Motts Movers R12, 2012 โ€“ The Rucks

Written by Motts on June 19 2012

Still keepin’ The Movers brief this week. I promise to provide a full update with the Mids.


Nic Naitanui ($547,100, 114.56, 37)

Ivan Maric ($589,900, 113.75, 97)

Todd Goldstein ($530,500, 92, 91)


Ben Hudson ($495,400, 99.86, 109)

Jordan Roughead ($342,300, 67.6, 50)

Value Picks

Got nothing of value for ya in Ruckland this week. I’m not going to name a bloke who’s crap just because his price is under $250k – that ain’t value.


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29 thoughts on “Motts Movers R12, 2012 โ€“ The Rucks”

  1. Nice write up Motts. Maric and NicNat have been super all year, I wish I had them.

    I am thinking of bringing S.Jacobs into my team this week. I was impressed with his game Friday night (136) and like the Crows run home.


  2. nice work Motts,

    I have a question. Would you consider Giles to NicNat a sideways trade? I know Giles started as a rookie, but is he a keeper? I have Cox, with Redden and big O on the bench. It would cost me 2 trades to bring him in, as i don’t have much cash. Got 9 trades by the way, with a set midfield (Pendles to come back shortly i hope).

    Any advice would be great


  3. Why oh why didn’t I pick up Goldy last week?? Stupid stupid stupid.

    Looking at Giles to Jacobs this week/

    Now, just have to work out whether to keep pendles……but that is for another thread



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