Midfield Minefield

Written by MJ on July 30 2015

Ablett, Beams (edit: Beamsy is back!) and Fyfe are all sitting out this week. GAJ will have to go, but who to?

Listed below are the midfielders who have increased in ownership by more than 0.25% this round, with last year’s Brownlow Medallist at the top of the tree. Will you be grabbing one this week?

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20 thoughts on “Midfield Minefield”

  1. Going Liam Picken as a left-field last trade. A good draw and in form, as well as good cover for my DEF. For the records, and the purpose of this poll, if I had the luxury of a couple of trades, I would have gone Sidey.


  2. I would like to bring in Priddis, but I need to upgrade my last rookie in def. If I go Ablett > Sidey, and Krak > Picken (via a couple of DPPs) then I’m set and have bench cover for all positions. However, it’ll leave me only 1 trade!

    T/U Both trades and a full team (1 trade remaining)
    T/D Just 1 trade for Priddis, leaving 1 rookie def on field (2 trades remaining)


  3. Trading Ablett

    T/U Macrae (POD) – Look at his stats and averages

    T/D Stick to premiums out of Hannebery or Deledio


  4. It seems like most people are looking at either Priddis or Danger (50 and 41 votes respectively at the time of writing this post)
    Here is the remaining fixture for both players.
    GC (A)…………………..SYD (A)
    HAW (H)………………..RICH (H)
    FREO (A)……………….ESS (A)
    DOGS (H)………………BRIS (H)
    ADE (A)…………………WCE (H)
    STK (H)………………….GEE (A)
    Danger sports an average of 121.2 and Priddis averages 115.56
    Both play 3 sides in the top 8 and play 3 games at home.
    Danger: lowest score: 74, Highest score: 188, 100+scores: 13
    Priddis: Lowest score: 78, Highest score: 196, 100+ scores: 12
    On numbers alone, there is not a lot separating these players.
    By taking Priddis, you are saving around 60K, which might be the reason why more people are leaning towards selecting Priddis to replace GAJ. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong trading either of these SC stars into your team! Good luck with the tough decision ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I don’t have danger or priddis and won’t be going with either. Have decided on Deledio in for gaz. He’s averaged 120 since round 7 and had a very good finish last year as well. Feel like that MID/FWD link may come in handy come finals


  6. Rory Sloane anyone?
    It will be the third time I trade him into my side this season, the old this time lucky perhaps?

    Rationale is that of the top caliber players, I am only missing hanners and priddis. I feel that Sloane COULD match there average from here on in, but will also provided a point of difference to give me a slight edge ( if it works out)



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