Loophole Strategy

Written by Motts on January 29 2016

Sean’s been looking at the schedule to help you out with your loopholing this year. Thanks for your efforts, Seany!

I have just been through the AFL fixtures for 2016 to identify how many times each team play on a Sunday or later. This is important if you are looking for loopholes (I’ve looked at this mostly in respect of third ruck choice). It seems to me that if you are looking at the Fwd/Ruck switch that it is a choice between D Wyatt at Collingwood at $102,400 with 6 Sunday or later games or for $117,300 M King at Melbourne who has 11 Sunday or later games.

  • Adelaide – 5
  • Brisbane – 8
  • Carlton – 10
  • Collingwood – 6
  • Essendon – 10
  • Fremantle – 6
  • GWS – 8
  • Geelong – 7
  • Gold Coast – 5
  • Hawthorn – 5
  • Melbourne – 11
  • North Melb – 4
  • Port – 6
  • Richmond – 4
  • Saints – 10
  • Sydney – 5
  • WCE – 9
  • Bulldogs – 7

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11 thoughts on “Loophole Strategy”

  1. Great to be back guys. Pumped for another SC season.
    At this stage, I’m going with King as R3. 11 Sunday games is too good to pass up as a loophole. Have played around with some different combos and currently have Goldy/ Martin with Leuy as F4. Still not sitting right with me though. Lobbe may be a sneaky option this year, as Ryder will not be on the park.


  2. The other thing to consider is the timing. Later in the season we usually have plenty of unplanned donuts, but early in the season when we have loaded up on rookies at round 1, donuts are at a premium.

    11 sunday donuts is very hard to pass up though.


  3. I’m going with Balic from Freo myself on my mid bench. Freo have the most number of Sunday & Saturday night games this side of the bye rounds. Just like harbour heroes said we’ll end up with at least once unforced donut later in the year anyway. Balic is also DPP mid/fwd so he provides a swingset for someone in my forward line as a nice little bonus! 🙂


  4. If Grimley gets signed by Bombers I won’t take in a loophole option

    completely overrated in my eyes, only acceptable way to do it is R3, anything else and you’re compromising your team for just a tiny amount of points [most of the time VC score isn’t even taken], most people will be able to loophole anyway after about round 3-4 when we start getting 1-2 week injuries to players… During the season decent playing rookies can be hard to find, so take all the ones you can at the start. Some rookies also get longer term injuries, and if there’s no other cash cows during that week to side swap to, you can end up having a loophole player anyway.

    and as I said before if it’s not done in R3, you’re taking the big risk of less cover for 1-2 week injuries you might get in the same line

    I’ll take Wyatt into the season, but only if Grimley isn’t available cheap at R3.


  5. what is this sunday loophole you guys are talking about. ive played afl fantasy for the past few years and this is my first supercoach season so im just wondering how this loophole works. is it a rolling lockout.



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