Our League Winners & Their Blunnies

Written by Motts on November 5 2014

A couple of weeks ago I received a big box in the mail from Vietnam. “That’s weird”, I thought. “I don’t know anyone in Vietnam”.

Upon opening it, to my surprise and joy I found multiple blue Blundstone boxes contained within. Hawker had come through with the prizes for our league winners this year!

I spent the next week either mailing those boxes off or personally delivering them – the highlight being the lunch I had at Skewer’d in Port Melbourne with Leo Messi. Thanks again for that mate!

Anyway, I asked all our winners to send me a photo with their boots on for our SCT photo album. Here they are:

David Johnston

First up we have David Johnson (winner SCTTL) in his very snazzy Urbans (Style 1301). And if I may add, he’s sporting a very nice set of slacks.


Next up is winner of LoEC1: Leo Messi. He generously gave his pair of Urbans (Style 1306) to his father-in-law. Now here’s a man who knows how to pose for a photo! I’d comment on his pants but I’m not sure he’s wearing any.

Leo Messi


Sodes, winner of LoEC2, is another man who can turn it on when the camera is rolling. Check out this pose with his Active Safety Style 792’s. When he’s finished in the saw mill, a career in front of the lens awaits!

sodes Yiorgakis






Finally we’ve got Yiorgakis who won our Draft league this year. Well, when I say we’ve got Yiorgakis, we’ve actually got his Dad because Yiorgi also selflessly handed over his boots (Executive Safety – Style 780) to pick up some massive brownie points. Love the trackies, Yiorgi Snr. Love the one thumb salute even more!

To all our winners this year, congratulations again. And from all of us on SCT, a massive thank you to Hawker and Blundstone for providing these great wheels for all our winners. We look forward to hopefully being involved with you again in 2015!



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  1. My first job in the 70s the company supplied Blunnies and I’m still wearing the brand. They’ve come a long way since then.



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