Motts Movers R10 – The Mids

Written by Motts on June 7 2012

The most important position on the ground and the one where I’m guessing there’s going to be the most diversity in answers.

Which Midfielders would you without hesitation recommend to that cute guy/chick at work (who isn’t in your league) to draft into their team?

Premiums, Midpricers, Value Picks.


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23 thoughts on “Motts Movers R10 – The Mids”

    Im thinking of bringing in Brock Mclean as a bit of a POD, since Murphy went down he has been performing really well, with scores of 115 and 97 and is still very cheap at 318k and a break even of -15 suggesting he is going to shoot up in price over the next few weeks!!! So get on him!!


  2. Hey what does everyone think of going Devon Smith to Sexton (to free up some cash for more rookie upgrades)?
    T/U Good trade
    T/D Bad trade


  3. Premiums
    Jobe Watson $598,300 3 rd Ave:119.67
    This guy is a gun has scored under a ton only once this year and that was a 93 on anzac day and has transformed him self into one of the elite midfielders in the competition and is worth every penny.
    Matt Priddis $464,500 3 rd Ave:92.00
    Forget about this guys 3 rd ave the only reason his so cheap and at a bargain price is because of his 24 he scored against the Bombers which he got injured apart from that his only scored under the ton once so after his rd 11 bye jump on but a warning you wont be the only one with the same idea.
    Mid Pricers
    Hamish Hartlett $442,500 3 rd Ave:104.67
    If you wanna take a risk this guy could be worth a punt after a great game on the weekend against the Blues he fired out a lazy 153.
    Nathan Jones $465,300 3rd Ave:103.67
    Thought id chuck this guy in he was very good against my Bombers firing out very handy 130.
    Value Pick
    Marley Williams $94,700
    Fired out a very respectable 83 on the weekend in game 2 after a 46 in game 1 JS is a worry when swan and pendles come back in the side i find him a very cheap and good downgrade option if he can cement his place in the team.


  4. Premiums:

    Dane Swan – $634, 500. Av: 119. Av after returning from Arizona last year: 127.63

    Could return this week because of Pendlebury’s injury, or Collingwood might give him another rest by waiting until after Collingwood’s bye in round 13.
    Someone to keep an eye on.

    Joel Selwood – $603 000 Av: 121.56.

    Consistent performer all year; has not had a score below 100 in 9 games. A worthy lock in the midfield.

    Jobe Watson – $ 598 300 Av: 122.70

    Lowest score of 93 v Collingwood – only non-century scored all year. Scored over 130 five times in the season. Bombers draw gets tougher though.

    Mid pricers
    Matt Priddis (BYE) – $464, 500. Av: 99.5

    Consistent performer who suffered a price drop due to Concussion. Pick him up at a bargain price in ROUND 12 and there is a good chance he won’t disappoint you.

    Andrew Gaff (BYE) – $ 462 800. Av 93.40

    Not the most consistent of performers, and a risk picking him up, however he has scored five tons this year.

    Nick Dal Santo – $ 506, 400. Av: 104.1

    Was a premium last year, however he has struggled this year. Vunerable to tagging, however if he recover his old form, he is an absolute steal.

    Shaun Grigg – $493, 200. Av: 101.40. Owned by 0.72% of all teams.

    Might make a nice POD.


    Marley Williams – $94, 700 Av: 64.5

    Got to worry about his Job security.


  5. Well you know how I feel about trading this week, how about next week? Although if what you really meant to say is “who to bring in for Pendles” well he effectively has the bye this week too so I suppose u could bring someone in. Here goes nothing (bring on the cute guys, btw. There are none at my work just the occasional cute customer who makes you nervous and then u nearly drop a cake or pie when serving them.. Ahem.. I digress…) 😉

    Matt Priddis ($464, 500) everyone will be selecting this guy and with his proven reliability why wouldn’t you? I was tossing up selecting him or Boyd at the start of the year. Would also recommend Boyd too of course but he’s SO much more expensive.

    Trent Cotchin ($584, 300) has been ultra consistent too with only one score under a ton. Since he had the 73, he went bam, bam, bam! (111, 130, 112) a high breakeven but I reckon he might surprise a few this year who don’t rate him.

    Patrick Dangerfield ($592, 900) brings more flexibility to the table if you have mainly a midfield of ‘pure’ mids (Pendles, GAJ, Selwood, Hayes, Priddis etc). Has the ability to go massive ala 145 last week, 174 against Carlton, 141 against Port. Has bye this week and I reckon Jones may heavily tag him come round 12, but they play the both North Melbourne & the Tigers (and Port again!) in Adelaide soon.

