Motts Movers R20 – the Rucks

Written by Motts on August 10 2011


Todd Goldstein ($506,700, 114, 114.89, 130)

Matthew Leuenberger ($449,700, 115, 95.28, 100)

Honourable mentions: Shane Mumford, Ben McEvoy, Nic Nat, Drew Petrie, Sam Jacobs, and Robert Warnock.


Zac Smith

Kepler Bradley


Zac Clarke ($374,300, 111, 80.78, 41)

David Hale ($378,100, 67, 98, 73.85)

Special mentions: Trent West , Paddy Ryder, Darren Jolly, David Hille, Mitch Clark, Cameron Wood, Max Bailey, and Ivan Maric.

Note: Please forgive the slackness today. Had a mate turn up with a bottle of Bin 138 and had to abruptly finish the post.


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38 thoughts on “Motts Movers R20 – the Rucks”

  1. I’ll forgive the slackness but the bias I won’t… any danger of Kepler getting left out of one of these?

    Geez one score of 150 causes all of this… 😉


  2. Finially milking Zac Smith this week! It has been a bumpy but good ride…but big fella it is about time you got me a premium…

    Ive come to decide out of

    Thumbs up : Mumford
    Thumbs down : McEvoy

    Atm leaning towards big mummy


  3. Zac Smith’s time is up..

    What you say supercoaches?

    Thumbs up: Brad Ottens (Back in this week apparently)
    Thumbs down: Sam Jacobs


  4. hey guys I’m sitting third in my league so have the double chance I have cox/smith in the ruck without any cover. I was planing to trade smith to Goldie next week, but with smith out do I;
    Thumbs up: cop a zero for smith and take my chances, or
    Thumbs down: trade for mummy or mcevoy
    1 trade left btw


  5. Hey All,

    Backline (Deledio, Gibbs, Goddard, Fisher, Heppell, Adcock and Ottens)
    Bench – Hibberd, Jacobs, Talia

    Last trade in for Hibberd + cash = ($607,700)

    Who to trade it? – Scotland, Broughton, Newman, Bock, Enright? any other options?


  6. Can anyone tell me what the problem with Jamar is i cant find him on any injury list and i dont think he was dropped but he’s in my side for finals and i am getting a little nervous


  7. Thats what i am hoping but i couldn’t find out why he was out in the first place. If he wasnt injured you would think Viney would want his Mids to get first use of the footy more often than not


  8. Sounds like big Sandi is out again……. hopefully Griffin gets up….. I’m playing Lobbe from 4th position against 1st at the moment with Droopy out…… and only 2 trades which I don’t want to burn on a ruckman!


  9. Have 2 trades and 208k left.

    Still have Danny Stanley as D7, but was thinking about trading up to Bob Murphy (reallllllly cheap) so he could be D7.

    Orrrr, as Jack Riewoldt is showing some signs of an injury, I was thinking of upgrading Hibberd into Ryan O’Keefe and then have Jack Riewoldt as cover in my forward line.

    What’s everyone’s thoughts about using both trades this week, as I do have pretty solid bench cover?


  10. Thinking of upgrading Z. Smith.
    2 Trades left and dont really wanna use both of them this week.
    98k in the bank the best I can afford that doesnt have an upcoming bye is either Jolly or Z. Clark.

    Jolly (thumbs up)
    Z. Clark (thumbs down)
    Just hold on to Smith (comment)


  11. Hi All – I’ve got Cox, Jamar and Z Smith as my rucks

    Who should be my R2?

    Jamar v WC (thumbs up)
    or Z Smith v Bris (thumbs down)

    I can upgrade Jamar to Mumford, got 4 trades left (need 2 for Gibbs/Judd), but I’m top 4, so would like to hold off on that



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