Motts Movers R3 – The Forwards

Written by Motts on April 12 2010

Almost everybody needs a decent forward this week so I thought I’d kick off MM’s for the round with the fellas up front. The blokes you really want to stay clear of are:

Kurt Tippett ($355,300, 31.67) – Congratulations on being at the top of this list in consecutive weeks, Kurt. KT dropped $70k this week vindicating my decision to trade him for Jon Brown (who went up $54k). Trades are gold but that’s a $125k turnaround. And then there’s the difference in scores…

Stephen Milne ($355,900, 51.67) – When not getting in opposition coaches’ faces and crumbing the occasional goal, Stevie hasn’t been doing much to earn SC points. He dropped 35k last week. Even if you’re a Saints fan, don’t go near him.

Tom Hawkins ($348,500, 52.67) – Tomahawk was once touted as “the next Carey”. He’s a massive unit, but he’s never really lived up to the hype. With Pods playing a great first game in Fremantle on Sunday and Mooney returning this week, Tomahawk may find his spot in the forward line under pressure.

OK and now for the bouquets. I’m going to critique the 3 top answers to today’s poll on who people are bringing in for Roo.

Jonathon Brown ($579,500, 147.33) – JB shows no sign of slowing down after kicking 17 goals so far this year to lead the Coleman and scoring 130, 171 and 141 over the first three rounds. His next 3 games are against the Dogs at the Gabba and then Melbourne and Sydney away. No-one appears to be able to stop him at the moment. $579k could even be considered cheap for him if he continues belting teams like he has been.

Ryan O’Keefe ($597,000, 132.00) – Can you believe Sydney almost traded this guy a year ago? He is a gun. Full stop. Will always score a ton for you and very often a lot more (had a 167 in R2). Will be facing North Melbourne, West Coast and Brisbane over the next three weeks. Toot toot!

Cyril Rioli ($417,700, 111.00) – I watched both the Delicious games live at the ground. In his first game he displayed flashes of brilliance. He caught Gary Ablett not once but twice 2 weeks ago and yesterday against the Dogs laid 6 tackles, kicked 4 goals and finished with 140 points. It looks as though the OP that bothered him in the pre-season has gone and because he’s only played 2 games his price hasn’t changed. With the Hawks facing the Pies, the Roos and the Dons over the next 3 weeks (with West Coast, Richmond and Carlton to follow) you could very easily see Cyril putting up some massive numbers. That price tag makes him very, very tempting too.

My pick of the 3 has got to be Cyril based on his value, his upside, and because, like Naitanui, you’ll just love watching him play knowing that he’s scoring for you.

I’ll leave the honourable and dishonourable mentions to the Commenters this week. Who’s on your watchlist and who’s jockstraps do you want to smear with Tiger balm?


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78 thoughts on “Motts Movers R3 – The Forwards”

  1. Interesting to see ROK is playing Sydney in 3 weeks lol!!

    Honor – Harveys comeback – When he’s good he’s on
    Dish – Leon Davis – way out of form


  2. worth a punt on didak? his gone down in price and you would think get better. i guess if i go qwith cyril then i can upgrade tippett for sandliands, or kreuzer with some change in my pocket


  3. I know he’s only a rookie but Carl Peterson sure looks like he belongs at this level – remember, like Delicious, he to caught GAJ in a HTB tackle.
    Wk 1 – 71pts in 57%TOG
    Wk 2 – 84pts against the reigning premiers in a losing side
    Wk 3 – 94pts against one of the flag fav’s in a losing side.
    Did I mention he was in my team? Feeling a bit of man love!!
    Can’t wait for Bruce to call Delicious and Scrumptious playing in the same team.


  4. Every bodies seems to be gettin aboard the Delicious Roller Coaster and believe me that’s want is going to be, highs one weeks and stomach wrenching lows the next and now with everyone talking him up makes me looking elsewhere for Roo’s replacement.


  5. Too true! I am tossing a few ideas around, one is a double trade of the Voldt and Ballantyne for Pav and ROK. Ballantyne has given me the $30k I needed to get Pav in for him. (Most likely won’t do the Balla – Pav part, but thinking about it.)


  6. Who would you dump…
    Stevie J ($451,400 avg 78)
    Gia ($424,400 avg 71)
    Walker ($256,100 avg 61)

    Seriously thinking about making 2 trades this week (yes, I am addicted), trying to think of every option.


  7. You reckon Martin might contest the reprimand? Doubt it, but if he does he might miss a week. I know he’s not a forward, but it’s relevant to me cause I could dump him for ROK and Voldt for Rioli. Not quite enough cheese for Brennan instead of Rioli on those trades.


