Motts Movers R19 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on August 5 2011


Steve Johnson ($441,300, 199, 107.56, 42) – yes his scores have been patchy. But when you score 199, you get named a Thriller. Case. Closed.

Leon Davis ($466,400, 113, 94.93, 77) – you could’ve picked Neon up for $316,500 in R5 just after he’d scored 111 and dropped $20k courtesy of a 4 in his first game for the year. Since then he has only scored less than 87 once, played in every game and knocked out 8 centuries. I’ve been telling you about him since R10. Have you been listening?

Robbie Gray ($442,800, 92, 87.47, 105) – poor start to the year but has stepped it up since R9. Please don’t pick him up because I’ve listed him here. There just wasn’t anyone more eligible to be named as a topliner this week.

Honourable mentions: Cyril. That’s it.


Jack Watts

Chris Mayne

Michael Johnson


Steven Milne ($373,900, 115, 76.00, 9) – words cannot convey how much I dislike naming this guy here.

Big Bad Bustling Barry Hall ($362,400, 96, 70.45, 67) – announces his retirement and starts playing like the 2006 model again. His last 5 weeks have produced 79, 89, 112, 92, and 96. Way to go out, Baz!

Matthew Stokes ($400,000, 90, 90.75, 90) – How’s his score last week, his average and his breakeven? Looks as though his price is bang on.

Special mentions: Tom Hawkins, Travis Varcoe, Andrew Krakouer, Jack Steven, Mitch Duncan, Luke Breust, Kosi, Chris Knights, Cameron Hitchcock, and Mark LeCras.


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7 thoughts on “Motts Movers R19 – The Forwards”

  1. Leon Davis this year is the best forward I’ve ever seen kick in from full back………..I wonder if the SC gods will put dpp of fwd/def on him next year? Great right up as per normal Motts…..PS; only 14 days to the big clash at Etihad mate. Go Hawks!!



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