Marsh Series Week 1 Review – Intro

Written by allsaints on February 25 2020

Good afternoon SCTers

Before we get into the gritty statistical details of the Marsh Community Series, it’s important you know what all the columns are about!

Below is an example (Game1: STKvHAW) of what will be provided, after each Round.

The price column is colour coded from dark green (base-priced rookie), light green (premium rookie), yellow (low midprice) … orange, red (premo) to dark red (uber).  The stats this year will also include KIs (kick-ins) and CBAs (centre bounce attendances).  Anything highlighted in dark green/green is notable in the basic stats.

The juicy info for rookies and potential ‘underpriced’ players resides in the far three right-hand columns. Before I go into this, I should point out that these figures are as accurate as can be, since they’ve been adjusted to reflect the length of each quarter to the second (available on Footy Live app).  What they DON’T take into account is which quarters players who played three or only a half played.  They’ll just be adjusted to the overall game time to the second.  Meh!

The middle of the three is PPM (or points per minute).  Very important – dark green is great, dark brown is poor.  Working from that, the most important column just before it is $/PPM.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STATISTIC WHEN SELECTING ROOKIES, and all charts will be ranked by these numbers; the lower this number is, the more $$s and the quicker they will generate that cash for you.  Of course we are only one game down in the Series and there are still 565 AFL-listed players who haven’t touched the pill at any competitive level as yet in 2020.  So be warned!  Reviews will also include notable absentees, but I will have to leave it up to you to work out who that might have a detrimental effect on.  It takes long enough as it is!

The final column, indicates their SC-adjusted score, based on ave. TOG% you might expect for that player.  This gets quite complicated, so let me explain in detail.  I’ve been through mature-aged players and rookies/rising stars for the last two years to look at ave. TOG% based on position, and so have adjusted these figures accordingly to reflect the following estimates:

Established players:

MIDs: 85% TOG

DEFs & FWDs: 90%

RUCs: 88%

Rookies (NB this includes players priced as rookies even if they have been playing a few years eg Bonar, SHill etc.)

MIDs and MID/FWDs: 75%

RUCs and RUC/FWDs: 80%

DEFs, DEF/MIDs, FWDs & DEF/FWDs: 85%

Now that this is all set-up, it shouldn’t take long to do this after each Rd … I hope.

Detailed results for all Rd1 games will be posted tomorrow morning … with any luck.


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