Motts Movers R13, 2013 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on June 27 2013


Andrew Walker ($547,100, 110.92, 104) – Its taking time for me to come around to the fact that Walker under Malthouse is a VERY different player to Walker under Ratten. Prior to 2013 he hadn’t averaged higher than 82.7 (2011) and last year that average dropped to 79.6. SC has him as a Forward but he’s playing the loose man in defence role and with his fitness and accuracy by foot he’s busting lines and delivering them laces out to Carlton’s powerhouse midfield (yes I’m biased). Behind Cox he’s the best ‘Forward’ in the comp right now and when he goes, he goes LARGE. Of his 7 tons, 6 are over 120. Gotta have ‘im.

Jimmy Bartel ($553,500, 110.17, 136) – Made it into my team as soon as they announced him as a M/F DPP. Scored 157 in R2 against North this year and I’ve just sat back and watched him work his magic since then. 9 centuries in 12 games with his lowest score for the year a 70 against Sydney in R4. That’s somewhat problematic because he faces them again in R22 – week 3 of the SC Finals.

Cyril Rioli ($532,300, 111, 58) – This serves more as a reminder than anything else because I hear he’s back to full fitness and is in consideration for a match this week (although it may be for Box Hill). Unless you’re Fish or Catta, you’ve probably forgotten how damaging he is so here’s his 2013 stats for the first 5 rounds before he did that troublesome hamstring again: 114, 120, 82, 115, 124. Seen enough?


Josh J Kennedy ($486,000, 102, 87) – Chances are, because you’re a knowledgeable  coach that reads the best SC blog on the net, you’ve already got JJK in your side because at the beginning of the year he was priced at $300k and scored a couple of tons in his first 2 games. So there’s no need for me to expand upon him any further.

Colin Sylvia ($459,400, 86.44, 63) – You pay me the big bucks* to come up selections in the Midpricer section that are so off-the-wall that none of your sane league opponents are likely to consider them. Well how about you give Col some thought. Just scored 2 tons on the trot and posted his highest score for the year (113) under a new coach which could be a sign of things to come.

Matthew Stokes ($487,700, 99.67, 81) – To come up with my 3rd Midpricer recommendation this week I had a good long look at every player valued between $250k and $500k before settling on Stokesy with his predilection for cocaine and unbelievably low standard deviation (which means he’s super consistent). No Forward in the top 50 averages comes anywhere near his consistency until you get to Jarryd Blair who averages 81.


Joe Daniher ($154,500, 76.5, -60) – Not cheap but they love him at Bomberland and he played a beauty in his second game against the Suns for 98 points so could retain his spot for awhile.

Can’t recommend any other rook to you this week.






* Well no bucks really – zero, zip, nada, zilch, nothing.


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19 thoughts on “Motts Movers R13, 2013 – The Forwards”

  1. Motts, you pretty much have me convinced.

    Problem is i’ve been burnt with a few injuries already so i’m putting it to a vote.

    I have 8 trades left and proposing Birchall out, Walker in Via Staker.

    Leaves me with 7 trades and next to no cash. Rest of my team is linked.

    Thumbs up do the trade.
    Thumbs down hold fire.


  2. This is my rookie year and after a crash course in SC from my borther in law (Tazz) after knowing nothing about it, my team looks like this:

    Back: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Staker, Thurlow, Docherty (Frost, Clisby)

    Mids: Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Watson, Kennedy, S. Mitchell, Griffen, T. Mitchell (Hrovat, Colquhoun)

    Rucs: Naitanui, Nicholls (Rowe, Currie)

    Fwds: Cox, Bartel, N. Riewoldt, D. Martin, Kennedy, S. Johnson (J Lyons, T Lee)

    only 5 trades left (rookie mistake of sideways trading a lot of premiums when underperforming Shaw and Roughy at the start of the season) 210k in the bank.

    Looking for some advice on what to do next. Do I hold fire on anymore trades until finals or do I add some strength to my backline first? I know I have no bench cover if there was injurys/suspensions but that’s something to think about next year as I want to get the best 22 on field and hope to god that they all play.


  3. have to wait till next week to upgrade in my defense so who should stay on my field just for this week?
    clisby thumbs up
    Staker thumbs down


  4. Hey fellas,
    Having some problems deciding which defensive pairing I should bring in to replace hurn and birch. The 2 options I have are: Hibberd/Hartlett or Hanley/Mckenzie.
    So I’d like to know what you guys think!

    Thumbs up- Hibberd/Hartlett

    Thumbs down- Hanley/Mckenzie


  5. I also happen to have the Birch, going between Shaw and Ibbotson to replace him, who do you guys reckon?

    T/U – Shaw (won’t be a POD, but has the capability to crank out big scores)
    T/D – Ibbotson (POD, and can also score highly most weeks, particularly highlighted by his last few games)


  6. Ummm just a thought! tell me I’m not the only one doing this!

    Bench birchal
    Play staker or thurlow.

    In two weeks side ways to Hanley wen he drops below birchals price

    Boom! Even cop a 0 if need be if ur cemented in the finals then no need to double trade ie birch to Wilson then Wilson to Hanley , trades are few and far cherish them


  7. New Idea

    T/U – Vlastuin to Clisby
    Macaffer to Walker

    T/D -Vlastuin to Clisby,
    Macaffer to a nobody ruckman (under 120k), put Cox in forward line, then have Nicholls starting ruck along side NicNat – also leaves 600k bank account



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