    Brent ‘bloody’ Stanton. His breakeven is 203 so wait for him to come down more in price. Has had a very handy year.

    Ok so you want unique? Motts knows how much I love Jack Steven ($491, 300) . Drafted at 17, the boy from Lorne took a couple of years to mature but he’s looking solid this year. Slight injury concern last week as well as high breakeven so might be a better consideration after the byes for a POD. He will come down to about $460k I reckon too.

    Ok so I consider Bartel a fallen premium so I’m sneaking him into the midpricer bracket. Will definitely bring in more money and be a consistent scorer of 100, if not put his foot on the gas with cats desperate to not be embarrassed by missing the finals.

    Everyone has practically forgotten about young Matty De Boer ($381, 100). Could be a straight swap with one of your GWS rookies.

    Value picks:
    Surely Gibbs has got to come good soon? *waits for tomatoes to be thrown*

    Dale Thomas- watch this space! With Pendles gone he’s going to have a field day.

    Koby Stevens- still on the bubble, if west coast can give him some games after the bye he might be one to grab.


  6. Premiums:
    Kieran Jack $545700, BE 48, 3R Ave 141.67
    Scores of 152, 123 and 150 the last three weeks!

    Gary Ablett $685100, BE 139, 3R Ave 138.67
    53 disposals last week, equal record with Greg Williams (although Diesel’s 53 included 6 goals)

    Rory Sloane $555400 BE 72, 3R Ave 122.33
    178 last week!


    Dale Thomas $512300 BE 10, 3R Ave 120.67
    Looks to be back in form after his break 134, 159 last two weeks will he have a swanless/pendless midfield against the demons?

    Matthew Broadbent $476000, BE 0?, 3R Ave 131
    114, 123, 156 last 3 weeks


    Marley Williams $94700, BE -75, Ave 64.5



    We can forgive him for his two week layoff. Whether we can forgive Dean Solomon for his confusing and contrasting message is another matter. Season low of 111 and a whopping 142 avg. A perma-captain. The last time he was sub 100 was an injury effected 19 vs Sydney in Rnd 16 last season. Gary, we love you!!

    10 out of 10!! Has become a consistent and regular SC scorer in 2012. Whilst he doesn’t go big as regularly as a few of the other premiums do, he’s raised the bat each and every week.

    Has met pre-season expectations that he was significantly under-priced. Regularly belting out good scores with a season low/high of 110/144, Joelwood shouldn’t be your M1 or M2 but should be sitting nicely in most people’ s M3-M5 region.

    Scoring like a midfielder, playing in our backlines. On avg he is #1 defender and #7 overall!! SC gold!! Remember pre-season. Hammy trouble had many questioning whether he was a viable starter. Since then he hasn’t looked back with a season avg of 122.

    Can’t split them. While Patty has been working the big stage, Rory has been equally effective working a little more off broadway. Both have a season avg of 114. Rory’s only gone under the ton twice all season.



    Gary Ablett ($685,100) GCS
    If you traded him out and hoped to bring him back after the bye then you are missing out. With a record equalling 53 possessions and 153 SC points the permanent captain is back and we should never doubt him.

    Keiren Jack ($545,700) SYD
    Not a popular choice for SC, but Jack is averaging 143 in his past 3 games which is the highest in the league. He could make a great POD if he can keep it up.

    Rory Sloane ($555,400) ADE
    Sloane had a magnificent game last weekend scoring 178 which was the highest score in the league for a mid. With teams tagging Thompson, he can continues to rack up numbers. Has only scored below 110 three times this year.


    Matt Priddis ($464,500) WCE
    A real bargain thanks to his concussion game a few weeks ago. Scored 133 last weekend and is a proven and consistent performer. He has the bye this week but many will jump on him next week.

    Matthew Broadbent ($476,000) PA and Hamish Hartlett ($442,500) PA
    Scored 126 and 153 respectively on the weekend and will skyrocket in price. Broadbent especially is in a purple patch having averaged 131 in his last 3 games. However one doubts Port Adelaide will be able to upset final contenders every week.


    Marley Williams ($94,700) COL
    Williams is averaging 64 in his first two games and is very cheap. If you need a midfield rookie this week then this is your man. Although check the teamsheets as his job security is under threat with several Pies returning from injury.


  9. POD for midpricer Brad Ebert (PA) ave 102, 3r ave 100, BE 79, $485500, consistent performer std dev 9.45 low of 90 high of 116


  10. Thanks to everyone that has had a crack this week with The Movers.

    I’ll be back better than ever next week to bring you the good oil.


  11. “Cute Guy/Chick’ – is that a subtle nod to Duck who’s in Thailand at the moment, isn’t he ??



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