MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R10

Written by MJ on June 5 2015

#1. Nat Fyfe (v Rich: 128, 88, 93, 77, 71; Form: 158, 128, 146) Is there anyone who owns Nat, that will not slap the VC on him Friday Night? If there is, I’d like to know about it! Damian Hardwick has stated that the Tigers are not planning on tagging the Freo superstar, quoting “We’re just going to assume he’s going to get 30 touches and we’ve got to make sure our guy gets 35.” Then again, he could well be stooging us!

If Fyfe doesn’t front up, consider the following for C:

#2. Patrick Dangerfield (v Carl: 97, 89, 173, 104, 52; Form: 188, 130, 116) When the man is coming off a 188, it’d be downright rude not to consider him for the captaincy duties this week against the cellar-dwellers. Ed Curnow has done some decent run-with roles this year though, so he’ll be trying to curb Danger’s influence you’d think.

#3. Matt Priddis (v North: 132, 105, 170, 89, 128; Form: 101. 128, 196) The 2014 Brownlow Medallist has a tidy record against the Roos, averaging 129.1 against North for his career, including a 188, 151 and 170!

#4. Robbie Gray (v WB: 96, 40, 78, 57, 65; Form: 136, 119, 134) It’s safe to say the Doggies are Robbie’s bogey side. He hasn’t ever tonned up against them. Will that put you off selecting him as C? Probably not with the form he’s in! It’ll be interesting to see what he throws up. The stats book will be tossed out the window if he belts out a 150.

#5. Scott Pendlebury (v Melb: 112, 132, 129, 123, 122; Form: 81, 135, 85) I’m reluctantly including Pendles in the top 5 ahead of R10, due to the fact that it’s no secret that he’s not at 100% fitness right now. He’s loves a Queen’s Birthday fixture like no other though, and I’d expect him to lift for the big game like he has in his last five against the Dees, averaging 123.6.

Dropped from the top 5: Luke Parker threw up a stinker after he was backed in the Captaincy Candidates for the first time this season. Tom Rockliff has to be cut, on account of his unfortunate injury again.

Lance Franklin was considered this week, but has never played well against the Suns in their short history. JPK could run riot amongst the depleted Suns midfield, but with a shocker last week he couldn’t squeeze his way in. Jordan Lewis would have been more highly considered v. the Saints had he not been fresh of an injury break. Dayne Beams is in some nice form, while GWS young gun, Dylan Shiel could dominate on the opposing team. David Armitage must be getting close to a top 5 call up soon, climbing to 2nd in overall points. That would’ve been going at 1000/1 pre-season! He does however, have a tough assignment against the veteran Hawks midfield. I’m going to have to throw Daniel Hannebury and Steele Sidebottom into the mix this week as well, with their strong form. The latter can count himself very stiff not to edge Pendles in at #5 – now that could make for a nice POD!

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36 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R10”

  1. Any love for Fyfe as VC into Swan (if Fyfe < 128) as C on the Queen's birthday / Swan's traditional day out? Swan would be a wildcard, but could be a handy last throw of the dice Captain option should anyone be behind in a H2H.


  2. Fyfe into pendles for me.

    This week im going KRAKOUER to Boston , and Clark to Buddy.
    This will give me a full stating line up, with Bont and Rocky on the pine.


  3. Fyfe into Priddis. Pendles is not 100% fit and played like it last week, and Priddis’ record v the Roos is too good to ignore.


  4. VC Fyfe, C Pendles seems easy

    Would appreciate some rookie advice. I’ve got Bonts, Clark, Salem and Krak. 1 needs to go, thinking Salem/Krak as I want warm bodies for the byes. But who to get????

    Krak is in my mids so I can trade in a MID or a FWD. Robinson, Dumont, Boston, Amon……. I have no idea

    TU – Dumont
    TD – Boston


  5. Fyfe into Gray for Catta’s Clan, that’s the easy side of SC this week-end!

    Fielding a full line up with no cover is going to make it a loooooooooong week end, for me anyway!

    T/U…..You’ll start with 22 & have cover on most lines
    T/D…..You’ll start with 22 or less & have no or minimal cover on most lines

    Cheers SCT coaches


  6. Can’t decided who to Captain Pendles or Gray ….. does it really matter when the VC is on Fyfe

    Think I’ve found how to avoid a donut, I’ll bring in Hamling for Salem and swing Higgins into the FWD line

    TU – Hamling for Salem
    TD – Take a donut


  7. VC fyfe into C pendles…..
    T/U clark > martin and rockliff > wallis,
    which completes my forward line and gives me 19-20 players for round 11 depending on if i trade next week
    T/D clark > pav, rocky > wines


  8. Considering Buddy VC into Gray C. Is this too bigger risk? Feel Buddy is primed for another big one against the Suns. Although news that Richmond wont tag Fyfe is making it even harder to do so as most people are going to have Fyfe VC.


  9. Hey guys. I’m stuck and am not sure what to do. How ever I trade I’m coping a donut. Can any of you wise folk See a way around it? My team is:

    Yeo, Simpson, Newes
    Saad, Hibberd, McIntosh
    Lever, Brown

    Fyfe, Beams, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Parker, Kennedy, Rockliff, Cripps
    Vanderberg, Heeney, Mackenzie

    Nic Nat, Goldy

    Gray, Bontempelli, Bennell,
    Martin, Swan, Clark
    Krakour, Lonie

    I was thinking Rocky & Krakour for Dummot & Dalhouse/Buddy but that still leaves a donut. I have $28k. Any advice would be awesome!


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  11. VC went to Gray who spudded and have C on Pendles but really tempted to give it to Swan…In a couple of very very close SC match ups and this will make all the difference – really need 125 plus from my C…

    Thumbs Up – Dont be stupid and trust the pendles to bounce back??
    Thumb Down – Go with Swanny he eats the Dees for breakfast?



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