around with loopholes in grannies – keep dahl, withers etc for bench cover only.


  4. F6 for grand final folks. Haven’t been watching too much footy last month.

    Billings thumbs up

    Greene thumbs down.

    Comment for Wingard vs suns.


  5. Greenwood didn’t make the final list, but are Adelaide waiting on anyone to the final minute to get up? Playing Sunday is great for versitilty but not if his a late in!


  6. Overheard at AFL HQ

    Gil: “Hey, what colour are the umpires going to wear Friday night? They can’t wear yellow cause that’ll clash with the Hawks.”
    AFL staffer: “Blue should work”.

    Serious stuff up by the AFL. Get them in some bright green.


  7. An opponent in a league grand final (Fantasy, not SuperCoach – The Salamander is alive and well in the Dreamteam codes) has David Zaharakis as his captain. Does he know something I don’t, or is it just a massive blunder on his part?


    1. I know he’s been in good form in the last few weeks, but it hasn’t quite been captaincy-worthy form, and his record against Fremantle is abysmal.


    1. If by ‘cheap’ you mean sub-$200K, I’m afraid Nathan J. Brown ($154,400, average 37.5) is your only option this week.

      If your budget is better than that, then you’ve got plenty of options. In SuperCoach, go to ‘Players’ and then filter by ‘selected to play’ and your price range. If you don’t have SuperCoach Gold, and are therefore unable to filter by ‘selected to play’, just make a shortlist of options you can afford that you like the look of, and then check the teams (either on SCT or to see which ones are playing.



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