MJ’s Captaincy Candidates R1 – Part I

Written by MJ on April 2 2015

The Scenario:

The most likely case is that every player you are selecting for Round 1 has been named to play, that is with the exception of our sole benched ruckman. Schwarzwalder conveniently took us through the cheap bench ruck options for loopholing throughout the season back in February. New to SuperCoach and think the term loopholing sounds more like a complex knot tying method, or simply need a refresher? – Click here.

If you are running with Cox as your R3, you’ll have just four teams to choose from as VC options this week – Richmond, Carlton, Gold Coast and Melbourne, as Collingwood’s match is Saturday 6.20pm (after that time he’ll be locked). Read as R3 will afford you more options, especially if you have a starting ruckman on Sunday (Jacobs, Goldstein, Sandilands, Lobbe, Ryder, McEvoy).

Warning: If you have BOTH your starting ruckmen from any of the aforementioned four sides (Maric & Nicholls for example, you won’t be able to VC/C loophole this weekend with Read or Cox).

If you’ve got any specific questions regarding the Vice Captain loophole, whack them down below and I’ll hit you up with a response when I can. With all that out of the way, let’s have a look at the blokes who you may be considering throwing the VC responsibility to for the very first time in 2015 tonight.

MJ’s Top Five Thursday Night VC Candidates:

1. Brett Deledio (Last 5 v Opponent from Most Recent to Least: 92, 143, 116, 126, 100) Not only is Lids a very good SuperCoach scorer, but he doesn’t mind playing against the Blues. The last time Deledio dropped below 90 against Motts’ mob was 2009. He’s only produced two captain-worthy scores since then (143 and 126), but what he does have on his side is that he plays much better in Richmond wins than losses. He averaged 113.4 in Tiger victories last year. See what I’m getting at here Motts?

2. Dustin Martin (108, 25, 85, 103, 89) He’s had a devastatingly good NAB Challenge, collecting 28 disposals in each of his two matches for scores of 149 and 111. He’ll probably be the most popular go-to VC this weekend. Dusty may have only hit the heights of 120+ twice in 2014, but you can’t argue with the confidence and form he’s shown in pre-season.

3. Trent Cotchin (84, 62, 119, 106, 127) If you’re running with Cotchin in midfield this year, you’re obviously bullish on his chances of returning to the form he showed in 2012. He’s only played one NAB game, but found the footy 20 times for 82 points off just 61% TOG. A big POD if he goes large tonight.

4. Marc Murphy (121, 102, 104, 160, 119) He’s the only Blue I could squeeze into my top 5 options, purely because I just couldn’t leave him out after you see his record against the Tiges. He’s currently shooting for 12 consecutive tons against the men in Yellow and Black. That’s no typo – 2008 was the last time he failed to raise the bat against them, averaging 121 over that period. His limited pre-season is the reason he doesn’t climb higher on this list.

5. Ivan Maric (118, 112, 159, 97, 56) He’s towelled up the Navy Blues in each of his four outings as a Tiger, including that 159 in 2012. A definite smokie for your VC this week as most will slap it on a midfielder.

Look out for Part II tomorrow, where I’ll outline all the best captaincy options for the weekend.

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17 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates R1 – Part I”

  1. Gone with the gamble of Maric for VC, seeing as though he’s only up against Wood and a hapless (Sorry Motts) Carlton.

    On another note, I was just going to do a last minute can’t decide post between Newnes and Jaensch and there’s no bloody thumbs. Guess i’ll just have to toss a coin!


  2. Back in February (seems ages ago now), most were talking up the NicNat/Leuey combo with Bellchambers in the forward line as back-up. Most people also had Ablett in their initial teams which may have changed a little now (Ablett/Pendles VC/C). Read from Geelong is still a decent option for Captains Loophole. If you need to squeeze an extra few bucks out of your team, McLaren from Sydney isn’t the worst option either. Although you will have to take a Richmond/Carlton/Melb/GCS player in RD1 as VC. Only $4k cheaper but it might come in handy fitting in that favorite premium of yours elsewhere. Or even Lucey (Cats again) if you’re not worried about a DPP swing…….


  3. Any chance of an Ablett poll? I’m so stuck on him atm! He’s in and out every hour! Also while we are at it how about a poll on how much cash people are leaving in the bank?


  4. Thanks mj. Gold. Hey community I have a couple spots left in a strong league if your interested 785919
    Cheers Phil


  5. OK! Can someone just confirm with me that my understanding of the loophole is going to work. This is my scenario.

    Goldy and reed on the field with the C on reed and maric on the bench as emg and I Chuck the VC on Gaz.

    So if Gaz plays a shocker i can change the C of Reed and put it to say Fyfe who is playing sunday and his score will be the one that counts.

    But if Gaz Kills the pig and scores 150. I just keep the VC on him, leave the C on Reed and Maric’s score on the bench counts because he is emg.

    This is the first time I have tried the loop hole and just want to make sure.

    Thanks Fellas!!



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