Motts Movers R12, 2012 – The Mids

Written by Motts on June 20 2012


Matt Priddis ($507,900, 103, 42) – Since getting smacked on the noggin and taking an early seat after scoring 24 in the game against Essendon in R7, Sideshow is back to his normal self scoring 119, 133 and 131. You can’t say I didn’t try to tell you – waiting that extra week is going to cost you $43,400.

Shane Tuck ($559,300, 108, 39) – Tucky is just one of those blokes that you just want to see do well. I put him in the Lenny Hayes mold. Check out his last 4 weeks: 148, 84, 155, 142. Admittedly amongst that lot was Freo at the MCG and GWS but the 148 came against The Hawks on a wet day. What the Tuck?

Sam Mitchell ($552,700, 111.33, 93) – Happy to say I picked up Sammy at his low price for the season which was $512,900 back in R7. Since then he’s pumped out 114, 91, 133, 116, and then 124 last week against Brissy. He’s not afraid to get in and under and consequently gets tons of possies. Handily averages over 6 tackles a game too. Champion.


Dayne Zorko ($324,100, 87.6, -44) – Its KILLING me that I don’t have him. I’m actually thinking about trading Milera for him this week which is going to cost me $75k more than it would have if I’d made the decision last week. Since getting a full game he’s scored 100, 83, 102 and then 137 against The Hawks. Right now he’s challenging Giles for RoTY.

Matt Rosa ($497,800, 94.4, 109) – Matty hasn’t had a bad month. Sure, 3 of his 4 games have been at Subi but he’s still gone for 94, 158, 85 (that was the game in Brisbane), and 106. He averages 94 points a game but is in only 0.66% of all teams (2,408) – I guarantee you 2,400 of those are Eagles supporters and the other 8 are friends.

David Ellard ($470,300, 92.57, 92) – Here’s another Carlton player (Brock McLean was the other one) who is picking up the slack left by Marc Murphy. Since R7 when MM went down, Ellard has scored 92, 115, 119, 87 and 103. Would I pick him? Not on your Nelly. But you might.

Shaun Atley ($340,300, 70, 48) – Just bringing your attention to Mr Atley because when you’re low on trades at the end of the season and with not much cash in the bank you might want to give consideration to this guy. He’s pretty consistent and recently has returned 76, 74 and 82. Earlier in the season he belted out a ton against the GC.

Value Picks

Sam Gibson ($94,700, 56) – Not going to shout his name from the rooftops while he’s only scoring 50’s like he did last week but at $95k he’s definitely cheap and if he gets games would mean plenty of cash as a downgrade.

Shane Savage ($264,500, 61.92, 1) – On account of the fact that there is virtually no value picks in the midfield this week I’m going to break my <$250k rule to draw your attention to SS who at the beginning of the season was priced at $412k because he averaged 77.2 last year. In 2011, he played in 17 games and on 4 occasions went large scoring well over 100. Last week he scored 121. If you feel like taking a risk, he’s looking for a good home.


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117 thoughts on “Motts Movers R12, 2012 – The Mids”

  1. Great write up! Made me laugh, ‘what the tuck’!! And I’m the same as you Zorko is killing me! Gonna try hold of on Gibson for a week but if he plays this week and next I’ll have to bring him in


  2. One other bloke that has caught my eye of late and has a super finals run is Matthew Wright (M/F DPP) – $401,100, 82.75 (90 over the last 3) and a 54 BE.


  3. Motts, you’ve mentioned Gibson but not Crozier.

    Am I taking it that you would pick Gibson over Crozier?

    Can I ask the faithful out there…

    TU Gibson
    TD Crozier


  4. I need to rant but dont know where…So here I go…

    Not only did I lose by 2 points last week but this week I play a guy who has no Goddard , wait wait …no Deledio…..wait theres more….No buddy…yes thats right …no buddy…and lastly…..drumroll please….. no pendles……
    I mean deary me people….Do you think he is the only player in this country that hasnt got any of those four players……I certainly do
    In fact let me try this
    Thumbs up if you dont have any of those 4 in your team……

    ( i dont expect one thumb up)


  5. I went the early plunge on Zorko, and am obviously pretty happy I did (I will stay humble and not mention last Sunday here Motts. Oh shoot, I just did 😉 ).

    Can he maintain the rage (and scoring) for the rest of the year though. Opposition players will be looking for him now so it will be interesting to see if he stands up to some extra pressure. I’ll be stoked if he can be my F7 all the through finals but I’m not convinced yet.


  6. With Clint Bartram out the rest of the year due to an knee injury this could pave the way for Tom “Get off the” Couch to make he’s lllllooooonnnnggggg awaited debut.


