Macca’s Bye Planner Rd10 2019

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 23 2019



To aid your deliberations and team structure planning, the latest version of the BYE PLANNER with updated prices, averages, total scores etc is now provided!


Two versions of the planner are supplied again, and …. Wait for it … SET YOUR OWN AVERAGE OR PLAYER VALUE!! That’s right – in column O, in cells 13, 26, 31 & 41 you can now set your own average value or player value (choose from the drop down list) to determine your own gun qualifier for the bye period!! – Have a play – you know you want to! Defaults are currently in there as per the following:

Qualifiers currently set to:

Def = $450,000 or 90+

Mid = $525,000 or 105+

Ruc = $500,000 or 100+

Fwd = $450,000 or 90+


Make sure you nominate any players in your squad that you do not believe will play in any rounds, including the byes, to get a more accurate total of available numbers (think Bines!). – SEE COLUMN I ON THE “PLANNER TAB”


For ROUND 10 only (this week) – (cash calculator on PLANNER TAB)  

You should begin by loading your current team at the end of round 9, before any trades, in Column B of PLANNER TAB

in cell J46 enter your CURRENT team value (should be same as value showing in cell J44)

in cell J47 enter your available cash in the bank

Go Back and make your planned trades of players in COLUMN B

Check cell J49 to determine if you have sufficient cash to make those trades – POP UP MESSAGES WILL APPEAR AND THE CELL IN J49 WILL CHANGE COLOUR IF GOOD OR BAD


If you’ve been around the site for the last few years, you should all be familiar by now with the planner – the key tabs are the “PLANNER” AND “PLAYER DATA” tabs. These let you plan your team / trades (Planner) and provide some extra info on player performances across the current and last few years.

I’ve also added extra tabs this year for your ease of researching: note that tabs are now included listing all players in each position (D, M, R and F) and also all rookies listed on their own tab – filters included on each tab.



Load your current team at the end of round 9 in each position in each of the cells in Column B (choose from the drop-down list in each cell, by alpha order on surname)

Check columns J-O for the key stats at end of round 9.

Make sure you load your current team value and available cash in cells J46 and J47

Now go back to column B and choose which players you want to trade out and in

Check cell J49 to make sure you can afford the trades

For the Bye Impacts:

check your possible players (Columns Q to U & rows 12, 25,30 & 40) and “Guns” (rows 13, 26, 31 & 41) for each of the bye rounds

Check total possible numbers in rows 42 and 43 and watch for the cells colour change depending on numbers!

Check also the warning box in rows 50-54, Columns R-U – this lets you know to be careful with your bye numbers in total – you can’t say you have 18 in a round if 10 are in the Mids – only 8 can play!  



This is a key tab with the data of all players. Filters are included on each column to allow you to search on each column, like position or club, averages, BE and so on

Round 9 data now included (columns Y-AD) and you want negative BE’s & high Total points / averages!  – is your player improving?

​​​​​​​​​Rookies are shaded in yellow.


So, get to it! Leave a comment on the thread as well for any thoughts or ideas and discussions – we love those!


HINTuse the planner to make all your team changes BEFORE playing on the actual SC site!! Saves inadvertent locking in your changes when not ready once the round has commenced and the last-minute players not listed!! Trades are gold remember!


The bye planner will continue to work each week showing how many players you have available over each of the bye rounds, though averages and player values etc will only be updated when I get a chance to upload current data.

SCT 2019 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd9 – $dollarsequalsGun

SCT 2019 AFL Bye Planner – Rnd9 – AvgequalsGun


Happy Bye Planning all and good luck for the rest of the year!!




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5 thoughts on “Macca’s Bye Planner Rd10 2019”

  1. Absolute legend Macca
    I’m going a step further and throwing my opponents team in there to see how many players the look like having
    I did a quick count last night and my rd 12 opponent has 26 players


    1. nice one Clarky23 – yep this file helps soooo many different situations, combinations – research (to a somewhat limited degree) –

      One of the community asked if I could open up the parameters to allow them to set their own “category” for guns … and I finally had the time to get it done … we do aim to please!!

      Hope it helps all!!


  2. Always try go for the 10, 10, 10 byes, if a bit shallow rnd 12 say 7, 11, 12 its ok. You dont wanna be the other way, 12, 11, 7 out.

    Rookies playing will be the big question that can load up on other rounds, as well as multiple outs in a line.

    Im focussing on turning over rookies not playing next few weeks for byes and keeping certainties unless they affect my lines too much. If i make $100k on a trade so be it.

    Generally run my bye rnds pretty well using this method, 2/3 to all 3/3 wins most years, really helps my season over those who dont plan for.


    1. One exception, i burnt T. kelly at byes last year thinking was done, killed it and outscored the bloke i bought in for the first few…



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