Motts Movers R17 – The Mids

Written by Motts on July 28 2010

Seeing as all you’re probably looking at doing right now is upgrading and you’re all aware of how well Swan, Joel, Dids and Goodes are travelling, here are some blokes that may not be on the radar:

A Swallow ($522,200 $+39,700 ($-2,400), 106.35) – Last 2 weeks were the bomb. Great unique player to have come finals time. See today’s poll.

A Cooney ($502,400 $+24,100 ($+18,300), 106.53) – Last 3 round average: 118.67. Cheap.

J Kelly ($531,700 $+10,900 ($+57,900), 100.47) – Last 3 round average: 117.33. Brought him to your attention a couple of weeks ago. He hasn’t stopped producing since then. D/M DPP so will offset Gilbee, Goddard, Hodge or Greenwood (who incidentally scored 139[!!] last week – yes he was on my bench) nicely.

S Burgoyne ($437,000 $+23,500 ($+50,900), 91.50) – Last 3 round average: 104.67. Another cheap option if you’re running out of dough.

M Murphy ($551,400 $+14,200 ($-48,100), 111.88) – Last 3 round average: 123.33. Why isn’t this gun in my team???

B Sewell ($454,700 $+41,800 ($-135,700), 92.08) – Last 3 round average: 118.67. This guy is Bobcat’s tip of the week. Apparently the threat of getting dropped is good for him.

K Cornes ($489,700 $+35,800 ($+9,000), 101.71) – Last 3 round average: 122.67. He won’t be making my team but you might like him.


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12 thoughts on “Motts Movers R17 – The Mids”

  1. PA’s Red Spot Special – Mids

    L.Power ($407,100 $+40,400 ($-108,100), 87.50) B/E 14.

    Avg 108 from his last 3 games, Luke has been on fire in his past two games, including scoring 127 against the pussies on their home turf. The Paddlepop Lions have a pretty easy run home with 3 home matches and only playing one side in the top 8 (SYD at home).


  2. Folks
    Apologies for posting this on an irrelevant topic however my hand has been forced after my request for a specific thread for this subject fell on deaf ears. Any suggestions (good/bad) gratefully accepted, I have 3 trades left and $400000 in the kitty and am 4th in my mates and work league but will probably not make the 8 in the TS50. Team is:
    Hodge, Enright, Malceski, Goodwin, Hurn, Hargrave, Fisher (R. Henderson, Webberley)
    Ablett, Judd, Pendles, NDS, ROK, Connors (Cunnington, Shuey)
    Goodes, Brown, Gray, Rioli, Harvey, Stevens, Higgins (Rockliff, Peterson)

    My intention is to trade in Goddard, Joey and Roo for the finals (1 this week and 2 next) to set the team as the Saints’ draw is so easy from rd 19-22 and I don’t believe Rossy will make the same mistake this year as he did in rd 19 last by resting all guns in 1 week. I think Joey will not play this week leaving only Lenny without a break out of the big 5 since rd 16.
    Whilst Connors is the obvious choice to make way in the mids, the fwd/def decision is far more open.

    Let me know what you think guys.


  3. Sorry Deano, hope you’re not feeling too unloved. I don’t remember seeing your original post. Mottsy’s sage advice is:
    Goddard should come in this week. He was “rested” a couple of weeks ago in R15 so you’d think he won’t get another one. Obvious choice is Goodwin but if he’s going to play again this year I’d consider Hurn.
    I’m with Dobbo on the Gray to Roo trade.
    Joey’s price will come down a truckload over the next 2 weeks after his 49 on the weekend.


  4. Looking at roo this week as players I want to trade out r going to drop, wat do people think of a trade for rok, pods or d/field I have in mids and can dpp across for him. 5 trades and 183k. Or wait another week?

    Also looking at Martin to Joey when he drops.


  5. Also do u think Sewell is an absolute steal based on recent form an hawks eyeing off finals now? Their efficiency seems to be bak which hopefully means some good scores.



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