Motts Movers R13, 2012 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on June 25 2012

Slim pickings in the Ruck stocks this week. If you only look at one player in this post though, make it Tom Campbell.


Dean Cox ($546,800, 109.58, 79) – What is there left to be said about Massive that hasn’t already been said? 116 average over his last 3.

Todd Goldstein ($531,900, 93.3, 116) – Continues to dominate like he did last year. Last 5 matches: 93, 91, 153, 127, 100, 105.


Jonathon Griffin ($443,300, 91.20, 58) – In 211’s absence, Griffo is once again stepping up. Last 2 weeks have been impressive: 117 and 92. Only $20k more than Jon Giles.

Value Picks

Tom Campbell ($94,700, 89) – 89 on debut?!? $95k?!? There’ll be more than a few downgrading to Soupy this week. Lets all hope he can hold Minson out of his spot.


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14 thoughts on “Motts Movers R13, 2012 – The Rucks”

  1. Guys quick poll. If money is not an issue, what is your pick between Cox and Maric? Thanks

    Tu. Cox
    Td. Maric


  2. Got Giles, looking to trade out.

    The guys I’m looking at are Mumford and Griffen, though have fund for a premier but want to use this for an upgrade in defence

    TU – Mumford
    TD – J Griffen


  3. upgrading to Cox this week. TU Minson out, TD Giles out.
    Thinking Minson has a lot to prove and Giles may be rested soon?


  4. Ryder v cox? Can’t decide
    Ryder predicted to rise in price and cheaper but cox is a gun. Will he be rested leading into finals? Will nick nat take too many points from him? Ryder has a tough run home too.
    Ryder TU
    Cox TD



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