Motts Movers R19, 2013 – The Backs

Written by Motts on August 5 2013

Still ferrying boxes of stuff over to the new place (how on earth have I ended up with this much stuff?!?) so I’m keeping it brief this week.



Pearce Hanley ($480,200, 100.31, 76) – Rewarding all those who stuck fat with him.

Ricky Henderson ($499,400, 99.07, 55) – Highest averaging Defender over the last 3. An 82 this week nothing special though.

Scott D Thompson ($508,300, 99.78, 109) – In only 8% of teams. I reckon that number will be significantly increased next season. 4th best average in the league behind Goddard, Shaw and Hanley.


Hamish Hartlett ($439,100, 91.06, 42) – 120 on the weekend to back up a 108 the week before. Coming good at the right end of the season but has anyone held onto him? Cats at Kardinia this week a major worry.

Nick Suban ($380,800, 72, 34) – A 111 on the weekend justifies why he was selected in the starting SCTTL team. 18 rounds after he belted out a 120 in R1.

Heath Scotland ($377,300, 82.47, 4) – Bang, bang with a pair of tons. If you’ve got one trade left, a gap in defence and only $380k to spend, this is the bloke I’d spend it on.


Sam Docherty ($215,900, 46.90, 38) – Scored 86 in his first game, got traded into a stack of teams, and hasn’t come close since. Played 10 games this year so a solid option if you’re looking for egg insurance.

Sam Colquhoun ($162,900, 44.2, -2) – Has now played 3 on the trot since returning from injury. Had his highest score for the year against Adelaide – 68. Another one facing the Cats this week.

Taylor Hine ($185,800, 39.69, 17) – Hasn’t scored over 63 for the year (which he had against the Cats on Friday night) but has played 13 games.


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7 thoughts on “Motts Movers R19, 2013 – The Backs”

  1. With his run home I’d also be giving Charlie Dixon some serious consideration this week if you’re holding Ibbo and his achilles doesn’t get up.



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