Motts Movers R11 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on June 7 2010

Haven’t got a lot of time on my hands this week so I’m just going to give you some names to have a look at without the descriptions of their form of late. Given my slackness, I’ve made up for it by adding a couple of names to the list. Lets kick it off with the blokes up front:

A Didak ($492,400 $+1,400 ($-66,200), 99.45)

J Waite ($444,500 $+47,900 ($+37,000), 91.17)

B Staker ($424,200 $+45,300 ($+152,400), 80.18)

C Rioli ($350,500 $+15,000 ($-67,200), 76.80)

T Rockliff ($307,100 $+58,000 ($+197,900), 75.50)


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20 thoughts on “Motts Movers R11 – The Forwards”

  1. Yeh im wondering the same about higgins, is it really 6 weeks? I have heard only two. I have rockcliff to cover him which could be a god
    send. I missed cliffs last two scores due to him being on the bench which was a kick in the nuts. Think I will just keep higgins for minute to save a trade and see what happens in meantime.


  2. This is the team at the moment
    Malceski, Hodge(VC), Enright, Taylor, Waters, Frawley, Firrito(Webberly(EMER),Silvagni)

    Swan, Selwood, Watson, Barlow, Hayes(C), R.O’Keefe(Armstrong(EMER), Moles(EMER))

    Sandilands, Naitanui(Warnock, Bass)

    Giansiracusa, Pavlich, Betts, Higgins, Byrnes, Varcoe, Podsiadly(Jaensch, Roberts)
    Thinking of


  3. i dont really want to have watts on the field for duration of higgins injury, so i’m thinkin higgins to waite? any thoughts>?


  4. brent staker has the potential to be a very good player , but lacks the dedication and inconsistency,s to become a great player in his own right. I would not have him in my super coach team . brent staker inconsistency frustrated a lot of eagle ,s fans as well as the coaching staff when he was playing for west coast , his ability to get 30 plus touches in one game and less than 10 touches the next game..


  5. PA’s Bum of the week (Forwards)

    Daniel Giansiracusa ($426,000, $-43,400, ($-24,100), 87.18)

    After racking up 100’s in rounds 5, 6 and 7, Gia has been on a downward slide ever since. Gia needs to pull his finger out and start by chasing the opposition and applying more tackles not just wait to get some cheap kicks, lift Gia.



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