Motts Movers R10 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on June 6 2012

OK lets move on to the Tall Timber.

Who won your respect in the three different price ranges this week?


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17 thoughts on “Motts Movers R10 – The Rucks”

  1. Premiums:
    Ivan Maric ($582, 300)
    Despite having a bit of a laugh when Mr GG suggested him to me preseason, I have been very happy with the new poster boy for Bogan Hair, there is no stopping this big hulk. Pickup of the year for mine. Has been monstering other teams and has also raised his average PPG 40 points this year. I still think there is time to get on This One. Bye round 13.

    Todd Goldstein ($497, 200)
    This fallen premium has the bye this week. But looks to be a tasty- albeit risky- downgrade target. After 153 the week before he still managed to follow it up in Norths’ walloping with a 127 in round 10. Looks good until H.Mc returns which may throw some doubt into his job security. But if he keeps belting these numbers out, I can’t see the coach dropping him.

    Nic Natanui ($515, 800)
    Bye this week but big NicNat has been super consistent. You’d be very happy if you started with him and Maric this year. A high Breakeven (116) but still one on my radar.

    Paddy Ryder ($523, 700)
    Having a very nice season, does have the bye next week. Breakeven of 88 so I’d suggest there is still money to be made with him. Next run of games include Freo in WA, the Bulldogs and Saints at Etihad, and Port away so a bit of a mixed bag of boiled sweets there. I’d still expect him to dominate all of those games with the possible exception of Freo (happy to be proven wrong tho’ #FURL)

    Aaron Sandilands ($541, 300)
    Has sneaked under the radar of many coaches this year (that Turf Toe might have had 99% of the blame). This guy has also fallen heaps since the start of the year. Bye next week also though.


    Jonathan Giles ($433, 200)
    Bye this week but Gee whizz the kids’ been good. I thought it was sad when the time came to milk him but good on those who stuck with him and your 3 rookie ruck selection.

    Cameron Wood ($439, 500)
    Do I suggest you trade him in? NO. Do I think he played a blinder on the weekend and deserves a mention? You betcha! Well done you sure put Jolly to shame. Good name too (same as my Uncle! Hehe)

    Andrew Phillips ($168, 700)
    Bye this week. Last week I picked this guy up so I could cash in Giles and enabled an upgrade last week and possibly one next week (oh Hai there, Priddis!). Not scoring huge but still making money. Breakeven of only 35. If you pick him up next week you will have heaps of dosh to spend on r11 bye player upgrades (shutout to Dangermouse too 145 last week came in very handy!)

    Shane Mumford ($552, 600)
    Could either be super dirt cheap in a few weeks or worst pick of 2012. Line ball, time will tell. I’m avoiding him after his back ‘burnt’ me earlier this year.

    Ok well they’re about all I’ve had my eye on. HTH.


  2. Thanks everyone. Wrote that while getting the kids ready for school so apologies for bad puntuation, spelling or grammar #MotherOfTheYearIsOverrated ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Not exactly the right thread, but torn between these two guys. I’m upgrading Porps this week for:
    Thumbs up: Pavlich
    Thumbs down: Cloke
    Leaning towards Cloke to pocket the cash… only got $510K to spend



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