Motts Movers R11, 2012 – The Mids

Written by Motts on June 14 2012


Dane Swan ($637,000, 123.56, 118) – Took a couple of weeks off (probably with some kind of weight-related complaint) then comes back and goes BANG! with a 160 against the hapless Demons. Yet to score less than 92 for the year and confident enough to contest a tripping charge at the tribunal next week. Rumoured to be seriously considering a role in Gotye’s next filmclip.

Jobe Watson ($610,200, 125.09, 70) – Where have those dodgy hammies gone? Its killing me that I don’t have him yet I’m too worried to get him just in case those hamstrings go ping again. In the meantime he continues to burn me by belting out 140’s like he has the last couple of weeks. What worries me about him as well is that his worst score for the year (93) came against the Pies and guess who he plays in R23?

Kieran Jack ($570,500, 106.91, 65) – And to complete the trinity of Premium Mids That Aren’t Playing This Week I give you KJ. Get a load of his last 4 games: 152, 123, 150, 121. Doing some quick extrapolation, that means he’s going to score 148 against Geelong next week. Has already shot up $132k this year.


Matt de Boer ($417,200, 85.36, 3) – There’s nothing boering* about the way Matty’s been going about it lately. 100 against the Cows and then 141 against the Tiges last week has bumped his average up considerably. He also isn’t playing this week.

Sharrod Wellingham ($437,000, 87.44, 24) – Can’t say I’m a fan of the faux glasses he wears when he’s off the field but there’s a lot to like about what he’s been doing on it lately: 106 and 128 in the last couple. Have I mentioned he won’t be taking the field this week either?

Brock McLean ($368,300, 89.25, 21) – Finally I’ve found someone for you that is actually playing in R12! Yes, you’d be taking a risk in picking Ol’ Brocky up because boy has he struggled to get into the side these last couple of years but you know what they say about risk and reward. He came into the side the week after Murphy left and since then has produced scores of 115, 97 and 98. He went up $50k last week alone! Admitted this week that every week he was playing for his footy life. You gotta love that kind of dedication in a man. I guarantee you he’d never duck, sorry “lower his legs”, for free kicks either.

He ain’t cheap but check out Sam Iles’ ($471,500, 96.5, 85) last 6 matches when you get a chance. Good POD. You might also want to take a squiz at Shane Edwards ($376,400, 69.78, 47) who’s been doing some good things lately for his price although unless there’s an injury to either Cotchin, Foley or Tuck I wouldn’t be drafting him in just yet.

Value Picks

Jack Newnes ($202,000, 55.4, -32) – 71 and 78 in his last couple after averaging 43 over 3 games early in the season. I’m just mentioning him because I need some filler. Either pay a bit more and get Zorko or take a punt on Sam Gibson who plays his first game this week and make an extra $108k.

Marley Williams ($138,800, 53, -32) – I honestly can’t recommend this guy because whilst he did pump out an 83 in R10, he’s sandwiched that between a 46 and a 30. You’d want to see a lot more out of him before taking a punt on him. Even if he gets named I don’t reckon he’ll make his BE next week.

* I apologise for that terrible pun


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31 thoughts on “Motts Movers R11, 2012 – The Mids”

  1. Maybe you did it deliberately because youy didn’t want to be captain obvious but no mention of Matt Priddis???


  2. Pre season I asked the supercoach talk twitter account: Kieran Jack? Good midprice POD?

    This is the response i got:
    SuperCoach Talk ?@SC_Talk His average fell away by 20 pts a game last year. No.

    Thanks for that! 😀


  3. Stanton’s average until round 8 was 137, with six scores of 140+, kept wanting to bring him in but put it off thinking surely he can’t keep this up? finally decided to bring him in 3 rounds ago when he was $646K since then he has dropped to $549K, failed to crack the ton with a 3 round average of 87. I think he didn’t try his best against Melbourne and GWS, and I think he was a bit off against Sydney. Do you think he will come back fresh after his bye and pump out some monster scores again?

    thumbs up- Yep, had a couple of ‘easy’ games last few rounds will get back to his best soon

    thumbs down- Nope he was a ‘8 round wonder’ with those first scores, never again will he get back to them


  4. What are some thoughts on Ryan Griffen? I am looking at bringing him or Boyd in to complete my mids. He will be cheaper next week, so wait to get him? Or just double trade this week and get Boyd?

    got 12 trades left, in top 2 in all leagues, playing some bottom teams over the next 3 weeks.

    And just a quick one, when do the league finals start? And how many weeks do they go for?

    Cheers guys.


  5. Motts has has already locked in multiple GF appearances this year given his concern for Watson’s performance in Rd 23. 😉


  6. Looking for a final midfield to get in a couple of weeks and have narrowed it down to 2. Who is the better option?

    Thumbs up – Swan
    Thumbs down – Thompson

    (Current mid: Ablett, Pendles, Watson, Selwood and Priddis)


  7. There’s only one more premium spot in my mids and thinking Swan or Priddis. I already have two unreliable premiums (Rockliff and Dal Santo) so am leaning towards Swan to get a 120+ average for the rest of the year. However I am also running low on trades, so the 140k saved might be important.

    Thumbs up – Get Swanny
    Thumbs down – Priddis!


  8. Also looking for a final gun midfielder to trade in before round 13 lockout. Preferably a round 12 bye player. I already have Swan and Selwood.
    Who is the best option?

    TU – Pendlebury
    TD – Watson


  9. If u had to choose between these two premiums who would it be?

    Thumbs up: scotty thompson

    Thumbs down: matty boyd


  10. Would definitely like Priddis in my midfield at that price, but I already have Watson, Selwood, Pendles, Dal Santo and Ablett.

    I want to bring in Swan as my complete midfield, but not sure if I should pass on Priddis.

    Thumbs Up: Swan
    Thumbs Down: Priddis



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