  7. Great write-up Mottsy. I need some help with my dilemma this week SCT coaches. Swan or Thompson to take the final spot in my mids? My mids are Pendles, Gaz, Joelwood, Priddis, NDS with only 9 trades and 320K remaining.

    Swan – $637K Av:123 BE:129 (Only two scores under 100 this year)
    Thompson – $554K Av:118 BE:152 (Easy run home. Bargain price).

    Swannie is amazing and I always planned to bring him in after the bye, especially after his heroics in the back end of 2011. Thommo is a big scorer and will possibly drop to $540K next week – a massive $100K cheaper than Swan. That $100K will allow me to upgrade on another line (perhaps grab Carrazzo in two weeks).

    What do you think?
    Grab Swan now – UP
    Thompson next week plus Carrazzo the week after (hopefully) – DOWN


  8. Just want to show some love for Dylan Shiel and what’s he doing. He’s at $384,300 with a BE of 55. May end up trading him in the next few weeks but it’s also tempting to keep him for my midfield emergency spot for the rest of the season.


  9. Great write up Motts ive got 3 of those guys Priddis,Zorko,and Gibson and they havnt let me down my team should be all set after this round but im thinkin Zorro could be a keeper im low on trades got $460,000 cash to spend and ive got 3 upgrades left heres my team please let me know what ya think…..
    Rucks-Nic Nat,Giles
    Fwds-Dangermouse,Chappy,TipTruck,Beams,Dickson, Zorro,Smedts,
    ive used all 3 trades this week
    OldMac>Gibson Zaka>TipTruck D,Smith>SideBum


  10. What does everyone thing of Sam Gibson’s JS?
    T/U: He’ll play a decent number of games
    T/D: He won’t play many games
    Comments: maybe someone like Cozier has a better JS???


  11. Which would you rather go…..
    Sandi > Nic Nat
    M.Clarke > Grima
    Hall > Gibson via sexton
    would leave me with $54,000 8 trades


    Sandi > Roughead
    Hall via Sexton > Gibson
    Ellis > Grima
    leaves me with $4,000, 8 trades.

    Current team…11 trades, $50,000
    Scotland, Goddard, Deledio, Shaw, Clarke, Darley, S.Shaw, (Ellis, C,Delaney)
    Pendles, Ablett, Boyd, S.Selwood, Watson, Priddis (Sexton, C.Smith)
    Giles, Sandi (orren, Redden)
    Buddy, Martin, Sidebum, beams, chappy, Zorko (hall, A.Kennedy)

    ***The question I guess I am asking is it better to keep Marty Clarke and upgrade Ellis, then have Roughy as ruck or get rid of Clarke and get Nic Nat.

    Thumbs up/down is fine, comment either way.


  12. Another good point, thinking with Grima is definitely a risk but a potentially good POD as I have a team in which does not have many good PODS.
    Been thinking it through all week already and no doubt right up until 7:50 Fri.


  13. Ze attention drawn to Nathan Jones.

    Ze 3rd Avg of 111, Ze Consistency of 17.4
    Ze % of teams who own him: 0.54


  14. This week’s captain poll may be the closest for the season?

    No Ablett or Pendles playing….
    Boyd may be tagged by Raines at ES
    Swan may be tagged by SSelwood at MCG
    Watson may be tagged by Crowley at PS
    JSelwood playing at the SCG

    No Buddy, NDS, Judd, Deledio due to bye’s! The biggest POD this bye round, will be selecting the right captain!


  15. hey guys im almost got full team except few at i will have 4 trades left after near full team except clarke and dempsey (there not that bad)

    this week ive done

    zaharkis-scotty selwood
    treloar-cloke (risky but hopefully cloke jumps back very low be)

    next week i will do

    bugg-carrazro (week after)

    my team will read

    Deliedio-scotland-carratzo-goddard-clarke-dempsey (ellis,shaw)

    Abblet,boyd,del santo, scott sellwood,judd,pridds (gibson,a kennedy)

    Giles,kruzer(stephson,redden) shit ruck i know not worth trading


    please thoughts as i will only have 4 trades left but a very strong team


  16. If all goes according to plan and no injuries etc *fingers crossed*

    Final team should look something like this soon:

    Deledio – Johnson – Suckling – Goddard – Carrazzo – Heppell – Lake (S Shaw – Darley)

    Ablett – Pendles – Selwood – Priddis – Dal Santo – Thompson (J Mac – Smith)

    Nic Nat – Goldstein (Redden – Campbell)

    Sidebum – Beams – Dangermouse – Pav – Franklin – Porps – Zorko (Gibson – Smedts…terribly unimpressive bench)

    Considering the luck I’ve had this year with injuries, this I can be happy about.


  17. Hey I was wanting advice on who should be my last premium midfielder
    I have GAJ, Hayes, Priddis, Selwood, Mitchell
    Thinking Thompson, but can I do without Pendles?

