Forward Midpricer Poll

Written by Motts on March 29 2011

Who do you like most out of these 3 options? Format is (price, R1 score, 2011 preseason avg, 2010 avg)

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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3 thoughts on “Forward Midpricer Poll”

  1. Well done Motts.

    Duncan – watched this game through an alcoholic haze so not entirely across his game. 2 goals and 70 odd points is a reasonable start but wonder about his job security with Ling likely to return? Cats need to play some kids so imagine he holds spot

    Walker – was ok but I think he thinks he’s King Carey reincarnated. He’s not.

    Knights – didn’t get a lot of it but scored ok (79). Seems to have lost a yard of pace from memory?



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