Mock Draft 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on March 3 2017

In all honesty, I’ve only played the Draft version of Supercoach on one occasion.  Although I loved it (especially doing the Draft itself), it’s hard for me to keep an appointment due to the time difference here and family commitments.

(So I need to put a disclaimer in here, that I am NOT an experienced Draft player.  In no way do I profess to be a SC expert, let alone a Draft expert) 😉  Now that’s out of the way, we received a request over Twitter to write up a Mock Draft.  I’ll give it my best shot!

I was going to write a long-winded summary of how SC Draft works but ‘Chillo‘ took care of it for me in a few sentences (from an earlier post).  Thanks Chillo!


‘Draft SC works very differently from traditional Classic leagues. Breaking it down:
* Player values are completely irrelevant. Players are assigned to teams in your league through your draft, usually held before Round 1. Typically draft order is randomly assigned and then works in “snake fashion”, ie last pick in the first round gets first pick in the second round, and so on. This continues until all teams are full; the number of players depends on your league settings.
* There is no set number of trades. Players can be traded between teams by agreement of both coaches involved. You can also add “free agents”, ie undrafted players, to your team. Of course, you can still only have the number of players in your team as dictated by your league rules.
* Captain, vice captain and emergencies are all optional, but work on the same rules as Classic.

Hope that hasn’t confused you too much! I really enjoy the Draft version. There is no grand prize involved, but with the wider variety of players involved, it’s a different sort of challenge.’


So here is how I’d approach the Top50 Draft Picks………….

#1/#2: Patrick Dangerfield, Max Gawn

Danger is the uber-elite that averaged 130+ last year.  A cut above the rest right now and guaranteed to go large again this year.  Elite Ruckmen capable of 115+ avg are very rare this year, so filling the #1 Ruck spot is a very important strategic move.  Gawn is the first to be picked there.


#3/#4: Scott Pendlebury, Todd Goldstein

Both players have averaged over 120+ in the past and are still very much capable.  Goldstein might have to contend with Daw and/or Preuss in the Ruck but still seems likely to finish in the Top2/3 Ruckmen.  Again, could be an important strategic option in the Ruck.


#5/#6: Tom Rockliff, Nat Fyfe

Both are huge injury risks but there is so much upside if they can stay on the park.  Both are SC-Beasts when they’re up and running, massive X-Factor!


#7-10: Josh P Kennedy, Dan Hannebery, Joel Selwood, Adam Treloar

All solid midfield picks that are capable of averaging 110+ from 20+ games.  Potential Captain choices.


#11-16: Sam Docherty, Heath Shaw, Kade Simpson, Nick Riewoldt, Luke Dahlhaus, Jack Macrae

Draft is all about strategy.  There are very few FWDs & DEFs this season capable of a 105 avg.  I believe the six options above fall into that category.  After (hopefully) snaring Dangerfield or one of the top Ruckmen (depending on league size), I’d be looking at snaring Dahlhaus.  He looks to be the FWD with most potential for consistent tons.  Ditto for Docherty in the backline.


#17-20: The Bont, Priddis, R.Gray & L.Neale

The ‘back-up’ MID choices that I’d be looking for if I hadn’t snared an elite MID till now.


#21-30: Dusty Martin, Ablett, Parker, Z.Merrett, Cripps, Josh J Kennedy, Franklin, Laird, T.Adams, B.Grundy

Depending which players were taken beforehand, would be looking for a top DEF/FWD at this stage.  If not available, then one of these MIDs to solidify that position.  Would be looking for Grundy in the Ruck if I hadn’t grabbed one of the elites earlier.


#31-40: S.Martin, Tom J Lynch, Heeney, Zorko, Sidebottom, Ward, Beams, Heppell, Rance, Montagna


#41-50: Coniglio, Shuey, S.Mitchell, T.Mitchell, Sandilands, Roughead, Gunston, M.Boyd, Johannisen, Burgoyne


Your interpretation of these positions will change depending on the emphasis you place on certain players (your expectations of them).  In my ideal Draft, I’d probably try and nab one of the top Rucks first, followed by a solid midfielder, then Luke Dahlhaus or Jack Macrae up forward & a top defender in Docherty/Simpson/Shaw.  Those would be my first priorities.

Just keep in mind my disclaimer from earlier.  This is how I’ve rated the players ahead of the season.  It’s handy if you have some sort of idea of YOUR  top players in each position.  If you need a quick point of reference, we ran a series of polls in December in regards to our ‘ideal team’.  Links here…….DEF…….MID……..RUCK……FWD.

Feel free to destroy my shabby analysis in the comments below.  In any case, I hope it’s been of some assistance!  How would you approach the Draft this year?  Who are you targeting early on?  Give your fellow Coaches some advice…….


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2 thoughts on “Mock Draft 2017”

  1. Great idea for a write up Schwartzy, even if it came from Twitter! It’s definitely a different mind-set playing draft. I don’t think I’d take Rocky so early due to durability issues but otherwise I agree on most early selections.



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