Motts Movers R21 – The Mids

Written by Motts on August 17 2011


Dane Swan ($574,100, 156, 123.00, 107) – Back to his very best. Yes he’s a seagull but who cares when he racks ’em up like he does.

Sam Mitchell ($528,700, 155, 115.83, 76) – Mitch finally nabbed a headline spot. Somewhere Big Sexy just creamed himself.

Gary Ablett ($530,300, 134, 123.65, 97) – Give serious consideration to Junior as your captain this week. In R8 this year he notched up a 198 against them and a couple of years ago playing for Geelong he clocked a 197.

Honourable mentions: Dal, Pendles, Judd, Matt Priddis, Tom Rockliff, Murph, Dayne Beams, Brett Stanton, Jack Redden, Jobe, Simon Black, Shane Tuck (about time too!), Michael Barlow, Pav, Matthew Boyd, Liam Shiels, Callan Ward,


Aaron Davey

Stephen Hill

Stewie Crameri


Rory Sloane ($397,900, 145, 88.13, 62) – I’m already putting mental sticky notes on blokes for 2012. Rory just got slapped with one.

Nathan van Berlo ($388,300, 109, 85.53, 38) – That’s the third ton on the trot for the Adelaide captain. Reckon the Crows boys might be enjoying the Bickley coaching style…

Isaac Smith ($306,400, 110, 79.20, 4) – Well and truly past his lean run, his last 3 scores have been 94, 99 and 110. Went up almost $50k last week! Big test coming up for him this week though against The Mighty Blues.

Special mentions: Andrew Gaff, Tendai!, Kade Simpson (due a sub-100 week this week), Brad Ebert, Brent Staker, Kieran Jack, Ben Johnson, Josh Kennedy, Daniel Cross, Zaha, Clint Jones, Cheynee Stiller, Matthew Wright, Brent Reilly, Sam Blease (on the bubble this week), Nathan Djerrkura, Lynden Dunn (vying with Dennis Armfield for the Most Inappropriate Mo Award), and Brent Moloney ($324k, so cheap right now courtesy of that egg in R19).


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60 thoughts on “Motts Movers R21 – The Mids”

  1. Alright my initial thought to trade Mzungu was trashed, so I’m offerring Isaac Smith to be slaughtered for Callinan, this would let me upgrade Jamar to anyone

    The alternative is to trade a FWD (probably Howe) for Callinan, this would let me bring Goodes into my FWDs and bring Mzungu off the bench

    Any suggestions?

    4 Trades about 100k in the bank
    DEF – Gibbs, Godd, Del, Fisher, Birchall, Adcock, Brought (Puop, Talia, Toy)
    MID – Swan, Abb, Judd, Pridd, Goodes, Hodge (Hepp, Mzu, I Smith)
    RUC – Cox, Jamar (Z Smith, J Tipp)
    FWD – Pav, Frk, ROK, N Roo, Pet, Sylv, J Roo (Darl, Howe, C Rich)


  2. Heard on the radio last night that GAJ spent more time than usual in the f/l b/c his hammy hadn’t quite healed.
    Not sure if he is captaincy material this week.
    Anybody got the good oil on this?


  3. Ok I am in the semis and I have only 11 k but 4 trades left. My plan is to hopefully win keep the 4 trades and make an assault on back to back flags.I feel like my mids Moloney Bartel (bye) are underperforming so maybe an upgrade. NIck DS? but plays Swans who usually close down games.
    My team is

    B Goddard Gibbs Deledio Fisher Broughton Birchall Adcock (Bachelor LIsle Puopolo)
    C Swan Pendles Ablett Boyd Moloney Okeefe (Bartel Bewick Hibberd)
    R Cox Mumford (Thompson J tippet)
    F Pav Buddy Rioli Goodes N roo Cloke Petrie (Mzungu C Richo Krakouer)

    The differences are in bold and he has:
    Suckling Hurn Priddis J Watson Heppel Fyfe and Grundy. Is there anywhere I can upgrade to give me a vg chance of winning and moving into prelims where my opponent is almost out of trades or do I stand pat because there are no obvious upgrades. Priddis and Fyfe are the players that concern me most but Cloke has Brisbane and Boyd Port so they shoudl score well.
    Any thoughts most appreciated


  4. Sounds like some good advice there Andy b but this week maybe Mitchell may struggle with a hard tag against the blues? Also if I trade him in then I have an extra mid which is handy or trade Bartel instead for more cash for the next move? and who do I bench in the forwards? N Roo?


  5. I like your idea motts, only problem is I got so many sticky notes on players I can’t fit em all in my team, haha


  6. sorta the wrong thread here but i am getting sick of syvila and adcock dishing crap score what should i do please help

    my reserves are

    Def(lower duigan l thompson) mid(d swallow b jacobs krak) fwd(dixon sippos and darling


  7. Gday guys,
    Its a must win week for me. I have to trade Bartel and Chappy and have over 200k in the bank, so plently of money to spend. I had 2 options in mind. Either
    Thumbs up: Boyd and Daisy (both playing struggling sides and should do well this week)
    Thumbs down: Mitchell and Rioli (both been in red hot form)
    By the way thanks for all the advice over the past season. I have learnt a lot and hopefully will be able to give out some advice of my own next season! Cheers


  8. Got this week off in main leagues. 4 trades & 40K remaining. Looking ahead to week 23 (prelim) to maximise chance of making GF.
    Considering Lower to Johncock as a trade for this week with eye to covering Gibbs next week. Thumbs UP for good move, Thumbs DOWN for hold trade. Current team for Week 23 of: –
    God, Lids, Brough, Fish, +cock, B Murph, (GIBBS)- Hepp(e), Lower, L.Thomp
    Swan, Mitchell, Boyd, S.Thompson, Goodes, Priddis, – Mzunga (e)
    I.Smith & Jacobs
    Cox, Petrie, Z.Smith, Derickx
    Pav, Buddy, Stevie J, ROK, Rioli, N.Roo, Sylvia- Knights & Hale, Talia,
    Thanks in advance. Want to get ready to get GAJ, D.Thomas or similar next week.


  9. travelling around europe at the moment and still can’t stay away from supercoach. decided to give the power of trading to my mate 2 weeks ago, and guess what he did? traded hibbard out (no problems, right?)…. for scotland! and I have gibbs & murphy. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    D: Scotland, Gibbs, Goddard, Deledio, Fisher, Broughton, R. Murphy
    bench: B. Jacobs & S. McKernan

    M: Pendlebury, Murphy, Dal Santo, D. Swan, D. Martin, D. Swallow
    bench: Mzungu & Joelwood (bye)

    R; Cox & Z. Smith
    Bench: Griffin & Keefe

    F: Fyfe, Goodes, Franklin, Petrie, Sylvia, Riewoldt, J Riewoldt
    bench: C. Richardson & I. Callinan

    4 trades, $101,300

    I really wanted to get rid of J. Roo for a better FWD but I reckon I am better off upgrading D. Swallow to Ablett by trading Griffin out for a min. priced ruckman. This will leave me exposed in defence if I get through next round as I will have Gibbs & Scotland on bench with little money to upgrade B. Jacobs or McKernan, thus it’s impossible to trade JRoo out.



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