MJ’s Captaincy Candidates

Written by MJ on July 24 2015

#1 Todd Goldstein (v Bris: 154, 122, 101, 85, 86; Form: 221, 140, 148) It would be downright rude to give place anyone else at the top of the captaincy tree after his ridiculous 221 last Friday night. Not to mention that he’s hit at least 128 in his last seven games and 154 when playing Brisbane earlier this year. The equation is simple: make him your VC/C.

#2. Gary Ablett (v Adel: 130, 115, 122, 139, 145; Form: 189, 153, 118) If you’ve got him, there’s no way you’re going to keep him out of captaincy contention. It’s half the reason you whipped out the wallet and slapped over $660k on the table. He has a very tidy record against the Crows (who doesn’t he have a good record against!?) and can be VC’d with the man above. Perfect.

#3. Patrick Dangerfield (v Gold Coast: 87, 99, 141, 169, 93; Form: 121, 151, 114) The Dangerman slots in nicely at number three if you’re looking to a counter for the lack of Gary Ablett in your team. He’s averaged 130 in his last five at Adelaide Oval, albeit inflated by a 188 against the Dockers in R9.

#4. Scott Pendlebury (v WB: 139, 145, 145, 103, 145; Form: 110, 96, 184) He has had the Dogs on his own leash in recent years, taking them for a walk in the park everytime he graces the footy field. Three 145s in his last five suggest he’d be a very nice backup for Goldy/GAJ on Sunday arvo.

#5. Daniel Hannebery (v WC: 145, 119, 56, 36; Form: 102, 148, 142) Another Sunday afternoon captaincy smokie slots in at number five after impressing us all so much this season. He whacked the Eagles last time out, but that was back in 2013. He’s got to be considered if you’re one of the lucky few who have him in hand.

Nat Fyfe has been rumoured to be struggling with a quad corkie, which may explain his recent slump in scoring habits. Robbie Gray could be another popular option with a game against the Dons, while I don’t mind Callan Ward as an under the radar pick. Luke Hodge will make VC for a few in the Friday night fixture, while the St.Kilda boys David Armitage, Jack Steven and Leigh Montagna could run rings around the Melbourne like Dayne Zorko managed last week with a 145.

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13 thoughts on “MJ’s Captaincy Candidates”

  1. No GAJ… yet, so currently looking at a VC/C combo of Goldy/Pendles… Although I am tempted to put the VC on Hodge tonight!

    If I did bring in GAJ, then it means doing a sideways trade using a Joelwood/McKernan combo.

    Otherwise my other option would be to bring in T. McDonald using a Boston/S. McKernan combo instead.

    Currently have 6 trades left and $50.8k left

    T/U trade him in for faaarks sake, it’s GAJ!!?

    T/D nah, use your trades elswhere

    Option one means no bench cover for MID and RUC lines, while the other only my RUC line would have no cover… decisions… decisions!


  2. Sorry to go off topic slightly, but this question directly relates to my trading GAJ in and putting the VC/C on him… If I upgrade McKernan to McEvoy instead of Stef, I can bring the little master in for Krak.

    The question is: How did McEvoy get those 110+’s in his last two games? Was he I/C then too? I completely missed him, and if anyone can shed some light on whether Hale and Ceglar will ensure Big Boy doesn’t stay 100 thereabouts, it’d be massively appreciated!

    T/U: Big Boy is back!
    T/D: False alarm, stay away, stick with Stef and a Goldy/Pendles vc/c combo

    Massive Thanks!


  3. Hodge into Goldy for me (unless I get danger)

    Sorry, not on topic but need some quick help.

    T/U: Sidebottom and Cripps
    T/D: Danger and Steele




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