Motts Movers R19, 2013 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on August 8 2013

Apologies for the late post. Today’s the big moving day so I spent last night preparing the place so the moving company boys aren’t on the clock as long as they’d like to be.

Obviously haven’t had time to study the stats so please feel free to throw some Forward names up for the benefit of all.



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17 thoughts on “Motts Movers R19, 2013 – The Forwards”

  1. 4 underpriced forwards could be gems in the SC finals: –
    Pav, Rioli, Wellingham, Matty Wright.

    Been strict on no over 30’s, however Pav after a rest and easy run could be a great POD.


  2. guys, do you think staker will be playing ff with Brown out of the side and therefore scoring around 60 from here on in? if so i will need to upgrade him!

    TU = stakes will be @ FF yea mang
    TD = no, fool


  3. Premiums:

    Steve Johnson ($593,600, 118, 130)

    Brent Harvey ($542,800, 109, 58)

    Brent Harvey ($510,200, 104, 71)


    Cyril Rioli ($413,100, 90, 94)

    Kurt Tippet ($427,500, 89, 63)

    Steven Motlop ($405,400, 82, -8)


    Lewis Johnston ($188,300, 94, 0)


  4. FWDs I’ve got my eye on
    – Bartel
    – Walker
    – Roughead
    – Harvey

    I’ve got Franklin and Zorko so a luxury trade might be on the cards


  5. Can I ask why anyone is even considering trading out Buddy this week??
    He plays St Kilda at Etihad… Surely you hold for another week at least!
    After that he plays Collingwood, a Team who he usually goes well against..


  6. Hey all. Quick poll;

    TU-Cyril (413K, 90 Avg and POD)

    TD-Roughead (466K, 98 Avg but my more highly fancied opponents already have him)


  7. Premiums:

    Tom Rockliff:
    $558, 900 Avg: 106 Own %:30.26

    Finals Run: Richmond, GWS, Western Bulldogs, Geelong.

    Got a billing last week and unlike SOME OTHERS I named in the forward movers did not disappoint. In fact, he scoffed at the path of disappointment, turned aside and tore down the road of fufillment, getting a Round 19 top score of 166.

    Brent Harvey:
    $542, 800 Avg: 109.00 Own %: 8.81

    Finals Run: Adelaide, Essendon, Hawthorn, Collingwood.

    Evergreen Harvey goes on and on and on and on. Nothing and noone can keep him down for long.

    Jimmy Bartel:
    $471, 400 Avg: 105.24 Own %: 37.09

    Finals Run: Port Adelaide, West Coast, Sydney, Brisbane.

    With three scores in a row below 100, his form isn’t the equal of those mentioned previously. But learned Supercoaches will probably see the wisdom of contemplating pouncing on Bartel with his lowered price. Only time will tell if such an investment pays dividends.


    Steven Motlop:

    $ 405, 400 Avg: 81.71 Own %: 4.45

    Finals Run: Port Adelaide, West Coast, Sydney, Brisbane.

    This is where the shadows of my unlearnedness shine through. I’m just putting this guy up here on basis of his recent scoring. I hear he’s quite the jet.

    Leigh Adams:

    $428,600 Avg: 79.33 Own %: 1.41

    Finals Run: Adelaide, Essendon, Hawthorn, Collingwood.

    Ditto Steven Motlop.

    Sharrod Wellingham:

    $364.800 Avg: 72 Own %: 1.12

    Finals Run: Essendon, Geelong, Collingwood, Adelaide.

    Could be a smokey option. If Wellingham goes well this week, I’m going to fill every Movers post I make with the names of West Coast Eagles players. Ah, but I digress. With all the injuries in the Eagles engine room, Wellingham could make his presence felt.

    Rookies: Bleaker than Melbourne’s outlook.



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