Motts Movers R13, 2012 – The Mids

Written by Motts on June 27 2012


Jobe Watson ($623,600, 124.67, 106) – Say hello to the 2012 captain of the SC All Australian Team. No player has scored more points than Jobe. People have been asking who’s better: Tim or Jobe Watson? Tim’s 50 years old, hasn’t played AFL in years and needs to wear a brightly coloured scarf on mildly cold nights. Der! And Juddy but not THE Juddy thinks I never say anything nice about Essendon players.

Kieran Jack ($585,600, 107.75, 116) – The KJ train rolls on. Its not stopping at the stations so much as just ploughing through them then lining one up from fiddy out before dobbing it through the middle of the big ones. Average over the first 7 rounds: 90. Price after Round 7: $436,800. Average since then: 132.6. Goals since then: 11.

Jude Bolton ($527,600, 97.33, 92) – And if you’re still wondering how the hell Sydney is second on the ladder this week, here’s further proof. Hey Jude was made to go out and get the pill. Lately he’s scored 161, 121 and 105. He’s been carrying the team upon his shoulders. He’s taken a bad team and it starting to make it better, better, better, BETTER, BETTER, BETTER, ohhhhhh NAAAAAAAA NA NA NA-NA-NA NAAAAAAAAAA……


Matt de Boer ($463,400, 88.50, 15) – Won’t be a midpricer for much longer if he keeps belting out tons. That’s 3 in a row now for MdB – 100, 141 and 123. Up until this current hot streak he was only averaging 77.5 and in his previous 3 years in the league his highest average was only 63.8 (in 2011) so I’m not going to recommend you jump on him just yet. Just file him away for the time being as Possible Future Talent Who I Might Consider If He Isn’t Playing For FURL.

Michael Barlow ($454,700, 90.25, 83) – Priced at $453,600 at the beginning of the year people were rightly wary – pre-season injuries don’t bode well for a successful SC year. And true to form, he came out in the first 2 rounds and only scored 72 and 68. But lets not forget that this is the same player that didn’t so much burst onto the scene in 2010 as explode onto it like a combined Silver Jubilee and Olympic opening ceremony firework display. He’s played in every game this year and here’s how he’s gone since R3: 108, 100, 105, 76, 80, 98, 90, 96, 100, 90. Have I mentioned Freo’s cushy SC Finals run?

Daniel Kerr ($377,700, 80.25, 12) – You and I both know he’s a risk but here’s another bloke who in the past has gone LARGE and on occasion will still do so. If you’ve seen him play you’ll know he still has a big engine and the smarts to play with the big boys as evidenced by a 99 and a 117 over the last 2 weeks. And if you’re worried about his durability, he has played every game so far in 2012. Already this year he’s lost $112,500 worth of value so he’s technically a bargain. You’re just gambling on whether he’ll continue to pump out those high scores or if he’ll submit a sub-80 score like he has on 7 other occasions this year.

Value Picks

Sam Gibson ($94,700, 32.5, -8) – I’ve just been writing home about the 9 he scored on Sunday. OK so that’s a blatant lie. But he did score 56 the week before and have you looked at his freaking price??

Marley Williams ($182,200, 57.75, 6) – In the 4 games he’s played he’s scored an 83 and a 72. Never mind the other two when he scored a 46 and a 30 when he wasn’t the sub in either – he’s still pretty good value.

Hayden Crozier ($131,500, 41, -24) – BS handed him the #1 position in his Rookie Review this week but I’m not as sold on him. Yes he’s a DPP, but he plays for FURL and in 3 games he’s scored 21, 62 and 40. Wow! Someone hose the boy down – he’s on fi-ya! Motts takes Gibbo over Croz.


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29 thoughts on “Motts Movers R13, 2012 – The Mids”

  1. Right I have found a potential problem with my plan. S.Thompson is a gun and as cheap as he will ever be at $529K BUT I have a concern. The reason he is so cheap is because creepy crawly was his kryptonite in rd10 keeping the Crows star to a puny 58pts. Guess who Adelaide play rd20 (first SC final)? That’s right, FREO. What if he gets Crawly again? I dont think I can bring him in with that risk. What do others think?

    UP – Pass on Thommo
    DOWN – He will get revenge on Crawly in rd 20?


  2. First nice thing ive heard you say about my mighty Bombers Mottsy lol
    My biggest regret is not having Jobe in my side i always new he had the potential to be an elite champion of the game but was a bit worried about his hammies.Just hope he can stay injury free for years to come.


  3. What does everybody thing about S.Gibson? I was surprised he was named sub in his second game and his disposal percentage looked average. I like his price but I am reluctant to bring him into the side if he will not play every game from here. Is he going to be treated like Clay Smith?

    UP – Bring him in he will play every game.
    DOWN – Give him another week to see if he can give us more confidence.


  4. Great work Mottsy, I agree with comments on Crozier, and vests will no doubt come his way, but with limited rookie stocks to choose from, he is purely a cash-in option, and mild-bench-cover….

    Again, great write up…. Loving Jobe, esp since I took a punt on him on day 1 as a second thought. Anyone would think you had more time on your hands this week 🙂



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