MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R16

Written by MJ on July 17 2015

It’s getting harder and harder with every passing week to select our captains, with all the big names in prominent form and some SC heroes coming back from injury to level up the captaincy landscape. This Round 16 edition presents us with what I believe is strongest top 5 line-up we’ve had all season.

#1. Gary Ablett (v GWS: 145, 164, 160, 126, 125; Form: 153, 118, 87) The perma-captain crown may be about to return to it’s rightful owner. It didn’t take GAJ long to light up the football world again and 153 points is a huge statement that says if you’ve made the effort to trade him in this week, you’ve surely got to utilise his captaincy potential. Casting one eye over his career games against the Giants only serves to bring back many a memory and remind us of just how much of a liquid gold asset Gary is to any team.

#2. Todd Goldstein (v Ess: 98, 89, 124, 87, 74; Form: 145, 148, 150) He makes an incredibly strong case for VC honours, playing Friday night and coming off a stretch of form that is unrivalled in the SuperCoach world. A five round average of 142.40 and plenty of hitout opportunities against Essendon’s stand-in ruckman, McKernan, who could only muster 20 HOs against Gawn’s 58 last week.

#3. Nat Fyfe (v Carl: 171, 138, 98, 85, 66; Form: 80, 89, 138) His downturn in form and negative media attention over the MRP incident has resulted in a reluctant drop from top spot. A game against Carlton will provide the Dockers midfielders ample points and will still be a fantastic captain option this round. His 171 v the Blues last time out should have his confidence up.

#4. Patrick Dangerfield (v Port: 119, 119, 73, 111, 84; Form: 156, 114, 106) Solid returns in his last two Showdowns, a five round average of 138.80 and a 156 last weekend firms the Dangerman as a great Sunday afternoon skipper.

#5. Tom Rockliff (v Melb: 113, 128, 113, 107, 139; Form: 126, 103, 120) He’s not only battling for spots in our midfield 8 again, but he also presents a very good captaincy option as Brisbane have a chance at winning just their third game this season. Strong form against the Dees over his career give me every bit of confidence slotting him into fifth spot.

There are a ton of other big guns in terrific form. Last week’s monster scores across the overall standings were a testament to that.

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12 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R16”

  1. Goldy into Fyfe for me.

    Goldy has an ordinary record versus Essendon, but hopefully this is the week that this changes!!

    Can’t get Ablett until next week as I want to get Hodge before his price explodes. However, Ablett is looking menacing (and I wouldn’t hesitate to captain him this week instead of Fyfe if I had him).


  2. Big McIntosh into fyfe for me.
    Gotta sell Edwards and Shiel only have 9 trades left. currently sitting in 10th in my league one win out, so I pretty much have to win every game. playing the top team this week. Hibbert is weakest back, griffen my weakest mid. I am $600 short of being able to buy Tmac and Gaz do I:

    T/U bring in Steele and Rocky and have Griffen on the bench with 100k
    T/D only bring in gaz and a rookie

    Please comment other options. have changed my mind 30 times this week.


  3. I feel like going Goldy into Gaz, but i worry that I will become greedy with whatever goldy gets and instead try for Gazza as C regardless. With that said. it will be Gaz in to fyfe


  4. Is anyone else concerned that ablett is one solid bump away from an early end to the year? And will Coniglio reduce his numbers this week like he did to Armitage last week (I know Armitage is no Gazza).



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