Last Minute Queries Rd23

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 23 2019

The last chance to ask your fellow SCT Coaches for advice before a game in Season 2019…… away, Coaches!


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  1. Don’t have the cash on the bench to get a good loophole, but I have two trades left, and may as well use them this week. Hawkins and Sloane are the two weak points for sure.
    Should I
    T/U – Trade Sloane and Hawkins and then have $950,000 to find replacements (thinking maybe Billings and Taranto/Cunnington)
    T/D – Make one big upgrade so trade Hawkins and Hately for Worpel and Jok OR Sloane and Hately for Bontempelli and Jok


  2. If maxy is out, would you:

    TU: Trade Green to Dunkley ( Max to another Ruck)
    TD: Trade Maxy to Goldy (Green to another FWD)


    1. If you’re in the clear for injuries/late-outs, then yes. J. Kelly will outscore Satan this week, surely.


        1. Satan Oliver

          Last 3: 92, 96, 111 (100 avg)

          Last 3 against North: 75, 170, 91 (112 avg)

          Last 3 at Hobart: 170, 90 (130 avg)


  3. Final 2 trades of the year!

    Tu: Answerth and Logue to Whitfield and 102k rookie (to loop one defender with Sicily)
    TD: Clarke and Hines to J. Kelly and 102k rookie (to loop one mid with Sloane)


    1. SUNDAY

      Western Bulldogs v Adelaide (MARS)

      Western Bulldogs

      B Taylor Duryea, Lewis Young, Hayden Crozier
      HB Jason Johannisen, Zaine Cordy, Easton Wood
      C Lachie Hunter, Marcus Bontempelli, Ed Richards
      HF Bailey Dale, Josh Schache, Sam Lloyd
      F Bailey Smith, Aaron Naughton, Toby McLean
      FOL Tim English, Josh Dunkley, Jack Macrae
      I/C Matthew Suckling, Rhylee West, Patrick Lipinski, Will Hayes

      EMG Jackson Trengove, Callum Porter, Bailey Williams, Roarke Smith

      IN: Tim English, Rhylee West
      OUT: Tory Dickson, Jackson Trengove


      B Rory Laird, Daniel Talia, Luke Brown
      HB Brodie Smith, Jake Kelly, Wayne Milera
      C Paul Seedsman, Brad Crouch, David Mackay
      HF Chayce Jones, Taylor Walker, Tom Lynch
      F Eddie Betts, Darcy Fogarty, Richard Douglas
      FOL Sam Jacobs, Matt Crouch, Rory Sloane
      I/C Hugh Greenwood, Riley Knight, Bryce Gibbs, Alex Keath

      EMG Andy Otten, Kyle Hartigan, Reilly O’Brien, Lachlan Murphy

      IN: Hugh Greenwood, Riley Knight, Alex Keath
      OUT: Reilly O’Brien, Lachlan Murphy, Kyle Hartigan

      Richmond v Brisbane (MCG)


      B David Astbury, Nathan Broad, Dylan Grimes
      HB Bachar Houli, Nick Vlastuin, Jayden Short
      C Brandon Ellis, Dion Prestia, Josh Caddy
      HF Daniel Rioli, Trent Cotchin, Kane Lambert
      F Shai Bolton, Tom J. Lynch, Jack Riewoldt
      FOL Ivan Soldo, Shane Edwards, Dustin Martin
      I/C Jason Castagna, Liam Baker, Jack Graham, Noah Balta

      EMG Kamdyn McIntosh, Jake Aarts, Mabior Chol, Jack Ross

      IN: Trent Cotchin, Noah Balta
      OUT: Jack Ross, Mabior Chol


      B Luke Hodge, Harris Andrews, Marcus Adams
      HB Alex Witherden, Darcy Gardiner, Daniel Rich
      C Lincoln McCarthy, Dayne Zorko, Mitch Robinson
      HF Charles Cameron, Eric Hipwood, Hugh McCluggage
      F Oscar McInerney, Daniel McStay, Jarrod Berry
      FOL Stefan Martin, Lachie Neale, Jarryd Lyons
      I/C Cam Rayner, Cedric Cox, Zac Bailey, Noah Answerth

      EMG Josh Walker, Lewis Taylor, Rhys Mathieson, Brandon Starcevich

      IN: Cedric Cox
      OUT: Allen Christensen

      Port Adelaide v Fremantle (AO)

      Port Adelaide

      B Dan Houston, Tom Jonas, Riley Bonner
      HB Hamish Hartlett, Justin Westhoff, Darcy Byrne-Jones
      C Xavier Duursma, Tom Rockliff, Karl Amon
      HF Robbie Gray, Charlie Dixon, Sam Gray
      F Todd Marshall, Paddy Ryder, Connor Rozee
      FOL Scott Lycett, Ollie Wines, Travis Boak
      I/C Matthew Broadbent, Ryan Burton, Trent McKenzie, Willem Drew

      EMG Cam Sutcliffe, Billy Frampton, Sam Mayes, Sam Powell-Pepper

      IN: Xavier Duursma, Scott Lycett, Willem Drew, Trent McKenzie
      OUT: Tom Clurey, Peter Ladhams, Zak Butters, Sam Powell-Pepper


      B Taylin Duman, Joel Hamling, Connor Blakely
      HB Darcy Tucker, Griffin Logue, Ethan Hughes
      C Bradley Hill, Reece Conca, Ed Langdon
      HF Andrew Brayshaw, Michael Walters, Adam Cerra
      F Hugh Dixon, Cam McCarthy, Sam Switkowski
      FOL Scott Jones, Nat Fyfe, David Mundy
      I/C Mitchell Crowden, Ryan Nyhuis, Bailey Banfield, Brandon Matera

      EMG Travis Colyer, Brett Bewley, Lachie Schultz, Jason Carter

      IN: Bailey Banfield, Ryan Nyhuis, Scott Jones, Hugh Dixon
      OUT: Hayden Ballantyne, Aaron Sandilands, Sean Darcy, Lachie Schultz


      1. Haha. You could be right that the powers to be are not happy that I post the teams fractionally early. Last night the teams disappeared when I posted them and when I re-tried I got a message saying that I had already said that.
        Today I am denied access to the teams thread with –


        Access to this resource on the server is denied!

        Ah, We love a good conspiracy theory as oppose to just chaos. Lol.
        I hope everything is sorted for next year.

        All the best everyone for your Grand Finals
        I will endeavour to post the late outs and benches in the game threads. If not able, please look at coaches thread.


      1. Thanks Pop’s Daughter, for the clarification.
        I thought that is was just me.
        There goes the conspiracy theory!!!

        I wish you well in your Grand Finals and hoping you win them all.
        If Gawn is a late out I am going for Goldstein.


    1. Same here.As I posted earlier I gotta hope Gawn is out as none of my 8 opponents have Greene,but all have Gawn v my Goldstein



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