Motts Movers R4 – The Backs

Written by Motts on April 22 2010

Had a couple of bevvies at an event last night which slowed me right down today so I’m not going to provide justifications for each player below. Y’all can do the research if you feel like following them up. These guys certainly aren’t the best or worst at their positions – I’m just highlighting their performances.

The Dogs:
Ryan Hargrave ($396,800, 56.25)
Chad Cornes ($407,800, 70.50)
Rhyce Shaw ($439,100, 71.50)

The Big Dogs:
Harry Taylor ($460,600, 102.00)
Heath Shaw ($530,100, 122.67)
Josh Drummond ($530,300, 104.75)

Feel free to add to the list. I’m gonna hit the couch.


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4 thoughts on “Motts Movers R4 – The Backs”

  1. Thanks for still putting the effort, that’s dedication!

    I suppose Hodge should be in there, but i suppose that’s a given considering he is in 99% of decent teams already.

    Luke Hodge ($550,700, 125.25)


  2. Was thinking of getting both Hargrave and R. Shaw before the very first lockout, so I’m very happy I stayed with Hodge and Kennelly. Why did I ever doubt Hodgy!?



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