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Written by Motts on April 3 2012

I know you’re all probably champing at the bit to wrap the peepers around 2012’s first edition of The Movers but it actually doesn’t come out til after Round 3. Gotta give the boys time to build up some form.

In the meantime, how about some left-of-centre predictions for who might make the first edition at each position?


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  1. ok motts here i go with my motts movers predictions 1 player per position left of centre
    Backs-Ryan Hargraves
    Mids-Rory Sloan
    Rucks-Paddy Ryder


  2. Wait – is left of Centre defence or attack … or are we talking wingmen here ? If so, I think Goose – he has a need, a need for speed … like an ex-footballer we shan’t mention.


  3. Here’s what I rekon:
    Backs: Hibberd
    Mids: Brad Ebert
    Rucks: Nic Nat
    Forwards: Franklin
    And yes I know franklins the most expensive forward but how can you not pick him here.

    Honourable mentions to Rys Palmer, Callan Ward, Patty Ryder, Andrew Gaff and J McCarthy.


  4. Back – A.Rance, Birchall, +Cock
    Mids – Rockliff, Magner, Cotchin, J.P. Keneddy
    Rucks – Jacobs, Ryder
    Fwds – Franklin, Zaharakis, S.Reid

    Honourable mentions – Suckling, Stanton, McCauley, A.Kennedy


  5. My predictions:


    Back: Goddard, Birchal, Adcock
    Mid: Brent Stanton, Scott Pendlebury, Brad Ebert
    Ruck- Patty Ryder, Dean Cox, Aaron Sandilands
    Forward: Franklin, Fyfe, Rioli

    CHILLERS: (Cant fill all positions out, quite tricky)

    Back: Sam Gilbert, Corey Enright, Ben Reid
    Mid: Dane Swan (Not because of bad scores, just will lose a lot of money), Brent Moloney,
    Ruck: Todd Goldstein
    Forward: Steve Johnson, Mitch Clarke, Jarrod Grant


    Back: Heath Shaw, Matt Suckling, Chriss Yarran
    Mid: Nick Dal Santo, Tom Rockliff, John Mcarthey
    Ruck:Sam Jacobs, David Hale, Matthew Kreuzer
    Forward: Josh Kennedy, Jack Riewoldt, Kurt Tippet

    Surely would have missed some obvious ones out, but took me a while, so feel free to comment your thoughts.


  6. Good work Max
    I also think Brian Lake will be a chiller
    Maybe even frozen solid but will give him 1 more week


  7. Left of centre- Essendon- did H.Mac missing that goal add 20sc points toveryones score??! Ok all jokes aside, well done bombers, a lot of bargain scores were probably had!

    Well these are not all left of centre but a few of those who impressed me (there are more but I’m just listing a few)

    Name / 2011 ave/ rd1 score
    Adcock / 90.5 / 140
    Yarran (c’mon I know Motts can’t resist that one) / 87.3 / 111
    Birchall / 94 / 103
    Hibberd / 73.9 / 116

    On the watchlist: Dempsey, Suckling, Bugg, Heppell (surely a gun come end of the year if not there yet. Amazing), Guthrie.
    Disappointing: Lake, Fisher :/ , Scotland, Newman, Harry ‘O (though you all tell me he’s not much of a sc player- I still think he is a good footballer), Broughton.

    Stanton- what the? / 99.4 / 180
    GAJ / permacaptain- ’nuff said
    Pendlebury / will he win the brownlow this year?
    NDS / 119.4 / 148 -will he win the brownlow this year? J/k but hopefully even better year for my boy than last year
    Mitchell / 113.5 / 139
    Murphy / 118 / 119 only one more on last year but he’s going have a huge year
    Bartel / 101.2 / 120 in form

    Watchlist: Rockliff, Gibbs, Priddis, Barlow- hardly played and still got 72. Was on for all of half a minute and goaled.
    Disappointing: Old Mac- great score but crap because you got yourself suspended, Pavlich- expected a higher score, same with Dustin Martin
    the entire Melbourne team bar Magner

    Kreuzer / 77.2 / 125
    Sandilands / 110.8 / 113
    Natanui / 93.8 / 105
    Ryder / 90.5 / 165

    Food for thought: how many of you are doing the WC double? Cox and NicNat ? Looking the goods. McEvoy should be better than how he scored against Port, so a little disappointed there. Maric the quiet achiever. Do we think Trent West will head to either of the new teams at end of the year? Big O very, very disappointing.

    Buddy – come on its buddy, no contest
    J.Riewoldt / 81.5 / 118 -Coleman this year?
    Rioli / 99.6 / 116
    J.Kennedy / 86.8/ 115
    Fyfe / 108 / 109 -one of if not the best youngster playing the game

    Ones to watch: A. Kennedy GWS, Tippett, Stanley (stk) but not sure how many games he will get- should have had a lot more games in him by now but we were going hell-for-leather for a flag. Porpoise who started slow but took off on the latter half.

    *sorry if this is crap, I have a cracking headache.
    Read on the app somewhere you cannot reverse trades so guess I’m stuck with the changes I made to my SCTTL team. Oh well. Live and learn -to read.
    Good luck this week everyone.


  8. Found this one in the Jan RMT thread mate.

    Reckon he could well make the Drillers and you may want to re-assess your Sturt contact!

    Motts January 7, 2012 at 3:28 pm
    Got worded up by an Adelaide mate who barracks for Sturt while I was over there at Xmas that C Wingard ain’t everything I was hoping he was going to be. Advice was to avoid.

    Like or Dislike: 0 1


  9. Hey Motts, Just wondering whether you had a comparison of the SC points that the rookies got from week 1?

    I’m thinking I may have picked a few dud rookies and might look at trading a few out, even as early as round 2! Anybody else in the same boat?



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