Motts Movers R20 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on August 11 2011


Adam Goodes ($504,700, 139, 105.44, 47) – one of the great games of all time. Pity he couldn’t kick that last one for the sake of my footy tips. Can you imagine what it would’ve been worth in SC points if he had?

Leon Davis ($482,500, 117, 96.31, 108) – I’m nominating Neon for The 2011 Michael Barlow Award for Unexpected Excellence. Anyone got any other nominations?

Steve Johnson ($486,300, 155, 110.35, -14) – backed his 199 up with only 155. Woeful.

Honourable mentions: Travis Cloke, Paul Chapman, and Stephen bloody Milne.


Angus Monfries

Luke Tapscott

Tom Lynch (GC)


Eddie Betts ($381,100, 113, 79.37, 87) – one of my favourite players for The Baggers. Couldn’t be happier that he’s doing well right now.

Tom Hawkins ($348,900, 97, 68.08, 58) – starting to fulfill his potential.

Adam Schneider ($384,000, 101, 81.69, 88) – handy 100 average over his last 3.

Special mentions: Travis Varcoe, Tendai!, Zaha, Cameron Mooney, Leigh Brown, Kosi, Jack Darling, Taylor Walker, Isaac Smith, and Luke Breust.


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51 thoughts on “Motts Movers R20 – The Forwards”

  1. I have had leon since round 1 on the pre season he had how could you not put him in?I tired to tip him to a few people but they didnt wanna hear it!


  2. Long time reader first time poster.

    2 trades – 150k in the bank

    Def: Gibbs, Goddard, Fisher, Lids, Birchall, Broughton, Bob Murph
    Puopolo, Otten, Talia

    Mids: Pendles, Priddis, Swan, Bartel, Hodge, Joey
    Kennedy, Bewick (bastard), Callinan

    Rucks: Cox, Mummy
    Keefe, Tippet J

    Fwds: Pav, ROK, Franklin, Sylvia, NROO, JROO, Rioli
    Petrie, Mckernan, Dahlhaus

    Was thinking of trading out Dalhaus and bringing in say J.Brennan (MPP) as a POD for forward cover.

    Or Spend it all on Kennedy and upgrade to best available midfielder or MPP and leave one trade just it case?


  3. I have a bit of a selection problem my fellow SCT’ers and would seriously appreciate some help.
    My forward line for this week is as follows
    Pav, Fyfe, Goodes, Stevie J, Franklin as givens but I am looking to fill the next 2 positions and this is where the problem comes in. the following is who I could place as F6 & F7.
    N Roo, J Roo, I Smith, Mzungu, Krackbaby and Dids.
    Given that N Roo is playing the Pies and J Roo might be carrying an injury (Imee) and is playing the Swans you can see my hesitance to just go with those 2. I do have 1 trade left and plenty of cash but want to save it. I have the second chance in case I do lose but would rather win (Duh).

    As the radio chick says on SEN “Please help me Big Kouta”. Any feedback will be appreciated.


  4. Gonna upgrade Krakouer,

    UP: Cyril – good finals run home and cheaper
    DOWN: Neon – rockstar rightnow

    Also considered Cloke but i have a feeling he will be rested, especially now that daws is back.


  5. Hi all,

    Have three trades remaining and a touch more than $100,000 in the kitty.

    Do I (thumbs up) trade Mzungu (currently F7 to cover Petrie) for a premium forward (Cloke, ROK, Le Cras)?

    Or (thumbs down) sit tight?



  6. Was up late, was struggling to get to sleep, was thinking SuperCoach, couldn’t stop thinking of trades so for my sanity i did my trading late last night. Would’ve loved to wait til 6pmish tonight but it means i don’t have to think it through constantly today.

    A Krakouer >> Callinan
    A Johnson >> Bock

    Know Callinan isn’t playing but i wanted bargain basement and he still may play in the last few rounds. GC has a good draw. Wanted Scotland but couldn’t afford to wait til Rnd 24 for him.

    2 trades left and $80,000ish.


  7. Which player to bench out of these 3 – J Roo, Darling and Howe

    J Roo possible injury and takes on Sydney (thumbs up)

    Darling don’t think he’ll score so well with Kennedy back (thumbs down)

    Howe generally a bench player for me (comments)


  8. Take out Leon’s game where he was sub and came on at the 25minute mark of the fourth term, subsequently scoring 4 points, and he averages 102.47.

    Then take into account that his average over the last 10 games is 111.2, with a low score of 90, and you could argue the he is the most in form forward in supercoach in the comp. If not, definitely the most consistent.

    Being a magpie, it makes me very happy to see Leon reignite his career down back (pardon the pun). It’s just a bonus that I have had him for the last 10 weeks and have never looked back. He is a huge POD and it was a dream trade come true.

    First back line player selected in 2012 = L.D!


  9. I dont normally do this but Im interested to see what everyone thinks of my finalised team.

    Backs: Goddard,Fisher,Deledio,Birchall,Broughton,Enright,Adcock
    Duigan, Puopolo, Toy

    Mids: Pendles,Swan,Boyd,Ablett,Thompson,Hodge

    Rucks: Cox, Mumford

    Fwds: Pav, Fyfe, Goodes, ROK, Franklin,Sylvia, Nroo

    No trades, No funds.

    Only gripe is enright having the bye but Im hoping for big things this week so hopefully ill avoid playing next week. Have pretty good cover in the backs anyway.

    Cheers boys,
    Cheers to a big weekend of fooooooooty


  10. I need another forward, currently I have:
    Pav, Franklin, Rioli, Goodes, Chapman, NRoo, Mzungu
    Bench: I Smith, Krak (in midfield), Richardson and Petrie.

    Was going to go Krak to either ROK or Fyfe. Who will score better from now on.

    Fyfe thumbs up
    ROK thumbs down


  11. I have a F6 & F7 dilemma playing Pav, Fyfe, Rioli, Stevie Wonder and Goodies. heres the problem.

    I have to choose between Varcoe, Yarran, NRoo and Mzungu

    Thinking Varcoe and Mzungu as my opponent has Mzungu and will have him on the field, with Varcoe having scored 85 110 and 98 in the last 3 it seems he has decided that he wants to play in the finals

    Any thoughts would be appreciated


  12. A quick one for my F7…

    Thumbs Up: N Roo
    Thumbs Down: J Roo

    Also, thoughts on making Buddy captain this week? A gamble, I know, but he’s DUUEEE! Perfect weather tomorrow, Port likely to get smashed by 10+. Somebody care to talk me out of it?



  13. Which two do I bench out of the following
    Scotland – Goddard – Fisher – Deledio – Rob Murphy – Grundy – Suckling – Enwright and Gibbbs?
    Who to bench out of the two Riewoldts?



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