Mid-Pricers Review – Round 8

Written by Hot Sauce on May 14 2019

Get Them In!

Players your team needs

Keep your eyes on the upcoming fallen premos that will be entering our sights in the upcoming weeks. Can you believe that the coaches who didn’t run with Patrick Dangerfield will be able to scoop him up for potentially $450k? That is ridiculous!

For now, there is still some great value out there starting with Christian Salem and Heath Shaw who are playing well above their current price point. Shaw has been inconsistent over the last few years while Salem is a rising star of the SC world and has been rather consistent this season. Shaw has a very low breakeven of 34 and Salem 60, so if you’re willing to take a punt on a POD keeper there are two on offer.

In the midfield there are two potential bargains in Luke Shuey and Dayne Zorko who are averaging 123 and 121 respectively over the past fortnight. Both have the potential for large scores on their day, while although Shuey is rather consistent in scoring, Zorko has been known to fluctuate week by week.

Up forward is a lot harder to get a read of with inconsistent performances by many potential buys, while Jordan DeGoey continues to perform at a consistent level since round 2 averaging 97 since then. Caleb Daniel is still under-priced based on his 2019 form but it would be best to wait on further price drops on Jack BillingsMichael Walters and Danger in a week or two.

  1. Luke Shuey (Mid; $484,000; and 2.5% ownership)
  2. Jordan DeGoey (Fwd; $490,000; and 8.9%)
  3. Christian Salem (Def; $462,800; and 4.4%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

Daniel Rich continue to prove previously burnt coaches wrong with yet another 100+ game and remains the best performing mid-price defender despite plenty more continue to perform well such asBachar HouliAlex KeathMichael Hurley and Jason Johannisen.

In the middle the likes of Tom RockliffHugh McCluggage and Brad Crouch continue to drive solid performances while Rowan Marshall and Tom Lynch (Adel) continue to surpass expectations.

Chopping Block

If you have them, you face a tough decision.

If you haven’t already traded Tom Liberatore out of your side, then his third consecutive disappointing game will surely have you pulling the trigger this week. His high breakeven will find Libba potentially dropping a further $20k-$25k. Along with Libba, Angus Brayshaw continues to frustrate his owners with consecutive 60’s over the last fortnight despite both games resulting in wins for the Dees.

Up forward Toby Greene and Jack Darling are likely to force some coaches into rage trade with poor games on the weekend while Jade Gresham and Toby McLean may have gone past being trade options to now having to having to hold onto in the hope that they can return to SC relevance as soon as possible.

Bite the Bullet

These players need to be traded. Now.


Ryan Burton owners shouldn’t bother waiting on the full injury report from Alberton as his 6 points on the weekend will cause his price to reduce a further $45k-$50k over the next couple of weeks. If you have Burton in your side, it would have been on the hope he could either rise in price or be an outside chance as a keeper. His performances before this weekend have proved the latter isn’t possible while the weekend’s score eliminates the ability for him to raise the cash required to act as a stepping stone. Either way you need to trade him. Now.

Let me know your thoughts on the players named above and on any players I may have missed.


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9 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 8”

  1. Thinking of trading Steele to J Kelly
    Steele seems to get tagging roles and preseason talk of becoming elite hasn’t eventuated. . Stkilda’s draw gets harder from here.
    Walsh is a hard one but can afford to trade to Dunkley. Bulldogs recent form seems to coincide with Dunkley’s time in middle. Could trade B Smith instead but 3 week average is higher and fallen premium defenders on horizon in next few weeks

    T/u J Kelly and Dunkley
    T/d Steele and Walsh


  2. On a tongue in cheek note coaches, you should probably keep Libba. I am trading him out which means he’ll smash his break even.

    On the other side of the coin beware, I should let you all know who I trade in as they will not reach 80.


  3. wont be trading in danger @ any price until he proves he can play out the season ,
    & if my calculations are correct , libba should go bang either this week or next


    1. Interested to see if the 3 week turnaround eventuates. Libba will be the perfect example if that happens. By that logic I should get at least 1 more week from Macrae.



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