Most Traded – R5

Written by Motts on April 28 2015

Most Trades

Traded In Traded Out Trades (%)


Tarrant, R Lamb, T 3,373 (4%)


Krakouer, N Heeney, I 2,693 (3%)


Krakouer, N van Berlo, N 1,910 (2%)


Tarrant, R Salem, C 1,456 (2%)


Krakouer, N Lamb, T 1,409 (2%)


Tarrant, R Saad, A 1,406 (2%)


Krakouer, N Anderson, J 1,275 (2%)


Tarrant, R Lambert, K 1,234 (2%)


Krakouer, N Lambert, K 1,189 (1%)


Tarrant, R McGrath, J 1,155 (1%)


Most Traded Out

Player Trades (%)
1. Lamb, T


5007 (6.26%)
2. Heeney, I


4776 (5.97%)
3. van Berlo, N


4261 (5.33%)
4. Newnes, J


3336 (4.17%)
5. Lambert, K


2696 (3.37%)
6. Saad, A


2220 (2.77%)
7. Goodes, B


2030 (2.54%)
8. Walker, T


1987 (2.48%)
9. Salem, C


1981 (2.48%)
10. Leuenberger, M


1913 (2.39%)


Most Traded In

Player Trades (%)
1. Tarrant, R


16762 (20.95%)
2. Krakouer, N


14637 (18.29%)
3. Cripps, P


2463 (3.08%)
4. Hooker, C


2260 (2.82%)
5. Goldstein, T


1918 (2.40%)
6. Kelly, J


1698 (2.12%)
7. Fyfe, N


1614 (2.02%)
8. Heppell, D


1456 (1.82%)
9. Shiel, D


1264 (1.58%)
10. Hogan, J


1176 (1.47%)

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34 thoughts on “Most Traded – R5”

  1. I’m kind of surprised to not see Jed Anderson in the most traded out. Do not a lot of people still have him, or are people trading Heeney out instead?


  2. Really regretting trading in Tex Walker in two weeks ago!! Now i want to get Robbie Tarrant into my forward line and thinking he might be the one to go?
    Thoughts? It’s either him or Salem??

    T/u Walker
    T/d Salem


  3. Hey SCT coaches,

    Looking at trading Tarrant in, after watching his game on the week-end I’m considering him a must have to make very solid $$$$$ before the bye rounds

    T/U….Saad > Tarrant
    T/D….Salem > Tarrant

    Cheers in advance coaches ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi guys, I posted a message above, but maybe you are confused at the interpretation of the trade…… I thought the Tarrant/Brodie side would’ve won every day of the week.

    Tex & Goodes (THUMBS UP)
    Tarrant & BrodieSmith (THUMBS DOWN)



  5. K I’d like tarrant but my rookies are Clark hogan Salem and Lonie. I also have garlett as f4. Should I trade him out as my other rookies still have cash to make. His next three games are Freo swans Hawks. So he’ll probably have a quiet game in there.
    Trade tu
    Hold td
    Also I can’t swing a mid into fwds because none are tradable


  6. I have a dilemma and am losing sleep over it. My current forward line is Swan, Martin, Bartel, J Riewoldt, Salem, Clark, Hogan and Lonie. I kept Bartel last week so I could get Hogan’s score. I intend to trade out NVB for Krakouer. With my other trade (have only used 2 after four rounds) do I trade Bartel for Tarrant or Buddy. For those wondering I started with J Riewoldt thinking that Richmond’s so called soft first 4 rounds would see them off to a flyer. Didn’t work but to be fair he’s been pretty good.

    T/U Buddy – $230k cash balance
    T/D Tarrant – $609k cash balance


  7. Why are people getting rid of Heeney and Salem already!?? There is cash to be made with those two.
    Too trigger happy supercoaches… look at what happened to all the P.Cripps haters…


  8. I’m getting sick of Newnes and I have no mids to fwd DPP options, should I do the following trade to get the link, or the other trade to keep faith in Newnes….

    Heeney –> Krak
    Newnes –> McDonald/pittard/Hibbert

    Tex –> Krak
    Goodes –> Any Premo defender


  9. What are the thoughts on trading Seedsman in for Newnes? Had Seedsman in early but dropped him when I read he hadn’t had a great pre-season and had some sort of injury. It’s a bit sideways but he is $41k cheaper than the hapless Newnes. Seedsman was great on Saturday and from memory was a very good fantasy player a couple of seasons ago. At his price, he is better value than Hibberd and Gibson and blokes such as them. I reckon he can average similar scores to them. He’d have to be a keeper for me.
    I got Krakoeur in last week and am doing Tarrant for Read via Bellchambers.


  10. Hey community! Just keen on getting everyone’s thoughts on an issue with my team. I am in a cash league and winner takes all. so far I’ve only won one match I’m struggling and need to get some wins on the board. I have Bellchambers in my forward line I’m trading him to Tarrant this week. My rucks are goldy and mullet. Should I bring in paddy Ryder for ruck coverage just in case or risk it with no cover and bring in a top 5 forward? Thanks guys any help would be great and much appreciated


  11. Anderson (rather than Heeney) to Krak is an easy trade

    Bit harder to justify Tarrant. I have Hogan, Clark, Lonie and Salem. Of those 4 fwd rookies only Salem has a +ve BE

    TU – Trade Salem to Tarrant
    TD – Save the trades (I have 30 trades)


  12. Would it be completely stupid to trade in Tarrant for Daniel Rich (Via Kraks DPP)? I could bring in Tarrant, which also gives me a DPP link, then upgrade Goodes to anyone in the backline or TBC in rucks?
    Other options are trading out Tex Walker for Tarrant, or bite the bullet and trade out Newnes in the backline. Id rather hold Newnes and hope he can rebound, and cull Goodes who is a complete waste of space.

    Shaw, Lamumba NEWNES, Saad, McIntosh, Oxley (GOODES, Brown)
    Fyfe, Sloane, Selwood, Dangerf, Beams, RICH, CEYolmen, Cripps (Heeney, Miller, Smith)
    Goldstein, TBC (Cox)
    Swan, Bennell, TEX, Bont, Gray, Hogan (Krak, Clarke)


  13. Picking up Tarrant this week for Lambert, having already traded Krak in last week for Lamb to cover Gray’s donut.

    All the other rookies are motoring along nicely, so the second trade for this week will likely be a corrective culling of Newnes or KK.

    First question: Which one? Newnes is going to start losing money from next week, while KK has an achievable BE and may see a bit more ball with Malceski out. Leaning towards ditching Newnes.

    Second question: Who comes in? Hibberd obviously a popular choice, but also considering McGovern. Smith will be picked up in a few weeks when his price comes down a little further. Alternatively, could go a slightly left-field choice in either Seedsman or Docherty.

    Any help would be great, folks!


  14. I’m krak in for heeney, needing the dpp mid for flexibility with Gray, Swan and Bontempelli all under a cloud.

    I’d rather keep Miller for cash growth although clearly Heeney is the better ling term player.

    As i traded Tarrant in last week my second trade is Newnes out. While i could potentially stump up some bigger dough there’s no real “premiums” of note in defence right now. Basically because so few of them can string two decent games together.

    So the options are:

    McDonald, Garland, Houli, Hooker and Talia.

    At this point I am thinking Talia, with the longer term plan of keeping him around D6/D7, but riding the cash on a couple of rookies a bit longer until the defensive situation becomes a bit more clear.

    T/u: Talia
    T/d McDonald




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