Motts Movers R20 – The Mids

Written by Motts on August 9 2011


Joel Selwood ($507,700, 145, 113.07, 55) – I’m not an I-told-you-so kinda guy but if you go back to last week’s edition I did mention getting on Joel. It wasn’t rocket science – Cats v GC at the Cattery was always going to produce some massive scores. Joelwood smashed his way to a 145. Nice one, mate.

Dane Swan ($536,600, 136, 121.06, 63) – Apparently Arizona is this magical place that heals the sick, makes people young again and guarantees improved SC scores. It must be because since coming back 7 weeks ago, Young PadoSwan has scored nothing but centuries and scarily looks to be getting better heading into the finals.

Nick Dal Santo ($618,500, 133, 123.61, 111) – The Nicky Dal train just keeps on a’rollin’. 160 average over his last 3.

Honourable mentions: Judd, Pendles, Goodsey, Hodge, Murph, Tom Rockliff, Mitch, Dayne Beams, Matt Priddis, Brad Sewell, Luke Ball, Michael Barlow (that’s 3 in a row now for him), Paul Chapman, Jack Ziebell, Heath Hocking, Jack Redden, Jobe Watson (42 BE, $416k but I bet no-one picks him up), Brett Stanton, Simon Black, Boomer, and Hamish Hartlett.


It’s the Port Adelaide edition:

Jason Davenport

Jasper Pittard

Matthew Broadbent


Daniel Hannebery ($399,100, 113, 83.67, 45) – Playing with the kind of courage that it took to back back into the path of a steaming Hurley, DanHan has knocked out three consecutive tons.

Mitch Duncan ($348,000, 110, 74.19, 28) – Mitch has also bashed out three in a row – his only 100’s for the year. They came against some pretty average competition though: Richmond, Melbourne and Gold Coast.

Tendai Mzungu ($343,700, 113, 77.50, 49) – we’ve all got him but did we all put him on the field last week? Motts did.

Special mentions: Shane Tuck (what’s a man gotta do?),  Luke Shuey, Allen Christensen, Daniel Kerr, Nathan van Berlo, Michael Doughty, Garrick Ibbotson, Alex Fasolo, Ben Johnson, Steele Sidebottom, David Zaharakis, Brad Ebert, Andrew Gaff, Lynden Dunn, Isaac Smith (great value at $257k), David Ellard, and Liam Shiels.


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32 thoughts on “Motts Movers R20 – The Mids”

  1. Too harsh on pittard… Out for 7 weeks with a hammy, in his comeback match, and reinjures his hammy…


  2. I’m hoping that GWS pick up Tucky next season. He will be a lock for my side if they do.

    In his first four games he was either subbed in or out of the game and now back-to-back hundreds. The man may not be the best user of the ball, but boy does he know how to find it.

    If he is going next season I hope the Hardwick stops playing him this year to keep that price nice and juicy for 2012!


  3. Trying to settle an argument with a friend.
    Who will play in a grand final first?

    Thumbs up- Essendon
    Thumbs down- North Melbourne


  4. Too impatient for the forwards to be popped up, so goin early.

    Tradin out higgins or stanley for either of the following

    Big Pav, cheap 437k, 5 round ave 97, tough draw/ can score huge – or….

    Neon Leon, Not cheap 482k, 5 round ave 116, better draw/ solid as a rock

    Kinda want neon, but only 223k in the kitty and have to trade out gibbs in 2 rounds time

    thumbs up – pav
    thumbs down – neon


  5. Finished 1,1,2,1,1 in my five leagues do I trade Cotchin?
    4 trades remaining, $25,000

    Mids: Pendle, Swan, Dal Santo, Bartel, Cotchin, Ablett

    Thumbs up- Cotchin to Boyd
    Thumbs down- Keep trades
    Other (please comment)


  6. Given their season form thus far and the draw over the next 4 weeks, which one of these mids would you select?

    Nick Dal Santo – Thumbs up (great season, but has Carl and Coll in the last 4. Can he still produce 160 3 game ave?)

    Sam Mitchell – thumbs down (122 3 game ave, but has PTA and GC in the last 4)

    Or comment for Judd, if he is a must have even if he has a bye. He has been so damaging not having him.


  7. I have one trade left and think my best bet to get a leg up in finals is to make a trade to joel selwood.

    Thumbs up to get rid of higgins
    Thumbs down to get rid of david swallow


  8. Thanks Kernel. Forgot to mention my mid is:
    Pends, swan, GAJ, Thompson, hodge, cotchin (mezungu, krak, Jacobs).

    Was thinking it was time to trade cotchin as he doesn’t provide me finals confidence.

    Thumbs up – cotchin to Mitchell
    Thumbs down – cotchin to NDS



  9. I have two trades left and $236k in the bank – thinking a mid trade and a Newman trade to finish me off

    Mids currently: NDS, swan, gaj, hodge, selwood, cross

    Thinking of trading cross this week.

    Who is the best upgrade of pendles (may have a forced rest), priddis (great draw in last 4 rnds) or mitchell (also great run home)

    Any assistance appreciated!



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