Motts Movers R22 – The Backs

Written by Motts on August 23 2011

There’ll be 4 *special* editions of The Movers this week. I’m handing the reins over to you, the SCT Faithful, to come up with your Movers for Round 22 in each position.

Let’s kick it off with the Backs. Who rocked your world? And who shocked it?


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30 thoughts on “Motts Movers R22 – The Backs”

  1. Danny Stanley … LEGEND in D7. Averaged over 90 in his last 7 games, incl. 117 last week.

    Graham Johncock … OUCH. 56 against PORT (???!!!)

    Paul Duffield … for finally getting dropped (good / bad (?))


  2. Stanley again and for the past 5-6 weeks Gibbs.

    Shocked – Broughton or more specifically Harvey. No coincidence he was at his best when unleashed into the midfield not stuck down back.


  3. Thrillers

    Nathan Bock 120 : 121.7 (last 3 rd average) : 76 (breakeven)
    – Made his debut in my side and did not let me down. Made it over 115 in his last 4 and has a weak Melbourne and Hawthorn to come. Only concern is his scoring potenial against Hawks in the SC GF.

    Brendan Goddard 122 : 101 : 118
    – Bounced back from his 81 against the Pies last week with a good showing in sydney. Hasn’t racked up big numbers in the last 3 but his tackle count has increased. Only one score below 100 in his past 8. North and Carlton to come

    Bryce Gibbs 102 : 109.7 : 113
    – Even though he has the bye this week he had to get a gig in the thrillers. Has gone over the ton in 10 of the last 11. Those who started with him (me) will finally be please with his output.


    Greg Broughton 49 : 58 : 150
    – Talk of sore ribs does nothing to help us live with his past 3 scores. Can blame M. Harvey as well. I’m sure many coach’s will be cursing his name as he would have cost many a spot in the finals

    Sam Fisher 61 : 86 : 133
    – Is he injured? Didn’t see the game but that makes 3 weeks in a row and no 100’s. Just not good enough for a premium who would have made his way into may sides of late

    Graham Johncock 56 : 74.7 : 101
    – Many would have jumped on stiffy mid season and has since gone very floppy. I think the weekends performance may just have tipped his owners over the edge. 56 against the suns, seriously??


    Josh Gibson 119 : 102.7 : 43
    – Unlucky to miss out on a thrillers but talk of an injury and a history of spud scores has him in only 22k sides. Still he may of got them into a preliem

    Danny Stanley 117 : 91.3 : 45
    – Has stepped up when injury’s and suspensions have hit the backline hard. With no score under 70 since rd 13 he has been a great backup / fill-in for his coaches

    Dyson Heppell 94 : 86.7 : 70
    – Hands up who kept him? Has been a star in his first year and his reluctance to take a rest has him in line for a B&F. Like Stanley has been a solid fill-in for D6 or D7 for most of the year. And a fellow Gippslander to boot.

    Appologies to anyone obvious i miss out on.


  4. I was planning to go Gibbs to Enright with my last trade this week but now thinking getting rid of Broughton ( if he is out this week) but fall short of buying Enright….Who do I bring in …

    Johncock( surely due for a big one)
    Birchall????( athough ive got puopolo and suckling)


  5. Current backs are: Goddard, Lids, Fisher, Birchall, Suckling, Stanley, Broughton
    Broughton out for my prelim.

    Bock (v Mel, v Haw) – Thumbs UP
    Enright (v Syd, v Coll) – Thumbs Down
    Gibson in comments please


  6. Into my prelims(WOW) who would have thought :O
    I have 1 trade and 80k in the bank
    I need to upgrade my defence because it is that bad
    Current defence: Deledio, Broughton(what to do with him!), Heppel, Adcock, Suckling, Pederson, Jacobs and Lower as bench cover but who knows if he will even get a game. So who to get out and who to bring bearing in mind I dont have enough money to upgrade to either Bock or Goddard ๐Ÿ™



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