Motts Movers R19 – The Mids

Written by Motts on August 2 2011


Nick Dal Santo ($592,600, 189, 123.06, 69) – if you’d paid $466,900 for Dal in R10 after he’d just scored 137 against Freo at Subi you’d be an extremely happy coach. Since then he’s scored: 123, 85, 134, 139, 174, 107, 158, and 189 and gone up close to $130k putting him out of the reach of most teams. He gets a ton of possies, tackles like a madman, kicks goals, hell he even gets hitouts.

Scott Pendlebury ($588,100, 160, 130.06, 130) – has been out-and-out awesome all year. Still hasn’t scored less than 94 and most of his scores are in excess of 110. Won’t be cheap next year.

Gary Ablett ($514,300, 138, 123.00, 97) – 130 average since jarring his knee against Sydney. If you were thinking about bringing him in, last week was the week to do it. You’ve missed out on getting him for under $500k but he’s still ‘ken cheap so stop procrastinating!

Honourable mentions: Murph, Swan, Nat Fyfe, Sam Mitchell, Andrew Swallow, Matt Priddis, Luke Ball, Jimmy Bartel, Joel Corey (4 tons on the trot), Brad Sewell, Hamish Hartlett, Callan Ward, Matthew Boyd, Brent Harvey, Brent Stanton, and Michael Barlow (after 2 in a row heeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaack!, $446k with a 93 BE this week).

Note: if you’re confident of a top 4 finish and you’re confident of then winning your first final, give a bit of consideration to Mr J Selwood of Geelong. He bottomed out last week but is still only $469,200 and we all know what’s going to happen this week when he plays the Suns at the Cattery.


Brent Moloney – how can you play as a midfielder (some would consider an ‘elite’ midfielder) and not touch the ball for over a half of footy?? Ling is good, but he’s not THAT good.

Ryan Griffen – his scores have tailed right off lately. Injured?

Liam Picken – 2,588 of his family and friends would be angry as hell about his last 3 – all 50’s.


Matt Rosa ($363,400, 143, 87.82, 21) – 100 average over his last 3 due in no small part to the 143 he jagged on the weekend. It was his 5th ton for the year and 11th 80+ score. Would I touch him with a bargepole? No. But Deano and Scatts might.

Ben Johnson ($320,700, 85, 77.78, 43) – they love him at the Pies and its not hard to see why. Just one more reason the Pies are favourites for the 2011 flag. If you’re looking at a potential midfield sideways trade I reckon BJ is your man.

David Swallow ($400,500, 99, 85.88, 88) – his last 6 weeks have been super-impressive: 89, 107, 114, 93, 94, 99. If you haven’t yet traded him up to a premium you’d feel pretty safe having him cover your M6 as a pinch hitter.

Special mentions: Kade Simpson, Patrick Dangerfield (rumours are that Bicks is going to start playing him solely as a midfielder, $339k), Rory Sloane, Garrick Ibbotson, James Kelly, Steele Sidebottom, Brett Peake, Andrew Krakouer, Jack Steven, Andrew Embley, Michael Osborne, Andrew Gaff, Mitch Duncan (2 in a row, $300k), Alex Fasolo, Farren Ray, Brock McLean, Ben Cunnington, and Simon Buckley.


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34 thoughts on “Motts Movers R19 – The Mids”

  1. im one of those happy buyers of Nicky Dal…he has been super all year even when the saints were strugglin early on


  2. One positive for the Dees is that Brad Moloney has put paid to the notion they play “bruise free footy.”

    Unfortunately though, “posession free footy” is probably not the best alternative!


  3. Hey guys, not on the topic, but i have two trades left, and Newman is in my team.
    Trade Newman (thumbs up)
    Dont Trade (Thumbs down)


  4. Hey guys any advice would be great!
    6 trades left 200k in the sky rocket, on top and will finish at least second in my league! quite a few down grade options, looking to do something with lower this week and maybe bring in a midfielder!
    cheers philby


  5. Moloney should give his last week’s pay packet to Dean Bailey for his crap performance against the Cats, cost Deano his job.


  6. Barlow is one to watch for next year.
    If he doesn’t go up in price too much, he would be a nice pick for $470k



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