  8. Unbelievably, Relton Roberts needs to better his previous 2 scores to cause his price to rise from a rock-bottom $83,400. He can be thankful for the 4-player suspension by Richmond. Hardwick could’ve noticed, however, that Knights got a positive result from axing 6 players including an unlucky Howlett.


  9. Adam Mcphee should get a dishonourable mention, getting a 3 year contract from Freo and hasn’t fired a shot in the first 3 rounds avg 33.3 ppg is well down on his 81 ppg last year. I don’t have him in my side but for the unfortunates that do get rid of him asap.


  10. Just a quick flash-back to my repeated Brown for the Brownlow and Coleman calls over the last couple of weeks (in my defence cause yawl scoffed!)…

    AFLCA Champion player of the year points after Rd 3
    27 Jonathan Brown (BL)
    19 Nick Riewoldt (STK)
    19 Aaron Sandilands (FRE)
    18 Ben McGlynn (SYD)
    15 Michael Barlow (FRE)
    15 Ryan Griffen (WB)
    14 Gary Ablett (GEEL)
    14 Sam Gilbert (STK)
    14 Matthew Pavlich (FRE)

    Now, I haven’t done the research on how often the AFLCA champion player has also been the Brownlow, but it’s a pretty early indication of Brown’s dominance compared to other dominant players in the 1st 3 rounds. He is probably on 8 or 9 Brownlow votes I’d reckon.

    Goals after Rd 3:
    17 Jonathan Brown
    11 Jarryd Roughead
    11 Nick Riewoldt
    10 Matthew Pavlich
    9 Setanta O’hAilpin
    8 David Hale
    8 Josh Kennedy


  11. Do people fully understand the DPP rule, I see all these coaches who say I’ve got him and his a DPP but little do they know the only way DPP works is when you 2 players in different positions. For example Luke Hodge D/M DPP and Brendon Goddard D/M DPP now for this to work you must have one in your backline and the other in your Midfield, you can’t have both in the same position it just not going to work.


  12. y the fuck is every one asking motts all the questions wat the fuck would motts know about supercoach he is just a know it all that is trying to give out some stupid advice he isnt even in the top 1000 most of you guys that use this site would know more about supercoach then him so stop asking stupid questions like who should i trade because most of u guys would have more of a clue then this motts dick head

    so go shove it up your fucking hole u fucking stupid retard

    tell me if you agree with me

    cheers michael


  13. Motts, whadya reckon about Roo for ROK and Medhurst for Rioli? Still leaves me with some cheese in the pantry. Do you see Medhurst improving?


  14. Re: Michael thinks Motts is a retard.

    Michael , for a person to pen such a lovely post as you have written above I am assuming the following

    A) You are aged somewhere between 13-16
    B) You have an extremely low IQ
    C) You stopped pulling yourself for 5 minutes to actually type , well done!
    D) you dont get out much , are socially retarded and therefoe abuse poeple on websites

    or E) All of the above

    I am wagering it is (E) , you my friend are a first class DICKHEAD , if you dont want to be on this site and be constructive then f*ck off and annoy some other people on some other site

    Moron !


  15. just like to say motts really enjoy your site and the effort you put in and i think you should just ignore the person that is saying all this shit

    i said this before but i think we should have poll

    how many trades have you got left for the rest of the season


  16. Dear Michael,

    Please provide us with your team name so we can all see how a real Supercoach player operates? I have spent my entire fantasy football career looking for a mentor that is not just intelligent but someone who can write a paragraph as a sentence without punctuation or even a capital letter. You sure that text message wasnt meant for your 14 year old girlfriend?

    What you have failed to understand Mikey is that a website like this is designed to be a place where like minded individuals can gather and share ideas, thoughts or just plain enthusiasm. Motts is not a guru and doesn’t expect to be treated as such. He is one man with one opinion and just like our great game of Australian Rules Football…he is completely open to interpretation.

    Your inbred angst which is no doubt directly linked to having left school at 11 and being confused as to whether to introduce your Mum as your Mum or as your girlfriend is simlply not welcome here. Try being a little more constructive in future. If you put as much effort into looking for a job as you do writing ill directed inane rubbish on websites you obviously feel a little left out of when reading…you my friend would have a bright future.

    How about rather than writing things like that you add something constructive, give us some insight, let us hear something to back up your prowess? What was that, I cant hear you….just as I thought, peanut. Nothing.


  17. Hi Motts,

    A have a few trade questions for you, could you please (as always) provide me with some much needed wisdom 🙂

    With the Riewoldt trade option I was thinking of trading in either Jon Brown or Pavlich. I was also thinking or down-grading Buddy Frankiln and picking up Cyril Rioli in his place.

    What do you think?

    See ya later,



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