Motts Movers R10 – The Backs

Written by Motts on June 5 2012

Going to need the help of the wider audience again. Who got down back and did it for you this week?

Premiums, Midpricers, Value Picks and hell if you feel like it, name a Chiller too – someone who’s gone so cold that frost forms on the ball whenver they’ve actually managed to get their hands on it.


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39 thoughts on “Motts Movers R10 – The Backs”

  1. Joshy Drummond was a savior this week. 119 was greatly needed.
    Ball has stopped rolling for Brian Lake, Waters suspended and Scotland Injured. Do I trade Scotland?


  2. Max’s Movers- The backs!


    Michael Johnson: $479,500 – With Forward/ Defence eligibility, he could be a more than useful pod during these byes to swing with Billy Smedts if you have him. Handy last 3 average of 103.3

    Brett Deledio: $615,800 – He is surely a “Must have” by now. Surprised he hasn’t been thrown up in Captain selections each week. Gun. Last 3 round average: 129.3

    Beau Waters: $528,700 – Has burnt a few in the past with his injury’s, but has taken more responsibilities for the Weagles with a lot of the team out due to Injuries. HUGE last 3 round average of 115.0.


    Jed Adcock: $431,700 – Played a ripper of a game vs the Eagles and got 122 points. Too injury prone for mine, but if you are willing to take a risk, he could be a nice POD if he can hold his body together. Last 3 games average: 99.33

    Daniel Merrett : $408,900 – The big ranga! His three game average is boosted mainly by his famous 177 against the Giants. Has scored 2 fifties since, so dont even consider him. Hasn’t been in too good of form in the past 2, but had to put him in because of his 3 game average of 96.67.

    Colin Garland: $419,100 – Hate putting him in here, because it is reminding me about my awful bombers on Saturday night, but he did dominate this game. He played forward against the bombers rather than back, but if anything that boosted his scores. Last three weeks 95, 101, 110 to make his 3 game average of 102.0

    Value Picks:

    Sam Darley: $156,000 – Already had a small price rise, but still looks great value. Has his bye this week so wait for next week to get him.
    Break even: 3

    Sam Shaw: $113, 200 – Played his first game a few rounds back, but got injured. He returned last week, and played a great game. After listening to a Sanderson interview it seems like his JS is more than decent. His 2 scores so far have been 71 and 77. More than Solid. Again wait a week as Adelaide have their bye this week.
    Break even: -11

    Joshua Bootsma: $148,500 – Played 3 games as well like Darley, but still holds some value. Scored 80 on the weekend, which is more than decent. Not sure about his JS though. I heard he is already loved by the Carlton supporters. BOOOTS!!!
    Break even: -64


  3. Premiums
    B.Deledio (Rich) Back/Mid – $615,800, 121.50, BE 139
    A low score of 100 for the year shows the consistency that has endeared him to the 52% of supercoaches, if you don’t already own him, get him.

    B.Goddard (StK) Back/Mid – $523,200 106.70 BE 108
    Although patchy at times has been injury free thus far (touch wood) and will enjoy games against Gold Coast and North Melbourne in the coming weeks.

    M.Suckling (Haw) – $406,200 85.90 BE 125
    Likely to drop in value due to a few dodgy weeks but didn’t see much of the ball for all the right reasons last week. Consistent starter in a team that loves to chip the ball around along with a soft draw should see some big scores soon.

    C.Dempsey (Ess) – $355,400 76.8 BE 22
    Value set to go up, solid average and a guaranteed starter. A driller for anyone looking for a mid-pricer.

    Value Picks
    S.Shaw (Ade) – $113,200 74 BE -81
    Should see regularly senior footy and go up massively in value. Has the bye this week so trading him in next week is the better option.

    L.Spurr (Fre) – $162,500 58.3 BE -28
    Between him and J.Bootsma for the final spot. Wouldn’t go with either unless desperate as Spurr plays under the Young-player phobe Ross Lyon, and Bootsma is unlikely to hold down a regular spot.


  4. Assuming everyones got the obvious premos in Deledio and Goddard I’ll got a bit different, but if you font have either of those two I’d jump on the first.

    M Johnson
    H Shaw

    Good Value
    Birchell, has a BE of -3 this week so won’t be getting cheaper.


  5. I would like to draw to everyone’s attention, Nathan Grima!
    Only played the three games this season with a 68, 97, and a big 120. That 120 being after North was smashed by Buddy Franklin and co.
    Got the bye this week but will be looking at him in round 12.
    Average of 95 with a BE of 20 at $402,500, you can’t go wrong.


  6. Chris Yarran would have to be the biggest disappointment to date. I have held him all year. Played only 6 games, one as sub, averaging 61.50 and has lost $151400 in value and still falling just like the CFC.


  7. Dazza’s Movers
    Brett Deledio-$615,800 last 4:100,157,117,114 Last 3 Ave:129.33
    This guy is an absalute gun shouldve been 1st picked in your side keeps on firing out great scores his lowest score is 100 and highest is 157 that and his 3 rd average tells me one thing WOW….
    Brendan Goddard-$523,200 last 4:113,115,97,106 Last 3 Ave:106.0
    Been very consistant rarely lets you down has only had the one shocker so far and that was a 58 vrs Melb other than that his been a very reliable performer and is owned by over 200,000 coaches.
    Mid Pricers
    Michael Johnson-$479,500 Last 4:99,99,120,91Last 3 Ave:103.33
    Has had a great year so far has scored under 90 only once and at that price is still good buy and his also a dpp but if you want him what do ya do wait till after the bye or jump on now im waitin till after the bye.
    Value Pick
    Sam Shaw-$113,200
    Played his first game in rd 4 scored 71 missed some game due to injury came back on the weekend and scored 77 and JS should be ok could be a good downgrade option for one of your underperforming rookies down back that cant make you any more $$$.
    Alex Rance-$431,200 Last 4:108,84,65,67 Rd 3 Ave:72.00
    Started the season off in sensational form was averaging just under 100 at one stage but has droped dramatically with only one score over 100 since rd 2.


  8. PA’s Chiller
    Graham “Not so Stiffy” Johncock, ($293,700, 56.67, 113) Once a gun back in the day but nowadays finds himself in the forward line and stinking it up big time. Has lost $171,300 in value thus far and should/will be dropped in the not too distant future. Stay away from Droopy.


  9. Haven’t got hargraves stats in front of me, but if they were playing this week he’d be dropped, got icy in the last 3 weeks on the other hand Marty Clarke is still fairly consistent


  10. Premiums

    Brett Deledio ~ $ 615, 800, Av: 121.5, Last 3: 129.3.

    By far and away the best Defender in Supercoach. Average of 121.5 tells you all you need to know. Has not scored under 100 points in a match all season. Worth every dollar.

    Heath Shaw ~ $ 578, 500, Av: 109.29, Last 3: 126.7

    A somewhat risky pick due to injury, however, the rewards can be great.


  11. potential double trade:
    M Clarke OUT > S Shaw IN
    Porps OUT > Sidebum IN

    Thumbs Up: Pretty good trade
    Thumbs Down: Not a good trade


  12. Troy Chaplin ($ 461200, 94.70, 65) seems to be sneaking under the radar a bit.

    If you’re looking for some donut relief while the GWS kids take a breather he represents some decent value.



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