Monday Post Mortem

Written by Motts on February 20 2012

The first weekend of the AFL season is 2012 is now behind us. Hawthorn, Richmond, North Melbourne, Collingwood, GWS, the Western Bulldogs, Fremantle, West Coast and Essendon all played.

Any results surprise you? Any players catch your eye – for good or bad reasons?


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33 thoughts on “Monday Post Mortem”

  1. Duffield, Neale, Weedon, Shuey all impressed. Hurn? Cox why are you doing this to me? Just when I thought i had my rucks sorted out! And did anyone see Koby Stevens play?


  2. Dusty Martin looked the goods.
    I have officailly re-negged on my 1/3 ruck combo.
    Set & forget now.
    Good to see cox carrying last years momentum into this season.
    I can see some NAB performances are going to cloud my judgement as far as rookies go!

    Fox Footy…#winning


  3. Firming: Shaw, Birch, Buddy, Fyfe, Martin

    Hard to ignore: Mitchell, Boyd, Cox

    On the radar: too many to list!

    Concern: I know it is early doors but Swan went from lock to tentative for me.


  4. Martin is now a lock over beams or rioli.
    Franklin absolute lock.
    Fyfe is now a lock – looks good enough to deal with the extra attention he’ll recieve this year.
    Cox is giving me a headache – wanted to save cash there but he looks the goods again this year.
    Rookies – Too many to list right now but Giles is an absolute lock.


  5. Hey Motts & The Big Lesexy

    Just thought of a poll idea for those going for the 1 prem / 3 rookie ruck setup this year. Besides the obvious two (Giles & Stephenson), who will be the third rookie ruckman you’re going to choose? Options might be Rowe, Witts, Derickx, Jenkins, Pattison, Cordy???


  6. I know its only nab Rd 1 but it looked last night that the window has closed for the Eagles……………………………………..however,

    Woosha has obviously been busy constructing french doors over the summer and he opened them up last night.
    The Freo game was a clinical masterclass in sustained forward pressure/press structure (albeit with no Pav.)


  7. Could we get like, an opinion poll on possible soon-to-be premiums?
    I know there were a lot of promising names playing in our teams last year.
    Puopolo, Mzungu, Smith and Martin to name a few, question is,
    Why aren’t they being played this year?


  8. Now that I’ve had the obligatory February crow (I think I was overseas in 2010,) here’s some fantasy analysis from an “at the game perspective” (caveat: haven’t had a chance yet to see the IQ replay.)

    Cox – moving like last year and looked particularly menacing with his mobility when going into the forward line. Jury still out until I see him combine with NN but I think they could both go large;
    Shuey – as hard at it and quick as last year bouncing off and breaking tackles at will. Interesting in the Freo game Crowley tagged him which may curb his scoring;
    Priddis: typical in and under effort, bank on him producing similar numbers to last year;
    Stevens – didn’t get a lot of it (I think all his possies were HB) but was lively in and under. Looked a shade slow and behind the play at times which was a concern and with Masten’s apparent reurrection will find JS difficult:
    Weeden – gave the Bomber kids the run around but was quieter vs Freo. Has certainly improved significantly as evidenced by his form with Claremont last year but JS is his issue with Hams/Hill;
    Hurn – looks to have trimmed down in the thighs! Hard to get a handle on him from the one game as he played loose in defence and Freo must have kicked it straight to him five times. No one has been more bullish on this bloke over the past 3 years but I still think he struggles when hit with a FWD tag;
    Stevenson – looked good in an outside mid role and is a chance to take Embers’ spot although Rosa will come back in.

    Sandi – seemed to move quite well although struggled in a couple of overhead uncontested marking scenarios. Very competitive at the stoppages as usual. Turf toe however can be debilitating;
    Fyfe – GUN. This kid is so Hird like it is uncanny. Reads the ball/play, makes excellent decisions and has the engine. 10 possies, all contested and tackled as if he had two good shoulders;
    Pavlich – presented very well and looked far better as a CHF which is historically supported by his SC scores in that role as opposed to midfield. Could improve by 10 ppg with solid service;
    Broughton – played midfield in both games but didn’t get a lot of it. Was typically hard at the contest but seemed at times unsure on the outside;
    Duffield – back on the radar with Rossy playing him in a loose defensive role ala Sam Fischer. Had little to do in game one however picked up good numbers against the Eagles and was typically efficient;
    Neale – has undoubted talent and more importantly smarts making good position and demonstrating composure in tight. Is small though and only a MID;
    Spurr – only played one game and didn’t see enough of him;
    Ballantyne – won’t say much as my dislike will prejedice the analysis. Did play midfield though.

    ESS (Hard to rate with their best 7 players AWOL.)
    Zaharakis – almost unsighted in an outside mid role. I wonder how he’d be rated without that ANZAC Day goal?
    Dell’Olio – one of the few highlights for the Bombers looked sharp with good situational awareness up front. Should get opportunities when Hirdy loses patience with Reimers;
    Baguley – looked assured and composed in the back half with sound disposal off the left;
    Lee – went head to head with Priddis and was typically good in and under. May be a very good foil for Jobe if he gets elevated and is a smokey for me;
    Kavanagh – classy skills and well balanced in an outside mid role. May get opportunities and will continue to watch;
    Ryder – if they gave points for rides on packs Paddy would ton up every week! Unfortunately, he still appears to be inconsistent.


  9. Going with Naitanui, giles and big o but not sure about my 2nd ruckman
    Thumbs up – the 1 gun 3 rookie stratergy so probably Derickx
    Thumbs down – Mcintosh
    Thanks guys 🙂



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