    Thumbs Up: Thompson

    Thumbs Down: wait for pendles to come back and drop in price and then get him



  18. Lovely post Motts – coming from Vancouver, I truly live off this site for all my up to date news & directions. PROPS TO YOU BUDDY!

    So far I’ve survived the 2 Bye rounds, however this is my most challenging week.. here’s my team at it’s best.. 6 trades left with $84k in the bank.

    TU: Go all out and trade out Porps next week for Cash & bring Carrots + 2 other premiums in following weeks.

    TD: Leave the team as it is, save trades for finals (keep in mind, I’m fighting for a top 8 spot right now.

    BACKS: Lids, Goddard, Johnson, Clarke, Lake, Bugg, Shaw, (Ellis/Smedts)
    MID: GAJ, Thompson, Joelwood, Pendles, Danger, Priddis, (sexton/l brown)
    RUCK: Cox/Giles (Redden/Daw)
    FWD: Sidebum, Chappy, Rioli, O’Keefe, Martin, Franklin, Zorko, (Porps/Elliot)


  19. Hi motts, t-y for the post 🙂 appreciate it

    i have 8 trades left..

    i need to use 3 to get swan (i think i could survive with 5 trades for rest of the season)

    if i were to use 3, i would prolly get gibson(how is his job security?). but i dont know about the other one :S (if you could suggest one that would be great)

    alternatively i could go for thompson or boyd (using 2 trades for either – but scoring potential is a lot less..) my captain atm is ablett, other premium mids are dal santo, mitchell (those 3 not playing) and josh p kennedy. i want a reliable, high scoring premium and a reliable captain for this week.

    TU: For Swan (and let me know the 2nd rookie if thats ok- i have shaw but not the other ones)
    TD: For Boyd or Thompson (let me know which one if possible)

    Thanks a lot of the help guys, much appreciated. 🙂

    ps, i really want/need this week’s win! i only have 3 wins for the season :'( and i guess swan is good in the long run as well, can trust him for 120+ scores for rest of the year.


  20. Finished my last uni exam yesterday, so what better way to use my newfound free time with a bit of SC research.

    Seeing as though it seems like a lot of people are tossing up between Swan and Thompson for their final midfielder, I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts, as this decision has been bugging me all week.

    In terms of scoring potential in finals, which is what most people are looking at this time of year.

    Dane Swan:

    Sydney(ANZ): Scored 133 against them at that venue last year and averages 115 in last 4 games against Sydney at ANZ.

    North(Etihad): Averaged 134.5 against them in last 4 games, including 132 & 152 last year.

    West Coast(Patersons): Scored 149, 133 and 126 in last 3 in Perth, although only the 149 was against the Eagles(2009). Scored 146, 149, 163, 86(last year, while playing with that Quad injury) against West Coast in last 4.

    Essendon(MCG): Belted out 176 & 180 in last 2 against the bombers and consequentially averages 151 in his last 4 against them. WOW! Would be the perfect captain for an SC Grand Final game.

    Scott Thompson:
    Freo(AAMI): Only 58 in his game against them this year (was in Perth and tagged by Crowley?), but 152 and 140 in the previous two games against them, which were both at AAMI.

    Brisbane(GABBA): Thommo’s had a mixed bag at this venue, scoring 127(last year), 87, 40, 38 in the last 4 there.

    Melbourne(MCG): Melbourne is actually one of Scott’s bogey teams. Scores in last 5 against them are: 65, 73, 76, 133, 80, 50. Ouch! Scored 90 at the only game he’s played at the G this year.

    GC(AAMI): Wait for it… smashed out 136, 162 and 147 against the Suns in their short history. That’s an average of 148.3! Again, another good game for your SC Grand Final.

    Take what you will from these stats. Swan has clearly been a more prolific scorer over the past than Thompson, but Scott seems to have taken a big leap this year with Adelaide’s success, so his historic numbers may have a little less relevance.

    I think I’m going to stick by my original plan of getting Swan after the byes and draft the tattooed man into my side. I have decided I don’t mind spending the extra $80k for him. Welcome aboard Dane!


  21. Time for my final 2 FWD upgrade:

    Chapman + Pavlich – Thumb Up


    Goodes + Roughhead – Thumb Down

    Thanks for all your help SCT


  22. So is Grima the best option around his price range? Not worth spending a bit more on someone like Adcock or Johnson? Already getting Carrazzo in a couple of weeks when his price goes down.


  23. Hi all,

    First year Supercoacher here. Love all your info and work, has been a great help!. I am looking at finalising my midfield this week and would appreciate some advice.

    Thumbs up: Dane Swan.
    Thumbs down: Jobe Watson



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