Macca’s Bye Planner 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 4 2019

Howdy all!

I don’t usually update the Bye Planner this early in the year. Given it’s a pretty important week to get your trades right, I thought I’d send out an updated version to help aid your playing and musings.


Two versions of the planner are supplied. Choose your “Gun Qualifier” based on Price (eg to be counted as a Gun defender, your value is over $450K) or on Average (defender = 90+) and so on … it’s up to you which one you choose!!

Qualifiers currently set to:

Def = $450,000 or 90+

Mid = $520,000 or 105+

Ruc = $480,000 or 95+

Fwd = $450,000 or 90+


Make sure you nominate any players in your squad that you do not believe will play in any rounds, including the byes, to get a more accurate total of available numbers (think Bines!). – SEE COLUMN I ON THE “PLANNER TAB”


The price / budget calculator shown in Cells J46 to J49 of the PLANNER TAB will let you know if you can afford your round 3 trades.

HINTuse the planner to make all your team changes BEFORE playing on the actual SC site!! Saves inadvertent locking in your changes when not ready once round has commenced and the last-minute players not listed!! Trades are gold remember!


The bye planner will continue to work each week showing how many players you have available over each of the bye rounds, though averages and player values etc will only be updated when I get a chance to upload current data.



The key tab

Choose now whether each of your players are likely to play or are just an emergency loophole (think Valente) in COLUMN I – this will update the real numbers you have available each week  

Shows 2019 starting data and final 2018 averages for players.

Load your current team at the end of round 2 in each position in each of the cells in Column B (choose from the drop-down list in each cell, by alpha order on surname)

Check columns J-O for the key stats at end of round 2.

Now go back to column B and choose which players you want to trade out and in

Check cell J49 to make sure you can afford the trades

Make sure you check your possible players (Columns Q to U & rows 12, 25,30 & 40) and “Guns” (rows 13, 26, 31 & 41) for each of the bye rounds

Check total possible numbers in rows 42 and 43 and watch for the cells colour change depending on numbers!

Check also the warning box in rows 50-54, Columns R-U – this lets you know to be careful with your bye numbers in total – you can’t say you have 18 in a round if 10 are in the Mids – only 8 can play!  



This is a key tab with the data of all players. Filters are included on each column to allow you to search on each column, like position or club, BE and so on

Round 2 data now included (columns K-P) and you want negative BE’s & Total points!  

Averages for the last three (3) years are included along with total points for 2018 – is your player improving?

​​​​​​​​​Rookies are shaded in yellow.

Club Change players that have changed clubs in the off season also have their club shaded blue. (also see the separate tab for full list). Will this improve or hinder their scoring?



The full draw is included on this tab and just for your added bonus, I have also included a grid to help you determine the best club to run a non-playing player to take advantage of the C / VC loop!

Anyone for a Hawk or Docker?? There’s a little bit more to it, but I’m not going to do all your work for you!



For your ease, note that tabs are now included listing all players in each position (D, M, R and F) and also all rookies listed on their own tab – filters included on each tab.

A separate tab is also included for those players changing clubs with their new and old clubs


So, get to it! Leave a comment on the thread as well for any thoughts or ideas and discussions – we love those! I will look to try and alter the formulae in the next iteration to allow you to select your own values for determining guns!  

Choose your players & trades in Column B of PLANNER TAB

Check cell J49 to determine if you have sufficient cash for your choices – POP UP MESSAGES WILL APPEAR AND THE CELL IN H49 WILL CHANGE COLOUR IF GOOD OR BAD

Check all the tabs for any data that you think will help your SC year! – the BE’s on all tabs and total points / averages will be key!

Use the rookies tab for ease of finding the rookies you want!


Happy Bye Planning all and good luck for the year!!



SCT 2019 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd2 – $ equals Guns

SCT 2019 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd2 – Avg equals Guns


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14 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner 2019”

  1. I have used 1 trade on Mills to Newman. I have 2 options for my 2nd.
    Straight swap, Balta to Miers. T/U
    or Hore to Miers via the following T/D
    I trade out Hore, move Duursma from M to D, more Drew from F to M and then bring in Miers?


    1. Simo, it is much of a muchness. You need Griers in. Hore have a better breakeven, Balta has a better ceiling. Both have shit Job security. I would trade Balta out bcoz I dont trust the Tigers at the moment.


  2. Whats everyone thought on the AFL just scrapping the bye and having split rounds?
    Or is waiting 2 weeks to find out your score too torturing?


  3. Thanks all – have tried to keep it as basic (in excel terms) as possible without using more difficult things like pivot tables, macros etc.

    There is about 10 new rookies added in SC from the start of the year and they are shaded orange – but none relevant for now.

    Use the planner to research your players on the various tabs (for Be’s, price, average and points) and then play around with your side trades and movements on the Planner Tab to see if
    1 you can afford it and
    2 the impact on your bye structure

    Will come out a few more times with updated versions before the byes, but you can always try your planned trades in between each version for the look over the byes – it just wont update the player values for you.

    If you have any ideas or thoughts leave them here for us and will look to see what else can be done – whilst still trying to keep the file easy to use, so to speak!



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