MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R18

Written by MJ on July 31 2015

#1. Todd Goldstein (v Carl: 131, 97, 93, 111, 52; Form: 127, 221, 140) No one is knocking big Todd off the mantle for best captaincy option for the meantime. He just keeps on keeping on in the monstrous scoring department with a 140 last weekend. Carlton have brought in Cameron Wood to work in tandem with Matthew Kreuzer to combat his dominance. The Saturday night fixture gives you the flexibility to make him VC or C.

#2. Matt Priddis (v GC: 196, 100, 128, 117, 117; Form: 135, 98, 125) Breaking all sorts of records earlier this season, the 2014 Brownlow Medallist demolished the Suns in a display that yielded 196 points. With a consistently solid history against the men from Metricon, heโ€™s a prime captaincy candidate if you donโ€™t have Goldstein or are looking for a POD.

#3. Patrick Dangerfield (v Syd: 99, 98, 122, 63, 98; Form: 127, 121, 151) Dangermouse is in terrific form, averaging nearly 140 from his last three games. Finding it tough against the Swans in recent times. Playing the game before Goldy and Priddis, you can squeeze him in as VC if youโ€™re on your toes Saturday evening.

#4. Luke Hodge (v Rich: 124, 63, 149, 155, 111; Form: 140, 110, 165) Hodge has the Friday night fixture again, showing his class in the same timeslot last week with 140 points. Those who VCโ€™d him, will likely opt for the same strategy here. He stacks up well against the Tigers too.

#5. Scott Pendlebury (v Melb: 114, 112, 132, 129, 123; Form: 108, 110, 106) For spot number five Pendles was challenging the likes of Steele Sidebottom and David Mundy. The latter two have been in better recent form, but perennial class still plays a massive role in captaincy calls and as the third highest scoring player in 2015, he gets the nod. The Pies skipper enjoys giving the Dees a touch up, averaging 120 in his last seven.

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29 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R18”

  1. Contemplating this….Hannebery into Goldstein

    Hannebery has gone 142, 121, 96, 144 & 136 at the. SCG in 2015, what do you think SCT coaches?


  2. Gotta go with the form. Priddis is playing the same time as Goldy. For me I am going Hodge into Goldy.

    SC’s I need some advice, I am sitting 8th in my cash league on % I play 9th, winner is in the finals. ALL or nothing this week!!

    I Have made one trade this week so far, Gaz to Priddis. 4 trades left $150k in the bank. Fyfe on the bench (he also has him) means I need to start Biggs unless I trade. I would say his backline is a tad stronger then mine, my midfied is slightly better (damn beams for getting up) and forwards are the same except he has T.mitch and I have Gawn

    I have one weak link/injury concern on every line. Harry Taylor, Biggs, Buddy.

    I have been thinking about this all week. I can either upgrade Taylor to Roberton or someone else
    or maybe trade buddy to Mundy via DPP and then have Biggs as up back up?

    or just leave it knowing I have outscored him the last 4 rds, sit tight and pray to the bacon gods?

    T/U – Trade Buddy
    T/D – Trade Taylor

    Comment sit tight.



  3. Goldstein is the biggest lock ever – Carlton give up well in excess of over 110 points per game to ruckmen (112.5 last I checked); even Mike Pyke tonned against these losers!

    Hodge or Danger into Goldstein, but I’m looking for 130 minimum before I loop.


  4. Goldy has to be a lock.

    But no love for Robbie Gray at home against a depleted Saints lineup or for NicNat?


  5. What’s the news on beams?? He has been a consistent VC for me this year.

    Can believe that its come to this but the season has been terrible with injuries:

    Thumbs up: Use last trade to get rid of beams (With 90k left over which would unfortunately never be used) ?

    Thumbs down: use last trade to upgrade and avoid a consistently bad edwards or mckenzie score in defence (would have to be a player under $475,000 like hooker or simpson) ?

    No judgement or rude thumbs down please, its been a hell of a year and I admit it was a mistake to leave the backline so thin. Thanks


  6. With the Swans ruck stocks depleted who would you VC:

    TU: Sauce Jacobs (it is RED round after all!)
    TD: Dangerfield


  7. Any love for Dane Swan v Dees? Or play it safe with Pendles/Goldy/Priddis?

    T/U: Swanny could go boom
    T/D: Dependlebury for President, er i mean VC




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