LoEC2, the Round 2 Preview

Written by Motts on April 10 2015

Eagling had a little bit of time on his hands this week so put together a preview of the R2 matches in LoEC2. This post is going to interest maybe 1% of you so unless you’re in the league or desperate to see some of the better teams going around, I’d probably read something else on the site. Have you tried our Stats page? Righto Eagling, take it away...

Hello all, in the interests of entertainment alone, I have painstakingly gathered the team details of all the players at the conclusion of Round 1 [Loec 2], and I have used this information to predict the results of the matches to come.

teamcustard (11) v 2 Boyds 1 Cup (1)

Points of Difference:  Lumumba, Johnson, Kelly, Newton, Beams, Neale, Gibbs, Leuenberger, Swan, Lamb, Bartel, McGrath v Gibson, Shaw, Simpson, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Anderson, Rich, Maric, Hogan, Lonie, Gray.

I’m going to give the win to the away side here.  I think Fyfe, Pendlebury and Gray have the extra class to make the difference, and Shaw, Simpson and Maric outclass Lumumba, Johnson and Leuenberger.

Small Victories (8) v Sean’s Mob (13)

Points of Difference:  Goodes, Shaw, Ibbotson, Fyfe, Sloane, Naitanui, Bellchambers, Lamb, Gray, Franklin v Newnes, Hibberd, Murphy, Sheed, Parker, Maric, Goldstein, Lonie, Bartel, Riewoldt

Very close here.  Both Bellchambers and Bartel could miss, which would really throw the cat among the pigeons.  However, I am going for the home side in a nailbiter.

Bring Back Ratts (6) v RELIEABLES (4)

Points of Difference:  Simpson, MacMillan, Ablett, Selwood, Cockatoo, Anderson, Goldstein, Bellchambers, Minson, Hogan, Bartel v Gibson, Shaw, Dangerfield, Neale, Lambert, Steven, Leuenberger, Jacobs, Lonie, Zorko, Lycett.

I reckon the away side will win, however it will be close if both Bellchambers and Bartel play. [Both the B’s will play – Bring Back Ratts FTW! – Motts]

Jetz  (14) v LI’L SEBASTIAN(16)

Points of Difference:  Brown, Hodge, Fyfe, Pendlebury, Selwood, Wells, Naitanui, Cox, Lonie, Lamb v Shaw, Anderson, Rockliff, Watson, McKenzie, Read, Maric, Leuenberger, Bellchambers, Bartel

I can only see one winner here:   The home side.  Rockliff is definitely out, and there are question marks over Bellchambers and Bartel.  In addition, Selwood, Fyfe and Pendlebury are massive boosts to the chances of the team that has them.
Mack Attack (15) v The Brown Shorts (12)

Points of Difference:  Goodes, Gibson, Simpson, Newton, Swallow, Boak, Lamb, Goddard v Brown, Johnson, Pendlebury, Beams, Griffen, Anderson, Gray, Bontempelli

Close call, however the away side has that little bit extra that should push them over the line.

500 Miles (6) v Holyhead Harpies (10)

Points of Difference:  Lumumba, Gibson, Shaw, Cockatoo, Lewis, Sidebottom, Kennedy, Read, Maric, Lonie, Bartel, Saad v Hibberd, Birchall, Higgins, Ablett, Pendlebury, Lambert, Rockliff, Nelson, Naitanui, Cox, Swan, Lamb

Sidebottom and Rockliff are the two massive misses from these sides.  Lewis and Kennedy against Ablett and Pendlebury might just decide the outcome of this match.  I’m going to go for the away side to snatch a single-digit win.

Tankers (2) v MaxPowerExperience (18)

Points of Difference:  Lumumba, Gibson, Brown, Murphy, Wines, Cockatoo, Swallow, Bontempelli, Franklin v Goodes, Shaw, Hibberd, Johnson, Selwood, Griffen, Anderson, Swan, Hogan, Goddard

I’m going to go for the upset here.  The away side to steal a memorable victory.

wobblesbegone (17) v Demons of Darch (9)

Points of Difference:  Oxley, Lumumba, Hibberd, Simpson, `Beams, Sheed, Sloane, Read, Naitanui, Leuenberger, Lonie, Bennell v Goodes, Kelly, Kolodjashnij, Sheppard, Selwood, Griffen, van Berlo, Maric, Bellchambers, O’Brien, Salem, Gray

The magic of the Sloane Ranger to tip the balance in favour of the home side.

Armchair Sportsman (7) v The Convict (4)

Points of Difference:  Newnes, Brown, Pearce, Heeney, Ablett, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Leuenberger, Swan, Lonie, Lamb, Gray v Gibson, Johnson, Goddard, Wines, Neale, Lewis, Jong, Bellchambers, Bontempelli, Goddard, Jeff Garlett, Steele

Sidebottom is the main loss for the home side, however I predict that that obstacle will be overcome and the away side will be defeated.





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14 thoughts on “LoEC2, the Round 2 Preview”

  1. I had a stinker in R1 (MaxPowerExperience), but I reckon it’s gonna be too close to call this week (although I’ll take a “memorable” victory any day (he he)).

    Good luck Tankers.


  2. WooHoo!! Not only am I in the 1% that’s interested, I’m also top scorer. (However being on top after 1 round is the Supercoach equivalent of playing well in the NAB Challenge).


  3. I also form the 1%, thanks for picking me to bring home the chocolates… is it against SuperCoach rules to bet on the outcome of your own match?


  4. Nice work Eagling (and HH)!! Cool idea, might be an idea to run with? Good luck to everyone this week! Hope you all get off to a flyer in your leagues!


  5. First year in LOEC 2 (Mack Attack) and loving the competition already, best of luck to all involved for the rest of the year, except for when I play you ofcourse 🙂



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