Motts Movers R4, 2012 – The Backs

Written by Motts on April 24 2012


Brendon Goddard ($581,900, 114.50, 158) – Only scored 93 last week so his BE is high – if you’re one of the very few that don’t have him (and 195,118 do) you may want to hold off a week.

Heath Scotland ($545,500, 108.33, 91) – I’m more than a little concerned that the charges he’s currently facing could mean lost games. If its on his mind, his stats don’t show it.

Brett Deledio ($575,300, 113.75, 139) – Would loved to have picked someone I didn’t mention last week but there was no-one else over $500k who was worthy.


Michael Johnson ($437,200, 98.25, 60) – Threw him into my SCTTL team last week for Fyfe and not only did he ton it up, he’s now do-si-do’ing with my other D/F DPP, Billy Smedts.

Jarryn Geary ($333,600, 98, 7) – Has earned my respect.

Nick Malceski ($411,100, 93.25, 63) – His knee bugs me so I won’t pick him and while I don’t he’s expertly administering a nasty double burn.

Value Picks

Tomas Bugg ($239,500, 80, -29) – If you didn’t take my advice last week you missed out on him scoring a handy 83. Don’t miss out again.

Jack Hombsch ($228,000, 73, -24) – Nowhere near as well known as Mr Bugg but only averaging 7 points a game less and rode outta town with an 88 last week.

Steven Morris ($211,800, 62.25, -15) – For those wondering, at this stage yes he is better than Brandon Ellis ($198,500, 58.75, -11).


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34 thoughts on “Motts Movers R4, 2012 – The Backs”

  1. Hey Motts
    Was Dyson Heppell close to making Motts Movers scored 102 against the Blues and his avg is:91.0 IMO not bad for a second year player 🙂


  2. What I wouldn’t give for a cheap D/M DPP that was playing.

    These are this year’s choices:
    Luke Brown Adel $106,600
    Sam Docherty Bris $141,600
    Bradley Harvey Bris $113,200
    Richard Newell Bris $94,700
    Mark Baguley Ess $94,700
    Jordan King-Wilson Fre $94,700
    Jackson Allen GC $106,600
    Kurt Aylett GWS $113,200
    Tim Golds GWS $113,200
    Warrick Andreoli St.K $113,200

    Does anyone know if any of them are close?


  3. Seeing Hombsch’s name in the value picks, i’m curious to know the amount of GWS players we all now have …. can anyone else beat 8??? I started with 6 but last week traded in Ward and Treloar to bring my tally up to 8. Disappointed with Shiel and Congilio but confident they’ll pick up there form. The rest i’m stoke about there scoring.

    Def: Bugg
    Mid: Ward, Shiel, Congilio
    Ruck: Giles
    Fwd: Treloar, Kennedy, Smith


  4. “…while I don’t he’s expertly administering a nasty double burn” > That’s gold Motts-whaa.
    ‘Ceski was my Broughton angry trade and so far it’s been vindicated. Fingers (and knees) crossed he keeps it up.



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