Mid-Pricers Review – Round 3

Written by Hot Sauce on April 9 2019

Oh hindsight, you are a cruel judge!

Get Them In!

Players your team needs.

OK so last week the commentary was that the previous week would have been premature to make trades, I bet some of us wish we took that advise last week. Coaches were burnt with the popular additions of Tom Rockliff and Scott Lycett in round 3 both failing to live up to the expectations of coaches who brought him in. Meanwhile popular players to be traded out in Isaac Heeney and Callum Mills had breakout games, which just added insult to injury.

If you are looking to add a midfielder or two into your team this week and you haven’t got Dom Sheed or Tom Liberatore get them in, but if you are looking for more of a POD then I think interstate youngsters Jacob Hopper and Jack Bowes are the best bets. Hopper, despite the return of Kelly, still managed to produce 114 against the Tigers while Bowes put together another brilliant overall game in the Suns second win of the season.

There are plenty of options down back including Zac WilliamsChristian SalemTom StewartDaniel RichZak Jones and Wayne Milera. The last two I find to be the best options with Jones currently getting the midfield minutes that Heeney & Mills would be wanting and has started well with scores of 85, 92 and 116. Milera has certainly carried on from his 2018 post-bye form and looks certain to continue to steal points from Rory Laird. He simply hasn’t missed a step in the first three rounds.

Up forward it is hard to look past Jeremy Cameron’s huge game on the weekend kicking 7 goals and scoring 163 points – he looks set for a big year and a return to the elite group of key forwards. Caleb Daniel and Jack Martin are two under the radar forward options who have started the season in great touch but will likely to be overlooked as trade in options for the likes of Jade Gresham and Luke Dahlhaus. Both have started brilliantly and are currently popular trade in targets for coaches looking to strengthen their forward lines.

  1. Tom Liberatore (Mid; $379,600; and 36.4% ownership)
  2. Dom Sheed (Mid; $449,500; and 20.8%)
  3. Jack Bowes (Mid; $402,600; and 0.6%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

These players may not be setting the world on fire but are the players meeting our expectations, justifying their selections prior to round 1.

If you had held onto Callum MillsAndrew McGrath and Jasper Pittard you would feel vindicated with the trio scoring well in round 3 and hoping for the improvement to continue, but with a close eye on them moving forward.

Despite below average games, Brodie Smith and Nic Newman are still riding a pass mark and joined by low profile players like Jamie MacmillanBrad SheppardBlake HardwickAliir Aliir and Lachie Weller as players creeping up the radar onto some coaches watchlists.

In the midfield Crows gun Brad Crouch just gets better with every game while other proven players like Dylan Shiel, Luke Shuey and Mitch Wallis continue to do add value at their price. There are plenty of POD options too with the likes of Brayden FioriniSam Powell-Pepper and Tim Taranto in great early season form.

Caleb Daniel has put together three consecutive excellent games and could sneak into a few teams while the likes of Darcy ParishJack BillingsTom Papley and Jordan DeGoey continue to impress with centuries this week. Popular inclusion Scott Lycett, despite having another quiet game is still worth sticking with the hope of finding some consistent form.

Chopping Block

If you have them, you face a tough decision.

Michael Hurley no longer plays the SC friendly role for the Dons he enjoyed early 2018 and therefore should definitely be on your chopping block despite his solid Round 2 performance. In the middle Tom Rockliff was having a poor game before suffering a severe head knock that didn’t allow him back on the field but it has been advised he is likely to play this week against the Tigers. Paddy Dow has disappointed so far this season and may be worth trading out to bring in a high-performing player. Up forward it’s super recruit Tom Lynch that faces the microscope with another poor performance, and now with the Tigers set to be missing Alex RanceJack RiewoldtDylan GrimesJayden ShortJosh Caddy, Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin in the coming weeks, I don’t like his chances of obtaining big SC games.

Bite the Bullet

These players need to be traded. Now.


Injuries have unfortunately hit both Trent Cotchin and Jayden Short from the Tigers and both would need to be traded out immediately as both were also under-performing. Kangas tall forward Ben Brown was tipped by most to have a decent year with a much better SC output, similar to Demons key forward Tom McDonald, but both have severely under-performed and if you have them, dump them!

Let me know your thoughts on the players named above and on any players I may have missed.


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13 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 3”

  1. *disclaimer I’m a richmond support so might be drinking the cool aid

    I have Lynch and will be keeping him.
    Tigers will get Grimes, Caddy and Grigg back this week (as far as I know) and probably Houli.

    One of the tigers draft picks, Jack Ross, has been looking very good for them as well. Hopefully he makes his debut.

    Our next three games are Port (away), Swans, Dees.


    1. Coming on Wednesday morning. Sorry for the delay…..should be consistently on Mondays, starting next week……


    1. Get rid of him mate, bevo looks to not be playing him in his SC friendly role of in the midfield and until he does you will continue to see sub par scores from junkley.


  2. Thanks Hot Sauce.

    I started Rocky and will look at keeping him if it doesn’t seem to serious.
    If he does look like missing a few games I will pull the trigger.

    Most will be going Sheed or Libba but I don’t see either being midfield keepers so I will avoid.

    For me the best punt on a Rocky trade at a similar price has to be defensive breakout contender Wayne Milera.

    allsaints was raving on about him all preseason, looks like it was justified.

    I think he and Smith can really clean up over the next few weeks with games against North / Suns / Saints / Freo. Before a couple of harder but winnable games v Port and Brisbane.

    Hopefully Rocky is all good to go. ( nobody can really predict a head knock) If not, its Milera all the way.

    Thanks again HS great stuff.


  3. Please give thoughts on Kane Lambert?
    Started off the year as a mid pricer and with martin and cotchin out, will he get more consistent mid time? Managed to play mid for round 3 so thought he would be a good option for Draft?

    Thoughts please 🙂


    1. Even with a full side, his job security is strong. The worry is that Richmond’s style of play isn’t SC-friendly


  4. with adelaide playing 6 of the next 9 @ home after the nth game next week , with the away games being the saints , brizzy & D’s , surely if taylor walker was ever gna have a purple patch , surely this would be the run of games that he would do it


  5. Love how everyone pots Rockliff on this site. He’s been unbelievable first 2 rounds and got concussed. Don’t see anyone cracking Fyfe!!


    1. He has. Personally I don’t have an issue with him, but it seems a lot of people have been burned by him in the past. And more than once.
      I also don’t get the notion of ‘never again’ lists, especially when it comes to someone referred to as ‘the pig’, due to his proven massive numbers, albeit a couple of years ago now.
      If he continues to play ‘on ball’ and his concussion isn’t as bad as first thought, then he is clearly significantly underpriced.
      If you started him, then good luck to you. If you didn’t, is he now worth the risk? Probably not, but you have a week or two to assess now after last week’s paltry score runs through his price.

      The lesson for me is: be open-minded. ‘Never again’ lists serve no purpose but to restrict your potential options / targets.



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