Motts Movers R21 – the Rucks

Written by Motts on August 18 2011


Matthew Leuenberger ($479,100, 172, 99.32, 46)

Ben McEvoy ($480,600, 114, 106.56, 98)

Honourable mentions: Dean Cox, Shane Mumford, and Paddy Ryder.


Zac Smith

Mark Jamar


Darren Jolly ($394,300, 99, 86.20, 80)

David Hale ($386,500, 86, 74.71, 85)

Special mentions: Zac Clarke, David Hille, Mitch Clarke, Max Bailey, Ben Hudson, Ivan Maric, and Tyrone Vickery.


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19 thoughts on “Motts Movers R21 – the Rucks”

  1. The most lovable ruckman in fantasy footy was hasn’t played a game yet is going to make his debut this week, Joel Tippett :mrgreen:


  2. Backed Leueueunberger since the start of the year and after a rocky start has exceeded expectations for many weeks now….and has remained injury free (touch wood).


  3. Countdown is on- 4 trades left and I’ve a ruck deliema:

    Currently have Cox, Z.Smith, Vardy, Gawn.
    Next week’s probable apponent has Cox, Smith, J.Tippett, and someone else injured for the year. This guy finished top of the ladder a few games clear. There is no way he’ll lose this week. Next week I want to beat him! Will then meet the boss in the SC GF. Wish we could see what trades people have left and/or money in the bank!!!

    My thoughts this week after running the figures a million times:
    * Gibbs–> Gilbert (mainly for the Def/Fwd flexability also to free up some cash). I need cash to get anyone good as 2nd ruck. My only concern is that he gives away too many frees and Gibbs has been Mr. Consistant this year. Love him & don’t want to get rid of him.
    Gibbs ave 104.65 Vs. Gilbo 78.37 (ouch)
    Gilbo b/even: 62

    Z.Smith –> Goldstein. Top of his game.Smith ave: 77.41 Goldie ave: 114.89 (phew, hopefully that will make up for it!)


    Next week:
    Judd–> Daisy. Fits my price point and the player I’m matching against averages 112. Daisy 111.8 close enough for mine. Wow Dal is expensive. Need another killer from Joey to put him back on the radar. Daisy for now.

    J-Roo–> Bob Murphy (Def/Fwd advantage). J-Roo ave: 80.42. Bob’s 90.61
    Bob’s b/even 58

    So am going to need Gilbert to reach his breakeven or I may not be able to afford Bobby. Will see what the rest of the Saintsations gain though & hopefully it’s enough.

    I should gain + 13.55 on these trades on ave per week

    Next year I am going to pay more attention to DPP player positioning. Have loved Mid/Def but Mid/Fwd more. Very valuable!


  4. jamar killed me last week and i dont know who to get for him this week any thoughts…. got cox and bailey but thinking bailey on the field might be a bit of a risk. who to get…… goldy, petrie, iceberg??????
    help apprieciated



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