Motts Movers R12, 2012 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on June 18 2012

Motts is a little busy today (did someone say NBA Finals Game 3?) so I’m just going to throw the Forward Movers at you and allow you to do your own research. Of the 9 names below, only 4 are playing this week so if you’re looking for immediate impact, choose carefully.


Lance Franklin ($646,900, 118.33, 159)

Cyril Rioli ($481,700, 95.08, 51)

Jarryd Roughead ($493,200, 101.45, 72)


Dayne Zorko ($324,100, 87.60, -44)

Kurt Tippett ($477,400, 102.55, 83)

Jeremy Cameron ($321,200, 65.44, 2)

Harley Bennell ($479,900, 95.08, 77)

Danny Stanley ($428,700, 91.00, 72)

Value Picks

Jonathon Patton ($196,600, 63, 54)


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15 thoughts on “Motts Movers R12, 2012 – The Forwards”

  1. Seriously considering bringing Zorko! Hate that I missed the boat earlier.

    Bring him in, he’s a gun!
    Missed the boat


  2. Goodes should be back this week. Killing it before his injury still has an achievable BE due to pulling a 110 in his injury game.


  3. Seen a few people throwing Boomer’s name around as a cheap fwd upgrade option. I hope they’re onto something but the facts say otherwise. In 2012 he’s had two good scores. A 137 vs GWS in rnd 2 and a 138 this week vs GC. Take those two scores out against the junior siblings of the comp and his only had two 100+ scores at an avg of 87.9. Far from upgrade worthy. And while his BE is 59, his next four are a tough Ade, StK, WC, Carl.


  4. Can anyone guess how much Treloar is set to lose? his BE is 127 due to his last week’s score of 7 (what happened to him?).

    Trade Treloar now before you lose money T/U
    Trade Wingard out for S. Selwood/Priddis (BE: 49 & 42) before they go up in value T/D

    Thank god for the reserve change button – I’ve just made 3 trades: Bower>Hrima, Kruz>T. Campbell (I needed the money) & Wingard>S. Selwood.

    my team now reads:
    B: Deledio, Birchall, Lake, H. Shaw, Bugg, Grima, S. Shaw, Goddard, Ellis

    M: Watson, S. Selwood(picked him ahead of priddis cos cheaper & priddis usually gets the hard tag), Pendlebury, J. Selwood, Ablett, Zorko, McDonald, A. Kennedy

    R: Giles, Mumford, T. Campbell, Redden

    F: Buddy, Martin, N. Riewoldt, Tippett, Dangerfield, Treloar, Smedts, Hall, Cripps

    9 trades left, $141k. I certainly could some help after a horrible month, thanks to my negligence, and living in London makes it difficult to make last-min changes.

    PS. SC stats is probably the best thing since sliced bread.



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