Macca’s 2016 Bye Planner

Written by Motts on February 15 2016

SCT 2016 AFL Bye Planner

You simply can’t appreciate how much work Macca put into delivering this year’s bye planner to you. I could take you through it but it would take ages. Suffice it to say, he spent hours on this for the benefit of the community.

So Macca, you are a champion!

Here’s the instructions on how to use the sheet:

The file has four (4) spreadsheet tabs, those being, Planner, Byes -Draw, Season Draw and Player Data


Select your players in each position from the drop down list in each cell (Column B)
This will bring up their relevant data based on start of year and also their bye schedule over the three weeks (rounds 13-15) and the preceding rounds, 11 and 12, in order to help with your planning
You can selection your captain (column F) and who is in your 22 (column G) and error / reminder messages will appear in rows 39-41.


Pictorial view of the team logos in each of the bye rounds is also shown in columns O-T for a double check


Is included for the full season and you can see where all matches are played and starting times.


The current player data is available in this tab as of the start of the year and filters are on all columns allowing you to select all players from a particular club only or all players in a particular position, if this helps your bye planning selection process.


Let’s hear it for him!




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7 thoughts on “Macca’s 2016 Bye Planner”

  1. Moses had his 10 Commandments
    Tolstoy wrote War & Peace
    Superman was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
    Michaelangelo painted the Cistene Chapel – upside down!


    Macca’s Bye Planning Spreadsheet tops them ALL!!

    Muchos Gratias Senor Macca!!


  2. Holy shit Macca you’ve really outdone yourself, this is amazing!

    Gonna make full use of this resource, cant thank you enough!


  3. Finally had a browse Macca and I agree with the above comments.

    This is a brilliant product that must have taken hours to compile.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  4. Awww shucks guys for the comments … wasn’t too hard in the end (well, sort of!) and just my little something back to Mottsy and the guys running SCT and to yourselves, the general community for all of the great information, advice, banter and general community spirit here!

    I’ll look at trying to make a few ‘updates’ as I can and happy for any suggestions/ thoughts on improvements if anyone has ideas … and if I can i will update after several rounds into the season so more of the player value and updated averages are there as the byes draw closer …well, as long as I get the time and the missus doesn’t string me up / divorce me in the interim!!

    Cheer all!!



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